Friday, June 12, 2015

"Whatever's Clean 13" Capsule Wardrobe in Coral, Navy and Beige

Oh, this was FUN! It's delightful how much difference the change in accessories makes in the look of the whole capsule.

First up, a wonderful scarf, and some classic, inexpensive coral-colored jewelry. (it goes without saying that we don't wear real coral - no reefs will be destroyed to adorn us!)

Earrings – ABS by Allen Schwartz, navy jacket – Jaeger, beige tee – Only,
 bracelet – John & Pearl, navy trousers – Jaeger, scarf – Yuh Okano,
 loafers – Tod’s, tote bagFilson

And then I changed out the shoes, the rest of the jewelry, and tossed in a cute little clutch! The only clothing that I swapped was to substitute a coral cardigan for yesterday's beautiful brown one...

Coral Loop earrings - kasturjewels, white sleeveless top – Topshop, coral 
cardigan – Annarita N., hexagon earrings – Trina Turk, navy wrap top – Topshop,
 striped top – Calypso St. Barth,  necklace – Cara, navy long-sleeve tee – Uniqlo,
 leather bracelet – Marc by Marc Jacobs, beige shorts – Oasis, espadrilles –
Soludos, white jeans – Current/Elliott, beige trousers – Uniqlo, navy sleeveless
 top – Acne Studios, clutch bag – Dorothy Perkins, tan skirt – J. Crew,
 sandals – Lucky Brand

Just the one change in the template makes a difference!

This overview looks VERY different from the one with the leopard accent, to me. Accessories really do make a difference... 

And you still have a wealth of outfit choices:

I'm thinking that muted green accessories might be fun - what do you think?




  1. Beautiful colors! You just gave me a bunch of ideas ...thanks Janice!

  2. Much more up my alley--love the added coral sweater to replace the neutral. These ARE fun.

  3. I am so enjoying this series! It is so amazing how you can totally change things up by just changing out one piece of clothing and/or the accessories. This is the perfect way to use that one special piece that doesn't fall into any other category! This is inspiring me to focus on accessories to create new looks.

    Wishing you successful surgery and an uneventful and quick recovery!

  4. Coral always calls out summer to me. Love this.

  5. Thanks, Janice - I think I (maybe others?) asked for this combo - love it! Best wishes for a fast and uneventful recovery.

  6. Love coral. I echo Pam and Alicia. You inspire me to think intentionally about my wardrobe. Thank you.

  7. I love how the coral & the leopard could be mixed with this at the same time. Maybe leopard in the winter with a transition to coral in the summer while using both in the spring and fall?

  8. By laying this coral set out side-by-side on my desktop with the original pink set, I notice patterns in how the details work together to create the illusive part -- the style -- at least this is what I think I see:
    - warmer tan-beige with coral vs cooler linen-beige with clear pink smoothes out the undertones and makes the looks more refined
    - a slightly more professional style in the pink pieces vs a more casual, but still ladylike style, in the coral pieces.

    You have a genius, Janice. Your collections appear to come from balancing a well-curated set of multiple variables within each group while keeping 'mood' consistent (whether or not you overtly use a 'theme'): including visual fineness or roughness, the level of craftsmanship, the quality of the materials, differences in visual bulkiness, playing with scale, and the blend or contrast of the textures within each accessory piece.

    I am excited to try a beachy-meets-urban Whatever'sClean13+AccessorySet for myself inspired by your examples: 13 blackestnavy & linenbeige ultra-lightweight pieces in a blend of fitted and draped shapes, champagnegold & petrolcloudysky accessories, low-gloss/low-bulk refined jewelry in gold, labradorite, and other natural materials, oversized but very, very sheer scarf, with quiet-toned but trendy-shaped shoes…and then play around with with imaginary handbags to see if it would be an oversized hobo, a large boxy tote, or an envelope clutch?... in softest kid leather, firmer vegan leather, or in a slouchy hemp/linen natural material?… It is going to be a fun Saturday morning in my closet. Thank you!
    Sue G

    1. I appreciate your observations of Janice's use of the variables of color undertones, fabric and accessory textures, as well as levels of formality, well said !

  9. Ok, all I can say is WOW about Sue G. 's comments above. Very imaginative and gorgeous.
    I love this post, Janice, the coral is so light and summery, refreshing. I think most people of all types of coloring could were these combos well.

    Deb from Vancouver

  10. I plan to take leopard, coral, and teal , and silver and gold accessories on my next trip in August, using various combinations of earrings, pendant, scarf, and bracelet in the respective colors. Since I don't want to pack multiple pairs of shoes, I shall keep them neutral and keep the focus on my upper body, along with lighter packing weight. You have saved me and the baggage handler's backs and shoulders, Janice, thank you !

  11. Yes, please do show green or teal accessories, thank you !

  12. WOW!!! I might just switch to coral as my main accent.. This is just gorgeous! I've already ordered the scarf! I have some coral jewelry already. Yes please on the muted green - also a favorite! Oh this IS fun!! Thank you!

  13. I love coral, but I'm excited to see the green accessories you have in mind. Green is my favorite color!

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you do, Janice!

  14. There are those fab button coral earrings again, also like the flat sandals from Lucky Brand. Love that color; my aunt gave me an antique pair of gold and coral filigree earrings when I got married . . . Think I need to get them out!

  15. This is beautiful! I love it. You do realize it practically matches your website header. ;)
    And yes, green please.

  16. I love the coral. I didn't realize how much I like coral with beige. The shoes really make the outfits pop.

    Muted green sounds good too. I really like navy and olive or moss. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  17. You have given me a new idea on how to put together my basics with a new accent. Must think outside of my gold or gold/silver box more often.

  18. Every so often Janice writes something along the lines of theming the accessories (angular or flowers or ocean etc). I'm off to a party tomorrow. I have leggings that have a printed black lace pattern on it. I have a charcoal tunic. I am teaming the leggings with a taupe and white long scarf that has a similar lacy look to it. I am so proud of my choice. I keep looking at the hanger and admiring my handiwork - that has been inspired by Janice. Thanks. Carol S

  19. Love this one too! Call me crazy, but I want to mix the coral and the leopard together!

  20. So just have to share i love this template. Will be going on a 16 day roadtrip and just planned my travel wardrobe based on this template. I'm really excited to have this template it changes how I will travel in the future.

  21. I'm with you on not destroying reefs, but synthetic coral is not the only answer, and can look plastic-y.

    I suggest vintage coral; as a bonus, the craftsmanship is often superior. The kasturjewels hoops are a style I love, but at over $230 (plus shipping) for synthetic coral and synthetic pearls, I think I'd look for genuine material.