Friday, July 03, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Portrait de Jeune Fille by Marie Laurencin

I love this painting - I'm a big Marie Laurencin fan anyway. This girl's expression is so very much "I know what I'm doing, probably a whole lot better than you do..."  I respect that kind of quiet confidence!

Portrait de Jeune Fille by Marie Laurencin

This color scheme is feminine without being frilly or lacy - I see the femininity here conveyed in soft lines, sheer fabrics, and a calm attitude. These are the colors of The Vivienne Files, too!

In honor of this young lady's calm assurance, I was thinking of this as one of those business trips where you're the only person with a clue. We know this kind of trip:

You wrote the macro. Not ANYBODY at the home office - YOU. But now, they want you to COME to the home office to write the documentation. You know perfectly well that you're going to sit, mostly alone, in a conference room for the week, with the occasional youthful geek dropping by the scrutinize your every keystroke. They won't thank you, they won't buy you lunch or dinner, and you know, when this is all over, because you were sitting in THEIR office while you wrote this, they're going to say that it came FROM the home office.

Any of these children could have done this themselves, if they'd just paid attention in math class. It's not like it was more than a year of two ago, for most of them....


Wait 'til they SEE your meal expenses...

earrings – Lagos, charcoal tee shirt – Vince, linen trousers – Crea Concepts
cardigan – Phase Eight, watch – Movado, scarf – Suzusan
suede moccasins – Minnetonka, tote – COET, carry-on suitcase
 – Victorinox

Pink pearl bracelet – Khun Boom, pearl necklace – DaVonna, crystal 
earrings – YooLa, silver disc earrings – Judith Jack, ring – Lagosgrey
 batwing sweater – Phase Eight, pinstriped trousers – Crea Concepts
silver necklace – Jantanapink tunic – Phase Eight, dark pink top – Jil 
Sander, red tunic – Phase Eightpencil skirt – Uniqlo
silver sandals – Ancient Greekpink ballet flats – Sam Edelman

The best revenge is to be beautiful, calm, and tremendously competent!

have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. I love this concept of taking inspiration from paintings for putting together a wardrobe. I am a big fan of colorful, coordinated outfits myself. Great idea!

  2. Beautiful: subtle, soft and wearable. Great job, Janice! (I hope you're continuing to feel better.)

  3. I'm thinking of a new genre--the novel with clothing wardrobe charts. You'd excel at it, Janice. (Hoping so much that your kidney stones are now things of the past.)

  4. Beautiful. Tell me, would you wear that pink cardigan over the red top?

  5. Beautiful combinations - thank you!

  6. This is truly beautiful. Please do some more based on her paintings - I especially like one with a girl holding a bouquet.

  7. I'm with Gail. Instead of writing the now rather predictable what to wear book, write it up like a series of novellas. Just a small suggestion, easily undertaken. But seriously, I really wish I had the colouring to wear this wardrobe because it is so interesting with the shapes and colour combinations and yes I would wear the pink cardigan over the red top.

    Deb from Vancouver

    1. What a great idea, I second this!

  8. Beautiful and very versatile - soft pink and grey for serenity, red and grey for energy, grey and black for minimalist, all grey for pearls (really, grey is the perfect background for pearls) and all black for whenever.

  9. I love Marie Laurencin's art and I love the strong feminity of her colours. I bought a greyJaeger waterfall cardigan from House of Fraser last year. If I wear it with a pink top and grey denim, I can go anywhere. It's the silver shoes or the rose scarf that really makes the outfit. I love your vignettes. It seems that we all make stories in our minds about our clothing.

  10. Love these colors, perfect for my own palette! Thanks for sharing. (and I do hope you're feeling better, just read about your kidney stones, hear they're very painful -- take care)

  11. Loved seeing the moccasins -- I own the same gray ones. They have absolutely no arch support, but with the help of Dr. Scholls, I can make them work. I thought about taking them on my upcoming trip to England, but worried that they would not do well if caught in the rain.
    - Lyn in Chicago

  12. Loving the idea of the wardrobe novella!! Can we submit ideas for main characters?

  13. Black, pink, gray; probably my favorite color combo EVER! Thanks :-)

  14. Pink is not my thing but some lovely choices here. Love these little back stories you are creating! Fun!

  15. I absolutely love everything about this post: portrait, colors, clothing and story!