Friday, August 21, 2015

Build a Capsule Wardrobe Starting with Art: Yoro Falls in Mino Province by Katsushika Hokusai

The turbulence of nature, in cool, calm colors, with a touch of gold...

A perfect office wardrobe color scheme, with unexpected accent colors!

Calm, relaxed...

The place is a madhouse, everybody admits that. One would think that they were engaged in life-saving surgeries, or transporting of vital medicines, or something IMPORTANT. But no, they're just moving superfluous consumer goods from Point A to Point B...

Jacket – IRO; pants – J. Crew;
Blouse – Boden; skirt – Steven Alan

Clearly, they need someone in charge who has control over their emotions, and who has a contagiously tranquil spirit!

Cardigan – Alexander Wang; trousers –Armani Collezioni;
Sweater – Emporio Armani; skirt – Humanoid

She works in a very tall building, in a very... paved... part of the world. But in her heart, the sun shines, leaves flutter in the breeze, rivers flow, and life goes on as it should. 

Management material, without doubt!

Yellow blouse – Paul & Joe; green blouse – MSGM;
Green sweater – Giamba; gold sweater – Hobbs London

Soft, quiet, an oasis of sanity in an office full of crazed people in full panic mode 8 hours a day.

Blouse – Burberry; striped pleated skirt – Marco deVincenzo;
Sweater – Closed; jacquard dress – Balenciaga

Even her accessories felt fluid... serene...

Silver and gold earrings – Alexis Bittar; watch – Anne Klein; zigzag scarf – 
Missoni; silver earrings – Robert Lee Morris;  gold fluid earrings – SFA
water drops necklace – SFA; garden scarf – Hermes Dans un Jardin Anglais;
 drip bangle bracelet – SFA; watercolor scarf – Thorpe; navy loafers – Nine West; 
 navy pumps – Vaneli; grey loafers - Boden; grey suede pumps – Butter Shoes

She's organized, and that makes all the difference. So much can be accomplished if you have a plan!

Staff turnover dropped precipitously the day they made her office manager. Six months later, she just smiled, and signed the paperwork for her bonus and raise...


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  1. Recently enjoyed the Hokusai exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts and the waterfall series was my FAAAAVORITE. The colors, fabric and construction of the pieces that you've chosen to represent the piece are inspired. And perfect for fall as well. And we probably have many of these colors in our wardrobes so that's a bonus.

    After seeing the gorgeous mix of patterns in Hokusai's "Three Women Playing Instruments," I'm sure he'd generally approve of Vivienne Style!

  2. Hokusai's waterfall woodblocks are planetary treasures; I love what this woodblock has inspired too!

  3. You may want to check the links - many of them point to the same shoes.

    1. Well, that was a MAGICAL internet moment... Thank you so much for letting me know - the next time you're in Chicago, dinner is on me (and I'm NOT kidding!).

      big grateful hug,

    2. oohhh now *that* makes my day! i'll keep it in mind!! thanks!

  4. Oh my God! I will inframe this collection! It is me!!!

  5. Thanks for this lovely example of presenting darker colours in a cool calm mood. Jazz

  6. This is just gorgeous! I am so happy to be seeing fall clothes.

  7. I love your stories with the choices, thank you