Tuesday, September 29, 2015

GREY: With 8 Color Accents

So many of us own this kind of small neutral core - I love taking these pieces and adding accent colors, to see what happens. Today, it's grey, or gray, depending on.... I have no idea!

Cardigan – Lands’ End; tee shirt – Lands’ End; trousers – J. Crew

These dresses might be one of the easiest ways to wear this bright, strong color. You wouldn't necessarily pull the cardigan on, but tossed over one's shoulders with an insouciant flair (think Italian actress), it will be perfect.
SleevelessLanvin; peplum Alberta Ferretti
embroidered – Jane Norman
Sandals – Jimmy Choo; peridot earrings – Kohl’s; clutch - Nina

These jackets were surprisingly difficult to find, but well worth it. If you're looking for leather, this color is a great option rather than the much more ubiquitous black. Just make sure your jacket looks like gorgeous leather, and not some horrible plastic stuff...
Field jacket – J. Crew; wrap – Mauro Grifoni; biker - Iro

garnet earrings – AlokJain; garnet ring – Mahavir; oxfords – Marc Fisher Ltd

The more I work on these ideas, the more it becomes clear that one of the best ways to wear a color you love, but that doesn't flatter you, is in a skirt or pair of trousers. Certain something to consider...
Satin – Tibi; pleated knit – Sibling; fitted - Moschino

Earrings – Lagos; scarf – Hermes Tyger Tyger; pumps – Calvin Klein

I've also learned that searching on the internet for a particular color turns up EVERYBODY'S interpretation of that color; some shades can vary dramatically!
Cabled – Lands’ End; v-neckJ.Crew
 boat neckRalph Lauren Black

If your v-neck is just a bit deep, a tee shirt layered underneath it is a good way to cover up. Plus, it pulls your grey trouser color up to the top of your outfit and helps everything "hang together".
Bracelet – Swarovski; scarf – Emilio Pucci; loafers – Paul Green

Seriously, when I was looking for an orange tee shirt, all of these claimed to quality as orange! And I ran with it - there's nothing prettier than a nice warm coral.
Tank – Lands’ End; long-sleeve – J. Crew; short-sleeve – Lands’ End

Necklace – Vera Wang; loafers – Nine West

Purple and grey are made for each other - just like amethysts set in silver...
Draped ruffle front – Roksanda; tie front – MSGM

Amethyst earrings – Allura; loafers – Kristin Cavallari
silver belt – Banana Republic

Red cardigans are SUCH a favorite with me - I find a cardigan is a really simple way to introduce a new color to your wardrobe. Add in a piece of jewelry, or a pair of socks, and you're done!
V-neck – Uniqlo; hooded wrap – Max Mara; braid trimmed - TIGI

Brooch – Lanvin; socks – Hansel from Basel; loafers – Marc by Marc Jacobs

There are metallic gold trousers and jeans in the world. Unfortunately, the ones that I found looked like something that you get you arrested; gold is now officially synonymous with yellow, for this post!

And yes, my high school "colors" were described as gold and blue, but that was ALWAYS shown as bright yellow and navy blue. I guess "yellow and blue" doesn't have the same inspiring ring?
Jeans – Versace; flaired trousers – Dsquared2; cropped – J. Crew

Yes, I've used this scarf with every post of this type, so far. I like to be able to do this from time to time, to show the inherent versatility in a well-chosen accessory.
scarf Hermes Siesta au Paradis; loafers – Paul Green

Tomorrow I'm hoping to show you brown with brights!


Beara Beara


  1. thanks for the ideas. gray is replacing black for me. I think it's more flattering as I age a bit!

  2. Yes, gray's my neutral too. Every time I put anything black near my face, it seems to drain blood like a vampire.

  3. Isn't it funny how certain colors invoke strong memories? Maroon and gray were my college school colors, so the cardigan, tee, and pants brought back happy memories of that time in my life.

  4. Since I let my hair go white, and it is white not gray, gray has become my neutral of choice. I've been looking to add accents to my gray and black and white. I've got a wine wool jersey for a long sleeve top and I've got an acid green cashmere and silk double knit for a cardigan. I am looking for a red to accent it too. Coral would work on me as well.

  5. Grey is my new neutral, so I am really appreciating this post!

  6. Not only do I own that exact grey cardigan from Land's End, I'm wearing it today! Note, Land's End has a great tall's selection for those of us with extra in the arm department (I'm not tall, just well-armed).

  7. I just found this out today from my nephew (thank you Scott)

    grEy in England and grAy in America

    I never knew!

    1. Grey in Australia too! Carol S

    2. Grey in Canada as well! Marianne in Vancouver

  8. How do you tie/wear your square scarves?

    1. Julia, look up Mai Tai's Picture Book for the best scarf tying resource on the Internet. (And an interesting woman with a well-chosen wardrobe.)Tutorials are listed on the right side of her home page.

  9. I love grey and yellow together. A lot of pretty ideas here!

  10. I love the gray and coral! Gray is one of my neutrals. I love the idea of wearing the bright or maybe unflattering color as the bottom piece. Great idea!