Thursday, September 24, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Cvetaeva, Version 2

The winner of the extremely gorgeous Cvetaeva scarf, from my kind and generous friends at wrq.e.d., is Anne C.! Please send your mailing information to me at, and I'll get this delightful object out of my house, and into yours. Don't hesitate, because I'm going to keep this one if it doesn't get out of here soon....

And, as promised, another look at this scarf, with a completely different color scheme!

Doesn't this look completely different when folded and worn this way?

Cvetaeva scarf from wrq.e.d.

I'm eschewing all accents this time, and going strictly for some interesting neutrals:

She Doesn't Mean to be Difficult...

But the prototypes were entirely wrong. Wrong color. Wrong sizes. Wrong details. You have to wonder if the had the specifications upside down...

So she's off to Milan, to have a serious chat with the knitting mill management!

Taupe cardigan – Betty Barclay; loafers – G.H. Bass and Co.; earrings – Anne Klein 
; tee shirt – Rag & Bone; trousers – J. Crew Factory; scarf – wrq.e.d.; reversible
 tote – Street Level

It's not that she doesn't like Milan - she loves it - but this isn't a good time to have to make this trip. She won't have time for more than one really amazing meal, and there are no operas while she's visiting, so this is going to be a work trip...

white shirt – J.Crew; boots – Naturalizer; square earrings – The Limited; v-neck 
sweater – 8pmtulip skirt - Rundholz; pearl-accented bracelet - Majorica;
 ring – Bhavesh; crossbody bag – Longchamp;  grey jeans – Madewell
cardigan – Marni; Blouse – Olympia Le-Tan

Her claim to fame, such as it is, among her work associates, is her way with colors. She always falls madly in love with the MOST difficult colors to find - grey can't be too blue, maroon can't be too red, nor too brown, etc. etc...

And her preferred details are impossible to pigeonhole! Sometimes she's very frilly, and sometimes very strict. The only unifying theme in her style is that SHE picked it, and nobody else. 

She's going to be able to pack in just a carry-on bag, so she can go straight to the factory when she clears Immigration. Everything she packs will go together, so she can almost literally get dressed in the dark!

Admittedly, some of these ensembles work much better than others, but any of them would be acceptable, and most of them are pretty wonderful.

She doesn't mean to be difficult, she's just got very high standards. When she meets with people, she reminds them that they are partners in her desire for work that is as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Producers compete like mad to work with her...


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  1. This is amazing and nice and very compatible. I like colors, all pieces, skirt specially!!! Thanks a lot for excellent combination. Best regards,

  2. "Sometimes she's very frilly, and sometimes very strict. The only unifying theme in her style is that SHE picked it, and nobody else." Yes, this is me! I know my style, even if no one else can understand it :-)
    - Kaci

  3. Such a stunning post. I'm amazed that you were able to find so many maroon pieces that work perfectly together. Teal is one of my colors and I wish I could find pieces that go as well as these do!

  4. once again, you have struck it out of the park. I hope the winner of the scarf likes this colour combo because you done her work for her. The skirt is perfect for travelling but the whole combo has so much possibility. I went to the scarf website and found several that really appeal to me.
    Deb from Vancouver

  5. I love this one. The burgundy reads to me as a deep, scrumptious brown. It is perfect with the greys. It's nice seeing the Rundholz skirt in a more traditional mix.

  6. You are so talented and quite a remarkable stylist. You put combinations together that are incredible!

  7. Love the color of that Anne Klein tee...what a great piece to work with and with gray...YES!

  8. Boy, this gorgeous wardrobe makes me wish I liked to wear gray!

  9. Love the scarf (the scarf vendor!!!) and the tulip skirt!

  10. Hello Janice! I just came home after spending my 30th birthday in Paris, I had decided to go to Hermès to buy myself a scarf, since I have always dreamed to do so. My husband however wanted to make sure the people at Hermès gave me good help and attention and thought the best way would be to buy me a scarf in advance to wear to the shop (I know, I am lucky!) he bought me this one and I fell head over heels for this one: could a decent wardrobe b built from these two, or are they too different in coloring? That's a challenge I would like to see in a post! Thank you for a wonderful blog! I always find much inspiration here!

    1. They are beautiful scarves each with a traditional bent. Carol S

    2. Jeanette, Lovely scarves! I'd consider using that lighter turquoise color as some of your basics like cardigans or a dress. I think both scarves would work fine with that color.

    3. Thank you Amy and Carol, I have actually just ordered a turquoise cardigan and hope it will work well with my scarves!

  11. Hello Janice, i have to say that i am just in love with your all blog !! Such a wonderfull work and a great inspiration.
    I particulary love the " start with art " post and the " start from scratch " ones.
    I would love to see how i could put a capsule wardroble that would suit both my "hippie" side and my " working girl " side.
    ( My favorite colors are denim black and red )
    Thank you so much, Adeline from France

  12. The scarves on this site are enchanting. I finished a yucky task and have earned a nice reward; am trying to pick my favorite. (Tree of life? Black swan? Wave and thought?) Janice, what is the fabric like? Is it really lightweight, or heavier?