Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Edith and the Kingpin by Jack Vettriano

"Edith," they told me, "make sure you rest when you're at that beach resort, and get your health back."

"Uh huh..."

Edith and the Kingpin by Jack Vettriano

I never go swimming within an hour of having a meal, so when the luncheon salon closed, I went over to sit on the window seat in the lounge, to watch the activities outdoors. I hadn't been there more than a minute when he sat down next to me.

Earrings – Shanny Alon (similar here); orange top – Jaeger (similar here); trousers - J.Crew; scarf – Tyger Tyger by Hermes; watch – Kate Spade New York (similar here); navy cardigan – Ann Taylor (similar here); orange socks – Darn Tough Vermont; loafers – Cole Haan (similar here); tote – Brahmin (similar here)

He was really quite familiar, especially since we hadn't been introduced! But he knew the names of absolutely everyone staying at the resort, and he told the funniest little stories about each of them...

His conduct was far from gentlemanly; he kept his hat on (Father would have been appalled) and he was wearing those funny two-toned shoes that only really fast men wear. I admit that I felt a little bit uncomfortable with his manners!

tee shirts – L.L.Bean (similar here); capris – J. Crew (similar here); square earrings – Ily Couture (similar here); leather & brass earrings - CAIA (similar here); linen scarf – One Kings Lane (similar here); bracelets – ABS by Allen Schwartz (similar here); necklace – ABS by Allen Schwartz (similar here); paisley scarf - Brooks Brothers; ivory top – J. Crew (similar here); clutch – Fossil (similar here); dress – J. Crew (similar here); cognac top - Joseph (similar here); navy skirt – J. Crew (similar here); ballet flats – Naturalizer; oxfords – SoftWalk

After a few minutes, a couple of other men came into the lounge, and just stood near the door with their hands behind their backs - almost like policemen! They were wearing hats, too, and those outlandish shoes.

When the man sitting beside me saw them, he got up to leave. But just before he walked away, he turned around, looked back at me, and... not exactly smiled, but looked decidedly pleased.

After the 3 men had left the lounge, I decided that I might as well leave too; if that was the way that men behaved there, then I should not stay in that room all by myself!

But as I walked toward the lift, I realized that I was already planning in my head what I wanted to wear to lunch tomorrow...

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, maybe?



  1. For this situation and for sitting next to window looking on the beach, you definitely need one romantic dress at list A line or with fool skirt cut. And with romantic scarf over shoulders.
    best regards Maja

  2. Janice, thank you so much for using this painting. Love the warm, rich colors together and your suggestions will most definitely have an impact on my fall / winter capsule.
    Funny that you chose this "background story". I am a huge fan of old movies and a scene from a Lauren Bacall movie was the first thing that also came into my mind when seeing the painting for the first time.

    Your work here has inspired me so much and now even my mum visits your site regularly! Thank you from both of us!

  3. Black pencil skirt with a cognac top and peep toes it is... to my much more mundane day at the law firm, but you brought a huge grin to my face while sipping coffee and pondering what to wear.

  4. Mystery, intrigue, and --what to wear on her mind ! You are so creative and sooooo funny !

  5. Fun story =) I adore Edith's dress!

    This is a wonderful grouping. I think I need some cognac leather in my life!

  6. Can't wait until the next installment!! And I'm so in love with the tiger scarf. Tyger, Tyger is even more beautiful on the Hermes site.

    1. I saw that scarf in the window at Hermes on Oak Street a couple of days ago - it stuck in my mind...

  7. The best story yet! You've brought a huge grin to my face this morning. Thank you.

    The silent play on words is fantastic! I must run see what treasures are in my scarf drawer since I have cognac ballet flats and a navy skirt. Hmmm, I wonder what I can say silently? Deb in KY

  8. Great entertainment along with the beautiful wardrobe. That's one gorgeous scarf!

  9. You're on my wavelength, big time! The only change I'd make is to soften the white to a cream.

    Love the backstory, too. These are fun to read--hope you're having lots of fun writing them!

  10. Love the micro-fictions as well as the clothes (although I was expecting the punchline to be..."But as I walked toward the lift, I realized...my wallet was missing." :)

  11. Now I am really laughing as Gail adds another twist to the story. I am waiting for chapter 2 "that evening...". What will she wear/ What will he do/who are his "friends'?
    Thank you for sharing this whole other side to you, deep depths.
    Deb from Vancouver

  12. So much fun, and what a gorgeous wardrobe. And that scarf! It's a jawdropper traffic stopper for sure!

  13. Gail, what a great twist!

    I like these darker accessories over the more orange-y ones. Janice, this is a great vignette as usual.

  14. Lovely words! You could write a novel!

  15. Ha ha!! Love the story! Some great pieces too!

  16. I'd like to add my own huge thank you for the story telling. Your writing has always been what brings me here; more than your wonderful colour stories. Write that book!