Friday, July 31, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Silk Robe by Johanna Harmon

please note - many items links here which YESTERDAY would have taken you to Boticca, are now taking you to a mostly dead-end at Wolf & Badger. As the products update on the new website, I will fix the links!  Sorry for the annoyance - some of these accessories were well worth chasing down...

"Are you feeling okay? You seem to have been tired lately," he asked her last night.

Silk Robe by Johanna Harmon 

"Well, now that you mention it, between all of the stress at work, and the heat this summer, I do feel a little bit... wilted, I think you could say. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I've been thinking that we could use a long weekend away at The Spa in The Mountains; do you think you could get a Thursday and Friday off sometime in late September?"

Can she get a couple of days off???  She would QUIT her very irritating job in order to get away to go to the spa. Does she enjoy days wearing nothing but a bathrobe (or maybe nothing), being pampered, and then spending the evening eating gourmet cuisine in an elegant and romantic setting with her very best friend? CAN SHE GET A COUPLE OF DAYS OFF??? What a silly question...

"I need to check the vacation calendar at work, but go ahead and book us in. I'm sure I can work out something..."

He always said that he knew he would marry her the minute he saw that she had green eyes. That, and the first time he held her hand and felt how soft her skin is. THIS is going to be the weekend that they both remember those feelings...

Silk blouse – Strateas Carlucci; black trousers – Tod’s; earrings – YooLa;
 bracelet – Letters by Zoe; cashmere cardigan – Avant Toi; scarf – Radical Chic
ankle boots – Topshop; bag – MANU Atelier

cream crystal clutch – Whiting & Davisblack mother of pearl earrings
 – Slane Solisring – Maya Magalbaroque pearl necklace – ginette_ny; 
shawl – Hermesseafoam sweater – Jardin des Orangersivory cardigan – Theory;
 floral sweater – Ted Bakerclutch bag – Urocomother of pearl earrings
 – Kendra Scott;  beaded dress – Adrianna Papell; velvet pants – 
Alexa Chung for AGfloral rectangle scarf – Ted Bakerpleated silk skirtEileen Fisher
suede tassel loafers – Jack Rogers; silk pumps – Pelle Moda

Six weeks later, driving home:

"Would you mind if we did this every 3 or 4 months? I think it's really good for both of us."

"No, not at all. I think it's a great idea."

inside, she's jumping up and down, and squealing like a 6 year old on Christmas morning...


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  1. So lush, so romantic!

  2. Oh, that light blue and that teal color are two of my favorite colors! I haven't been able to commit to a more simplified palette yet, but I do know it will include teal and grey, and I adore that lighter blue. I also love the story. You have a real knack for story-telling, Janice.

  3. So lush and beautiful - but I miss the splashes of orange and red - maybe some (faux) coral jewelry?

    1. I think coral would be beautiful here - if I were going to expand this for a longer trip, and thus more items to pack, a soft coral would be the next color to introduce. I have to confess that I wandered WAAAY down the long corridor of beautiful shades of teal....

  4. Dear Janice,

    This is so delicious looking!! I'm just drooling.

    Louise P

  5. What a beautiful painting and wardrobe. Totally my colors (except for navy as the neutral). I especially like the beautiful teal and Aqua. I too would love to see an addition of coral and possibly peach as I would like to introduce that now in to my new wardrobe of navy, tan, teal, aqua. You put together such wonderful wardrobes. I'm now also searching for the perfect scarves. . Janice Collins, Washington, DC.

    1. Dear Janice,

      Your wardrobe sounds lovely. I am hoping to someday whittle my wardrobe down to navy, teal, aqua and grey.


  6. Lovely story and wardrobe as always. I live the

  7. This is so lovely. The colors, the shapes, the story. le sigh.

  8. This palette is my favorite out of all the ones you have done recently!! Gorgeous!

  9. This morning I had to cancel my upcoming vacation for work reasons. I am NOT a happy camper. However, I loved the story you wrote and the outfits you chose. It made me think that there might be hope of rescheduling that vacation...

  10. Such gorgeous colours and textures. Love this story!

  11. I tried to find out how to send you an email, but i failed, so I will just write here and hope you'll see it. I'm going to Paris for my 30th birthday, and have saved to be able to go to Hermes and buy myself a scarf. This one: has caught my eye, but it has some orange in it, a color I try to stay away from since I have a very cool skintone (blue eyes, dark hair). Do you think this scarf would feel at home in a wardrobe of navy, grey, fuschia and jade-green? I have also considered "cavaliers du Caucase" in pink or blue but I find them a little bit too monochrome in having to limit myself to only one...

  12. Janice - you've outdone yourself. I have loved this picture for some time and the clothing you've selected fits perfectly as does the story. I may have to start shopping the links as this really speaks to me! Thank you.

  13. oh my, this is spectacular!

  14. Be still my heart... just throw in a coral negligee!!!

    Deb from Vancouver

  15. Love the painting, the vignette, the colors, the clothes....dreamy!

  16. Very pretty! Who doesn't love a good spa??

  17. Beautiful, soft, lovely . . . I read the regatta post, above, and not quite my style, so I scrolled back, and yes, this looks perfect!

  18. I adore your story telling the painting as an extra plus added to your 4 x 4 ideas with my morning coffee before work. Thank you! A-M from South Africa