Friday, July 10, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Version 2, Bright Women in Front of the Hat Shop by August Macke

I was going to wait a few weeks to do this for autumn, but I found myself thinking about these colors so much last night that I thought I'd best just go ahead and jump into it!

For cooler weather, I swapped out the pink for that strong green, and I darkened all of the colors a bit; I particularly wanted to make sure that the navy on the left of the painting was included, since that's a pivotal neutral for me here.

Bright Women in Front of the Hat Shop by August Macke, and an autumn/winter color scheme drawn from the painting

The last weekend at the lake, for this year

As soon as you can escape from work, you're headed to the cabin. There's always work to be done to make sure things are ready for winter, and this may be the last non-snowy weekend you can all get there. So even though you had to wear a suit today, you have already segued, in your mind, into the mindset of the country, with your green sweater and soft scarf. (and your earrings echo the fluid lines of your favorite painting!)

Okay, this isn't technically a suit, since the 2 pieces are from different designers. But the skirt fabric is tweedy in texture, so you can wear them together without fear of breaking any "matchy matchy" rules!

navy blazer and skirt with green sweater and scarf
Navy blazer – Armani Jeansnavy tweed skirt – Edward Achour Paris
earrings – Marco Bicego, scarf – Tickled Pink, green sweater – Marni
pumps – Bella Vita, tote – Longchamp

Note that you're carrying your same reliable Longchamp bag, and that you're bringing along your same J. Crew chambray pants  and J. Crew jeans. A change of seasons does NOT mean a 100% change of wardrobe.

Saturday is going to be spent tidying up - make sure that there's no stray food left anywhere, get everything else clean and stashed. Lawn furniture must come in, the badminton net's got to come down, and someone better haul the canoe into the basement...

And since all of the food's going to be packed up, everyone will almost certainly go out to brunch on Sunday. You certainly could wear jeans, but after yesterday they're not in their best nick, and you really don't mind dressing up for brunch. If you're drinking mimosas, nice trousers just feel more appropriate!

Six-Pack for autumn, in shades of blue, with yellow and cream
yellow tee – J. Crew, navy and yellow scarf – Kenzo, navy cardigan – Uniqlo,
ivory cardiganMichael Kors, jeans – J. Crew, light blue scarf – Tickled Pink
turtleneck – Rossopuro,  trousers – J. Crew, boots – Splendid

This is the time when all of your most autumn-ish clothes should make an appearance. Got a snuggly sweater? Some scarves? Bring them along...

Clothes for an autumn weekend, in navy, green, yellow and cream

Two outfits for an autumn weekend, in shades of blue, yellow and cream

If everyone get's madly sentimental and decides to stay over Sunday night (it's been known to happen!), you're okay, because you can wear your chambray trousers with your navy cardigan and yellow tee shirt to work on Monday morning... Because, in addition to being madly creative and artistic, you also plan your wardrobe with efficiency in mind!

A 3 by 3 grid that gives you 27 outfits, in shades of blue, with green, yellow and cream

I really love these last weekends of autumn, like the one described here. It leads into the winter holidays, and to SNOW, which I love with an immoderate passion...

Crazy, eh?


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  1. Beautiful autumn colours, and as always I love the back story. I also particularly like the clean lines of the garments, and the scarf patterns - all very much 'me'. You've set me dreaming about my autumn/winter wardrobe! Thanks for demonstrating yet again how versatile navy can be.

  2. I've already begun planning my Autumn wardrobe needs as well. I sew most of my wardrobe and I am on Staycation soon, so I want to start working on my items.

    This is lovely. The weekend sounds so perfect. Sometimes, I think I like your stories even more than than the gorgeous wardrobes =)

  3. Now that I'm living in a warmer climate, I'm missing using my winter clothes...and wool scarves, and boots! Have had to adjust the balance of summer/winter clothing to reflect the new reality, but seeing these lovely items makes me want to move once again :-)...thanks, Janice, for the means to escape, even if only in our minds.

  4. Love, love the bicycle scarf. And the story, of course. But I must confess, after the New England Snowmageddon of 2015, I'm not really looking forward to summer's end.

  5. You just keep topping yourself. The earrings are absolutely perfect for that painting. I'd bet that 99% of people would just go with hoops but you found the right shape and size to echo the lines in the painting.

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for showing how one piece of inspiration can inform multiple seasons, and how some pieces of clothing transition. Perfect timing as I've been thinking about how to tackle my mess of a fall/winter wardrobe while still fretting over my current clothes. Because of your awesome blog (which I read completely over the last three months), I'm now thinking instead of buying. That's a major accomplishment for me, and I look forward to building a wardrobe that makes more sense with about half the pieces. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration.

  7. This one is really pretty. I have not found a pastel shade that looks good on me, so while studying the painting yesterday, I hoped you would come up with something very similar to what you are showing us today. :)) Have a lovely weekend.