Thursday, July 02, 2015

Do me a big favor...

Sisyphus by Titian 

As soon as you read this, go drink a big glass of water. In fact, every time you read The Vivienne Files, please be certain to drink something water-based. A lot of it...

Just trust me: you don't want to wrestle with the whole kidney stone affair! And the water is good for you - helps keeps you full, gives you a better sense of your true hunger level, etc etc.


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  1. Water (and LOTS of coffee!) consumed as requested, Janice. I've been using the recent quiet time on your blog to go methodically, day by day, through every one of your past blogs. (I'm in January of 2013 right now.) To put it simply--you're a genius, Janice! I'm in awe of your talent, and I hope you feel much better soon so you can continue to dazzle us with your insights and inspirations. Take care!

  2. Oh no! Kidney stones are the worst. My husband had one a few years back and thought he was dying. Hope you're on the mend and feeling better soon!

  3. Hope you're feeling better!! I'm a big water drinker - at least a gallon a day, have been that way for many years. I joke that my "work triangle" is my desk, the kitchen for more water, and the bathroom ;-)

  4. Love the painting that accompanies your post today. It exemplifies the effort your poor body is using doing its best to get rid of those stones that feel like boulders. While I haven't had the experience(yet), I have experienced it through my husband. He is very stoical but kidney stones are exquisitely painful.

    Deb from Vancouver

    1. So much yes to Deb from Vancouver's comments about this painting - and drinking a big glass of water as you suggest.

      Thanks for the reminder. Will do.
      Sue G

  5. Urgh! If I never pass another kidney stone again, it will be too soon. Unfortunately, my last imaging showed 'gravel' building up again . Off to drink some more water...

  6. I drink water throughout the day, and am always grateful for another reminder to drink some more. Please do a Start With Art based on Titian's Sisyphus! I look forward to seeing your choices.

  7. Povera! I do feel for you Janice--kidney stones, surgery, all just ghastly. Thank you for keeping in touch with us as you recover. Do please be kind to yourself, too!

  8. That is funny. I delayed scrolling down to read this post until I finished my water bottle! Time to refill!
    Kidney stones are the most painful thing I see in diagnostic imaging. Sorry for you.

  9. I am so sorry. I hope you're feeling better soon. (Maybe this will give you a giggle. I'm currently drinking a diet Pepsi. When my 7 year old granddaughter asked me yesterday morning why I wasn't drinking water, I told her I needed this to wake me up. Her 3 year old brother laughed and said that wouldn't wake me up. Instead, I needed to wipe the "sleepy" out of my eyes and then proceeded to show me how to do that!) I promise to drink my water after I finish my wake up drink.

  10. Janice, I follow the Chinese habit of always having some green tea to hand. Drinking water feels like a chore (except in summer or gym class) but green tea is a pleasant all-day drink. I find tea from Chinese stores best. It can be tea bags, nothing fancy, just that Western brands don't taste as good. And most Japanese green teas are lovely.


  11. I have had a kidney stone. Sisyphus, indeed!

  12. I have had a kidney stone. Sisyphus, indeed!