Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Turquoise and Purple! With a Warm Transitional Common Capsule Wardrobe

You all were so eager to see turquoise and purple - I felt terrible that I didn't come through! So when someone suggested that I could start gradually migrating yesterday's Seashell Accents Common Capsule Wardrobe into cooler weather, I was suddenly filled with inspiration and good ideas!

Turquoise ring – Armenta; multi-stone cluster earrings – Bounkit; short sleeve top – Tommy Hilfiger; purple agate earrings – Amanda Marcucci; print scarf – Tolani; purple cardigan – Lands’ End; multi-stone bracelet – Ashley Pittman; turquoise pendant – Sequin; turquoise cardigan – J. Crew; silk tunic – Etro; purple short sleeve sweater – Lands’ End; square scarf – Hermes A la Plume; 5-strand bracelet – Jose & Marie Barrera

In order to make this a bit more compatible with the choices above, I took out the shorts, changed up the shoes, and replaced the two linen wrap pieces (which are sold out!) with a silk blouse and a classic straight skirt.

Stone metallic cardigan – J. Crew; natural cardigan – Uniqlo; nude tee – Need Supply Co.; heather wheat tee – J. Crew; brown tee – J. Crew; ivory satin blouse - Bouchra Jarrar; ivory sleeveless shirt – J. Crew Factory; brown skirt - French Connection; dress – Ter et Bantine; skirt – J. Crew; ankle pants – Uniqlo; jeans – Lafayette 148 New York

The shoes are more closed, and a hair darker than the earlier versions of this wardrobe. The slightly darker flats were more at home with the brown skirt, and the more covered-up tops...

Gold stud earrings – Kendra Scott; hoop earrings – Marco Bicego; antler and brass earrings – Ralph Lauren; bangle bracelets – David Aubrey; fabric wrap bracelet – Swarovski; infinity love bracelet – JCPenney; wristlet – Purse Power; ring – Arabel Lebrusan; ombre tote – Cole Haan; ballet flats – The Flexx; flower accented flats – Walking Cradles; loafers - Aerosoles

You still, as always, have dozens of possible ways to combine these pieces:

The Common Capsule Wardrobe template, for reference.

I hope this satisfies all of the turquoise and purple longings that were in your hearts!



  1. That's fabulous! Transitional seasonal wear I find to be so difficult, but these colours are light and bright for the warmer days with enough coverage for cooler days. It works down under as we're emerging from winter to spring.

  2. :-) Dear Janice,
    this is wonderful! Purple is my favorite color and I'm always looking for ways to match it. Normally I wear it with black or beige. Hadn't thought about wearing turquoise with it.
    I am planning on a 5 day trip and this is great packing inspiration. Made my day!
    THANK YOU and have a very HAPPY day :-)

  3. This is perfect! Thank you.

  4. So awesome!! This summer common wardrobe is very close to my actual clothing, and turquoise is one of my summer accent colors. Any guesses as to what my fall accent color is ----- purple!! I'll be bookmarking this post and using it for lots of transitional dressing!! Thank you!

  5. Janice, how we all appreciate you, your gifts, and your indefatigable desire to fulfill our every sartorial longing! Lovely and inspired--as always...

  6. Yes thank you, very satisfied. This common wardrobe could be all seasons from a colour perspective. just shift into cashmere, wool and corduroy. I love a cream cashmere sweater with thick wale cream corduroy pants for the winter.
    Deb from Vancouver

    1. That's one of my favorite combinations, also. I like cream wool pants, too. The color works with rust/brown/wine for Thanksgiving; with red or green for Christmas; with gold for a casual New Year's Eve; with red or pink for Valentine's Day - very versatile.

  7. Thank you! This is just the inspiration I need to start thinking about my fall wardrobe. Now I just want to stay home today and pretend I'm Janice and plan my wardrobe!

  8. Ah! These are my wardrobe accent colors! So lovely!!

    I greedily consume your posting every morning during my "coffee break" at work. Sometime I even urge myself to get something accomplished first and reward myself with your site.

    I've been actively culling my wardrobe since starting to follow your site and could not have come CLOSE to telling you what my accent colors were a year ago. Now my closet is organized by color and I have drastically decreased my desire to shop (almost always at second-hand anyway).

    Would love love love to see these pieces with a a variety of neutrals. I've currently got a lot of black (black and red are the "colors" for our office - a major University - so I can't see moving away from that even though I don't look good in either. *sigh*) and varying shades of chocolate brown (initially as a variety from black). I do have a few grey pieces and navy that I have purposefully built mini-capsules around. I like both of these colors better than the warm brown but have trouble with them not matching when trying to buy pieces - much more variety in navy and grey than in black or even the chocolate - most chocolates at least seem to blend well enough with other chocolates - not so for grey (blue-grey, pinky-gray, stone, beigy-grey, grey, gray, arg!).

    With essentially four neutrals, what kills me is trying to keep shoe choices to a minimum as I am NOT a shoe person. In that theme, I did invest in a pair of silver sandals and find that they happily pair with everything except the chocolate. In trying to be more deliberate about purchasing, am trying to figure out how to transition and in what direction - which neutrals?

    Have also taken to wearing scarves since reading your works - some which I've had for years and some that have been acquired along the way - nothing close to your beautiful Hermes scarves but useful none the less. Never would have thought about those in the past but do find them especially helpful when trying to tie, say, black and brown together in an outfit (again, something I picked up here) or dress up a t-shirt when another top layer would be just too hot for our Georgia weather.

    I point folks to your site often and have found that you have SUCH variety that everyone can "see themselves" in multiples of your posts - even if their tastes are WILDLY different from each other. It's a beautiful thing.

    All that to say, THANK YOU and I'm glad to have found you.


    1. Sarah, do you work for UGA? I'm in Atlanta.

  9. Turquoise is my best color, and I love what you have done with the purple and warm clothing pieces. Gorgeous!

  10. Gorgeous! Would not have put either of these colors with my khaki crops or pants, but will now. I stead, I would pair either with grey - which is my go-to neutral. Thanks so much for the good ideas.

  11. I ordered the Tolani scarf ��. It will be part of the scarf wardrobe that ordered from Kath Kath in the UK...oh my, you've unleashed a scarf beast...

  12. I'm recommending Spartina jewelry as a possible source for more multi color grownup pieces.

  13. Yes, these are my colors! I'd love to see this done with black and gray as neutrals... I decided I don't do browns/tans, because it complicates my shoes (I already have black and gray shoes).