Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One Sweater, Six Ways

Sometimes I get the best surprises! The lovely people at House of Fraser send me the nicest sweater/top... a layered look, with a subtle white and grey underlayer - a great weight to wear on cool summer days, but something that will carry through beautifully into cooler weather. Thanks, House of Fraser people!

This is the lovely goodie:

Layered top – Linea Weekend

I'm an avowed believer that you should KNOW how you're going to wear something before you buy it, although in this case, since it was a gift, I let myself off the hook. But, of course, as soon as I opened my package, I was scheming...

These were a few of my thoughts - everything from the dressiest silk pants or skirt, to grey jeans on weekends, or grey dress trousers for an office event. The first outfit, with black trousers, is how House of Fraser showed the sweater on their site; this is a look I can replicate easily!

Layered top – Linea Weekend, black trousers – Linea, boots – Munro
pendant – Alexis Bittar, crocheted sterling necklace – YooLa , sandals – Nine West

Layered top – Linea Weekend, denim skirt – Max Mara, earrings – Monica Vinader,
 sandals – Franco Sarto, grey silk trousers – Calvin Klein Collection, bracelets – 
La Corza by Sabo Designs,  silver flats – Savoy

Layered top – Linea Weekend, jeans – 7 for All Mankind, bag – Ina Kent, boots – 
Settima, wool dress trousers – Viyella, oxfords – BP., scarf – Florenz

Do you rehearse different looks in your mind before you buy a new piece of clothing (or an accessory)?





  1. If I'm being conscientious, yes, I rehearse different looks in my mind before buying...helps avoid the closet "orphans" that I've tried to banish from my wardrobe since becoming a fan of your website! BUT, sometimes a scarf, or a top, just calls out to me ("such a delightful purply-blue scarf!" or "the exact color gray top I've been looking for!"). Then I get it home, and realize that although I have lots of blues in my wardrobe, I have nothing of that particular purply-blue; or the lovely color gray top makes me look like a gray brick, and is impossible to wear with any jacket or sweater that I have - dolman sleeves are the worst for this, and I should have learned by now...

  2. "Do you rehearse different looks in your mind before you buy a new piece of clothing (or an accessory)?" I do now. Thanks, TVF.

  3. Love this! The underlayer adds interest but it's not fussy. And it looks like it will blend well with your existing wardrobe.


  4. It is wonderful that House of Fraser is rewarding you! I paid them a visit last year in London and ordered online as well. They have a wonderful selection and their sale prices are excellent. I do rehearse looks before I buy and I am planning a September getaway to NYC. That grey top would be wonderful with my grey jeans, linen pants or with a skirt for the theatre. You do inspire me!

  5. Very pretty and quite versatile !

  6. That is a very nice sweater, I am going to check their site to see if they have others colours. I find these layered sweaters are very figure flattering. AND I really appreciate how you have shown it for a wide variety of occasions. This is a top to pack with a 3x3 or 4x4.

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. I definitely rehearse before I buy now. I have also discovered, though, that if you buy what you love (and know that it is a good color for you), there is a high probability that it will work well with your wardrobe. I bought 3 tops last spring that I loved, knew that they would look sharp with either black or white as well as the other colors within the pattern and discovered that I had 3 different pairs of shorts that matched the 3 accent colors in the tops! Love House of Fraser (I ordered a top you featured last month) and their true size application worked perfectly, their service was wonderful and I would definitely order from them again! Janice - You often reference Eddie Bauer so I thought I would mention my latest discovery - their Travex Horizon Skorts. I found them for 50% off at one of their outlets and they are so comfortable and versatile. I can dress them up or down and since they have a matching shorts layer underneath, do not have to worry about how I sit or bend! Since I am only 5'3", the regular is a bit longer on me than shown on the model, which is perfect!

  8. What a lovely top. Looks like a great piece to pair with a patterned skirt or pants.

    1. I just looked closer at the under layer. I didn't realize it had a subtle pattern to it.

  9. "Rehearse different looks" is a great way of putting it!

    I can certainly relate to Vivian Jung's comments about falling in love with items that don't work - for me it is often the call of colour, too - usually I fall for a great shade of blue or coralpink that just doesn't play well with the others in my closet…or a piece that is great, but I forgot to account for 'degree of roughness', like purchasing a lovely navy tencel skirt when ponte would be a better weight for my wardrobe, or a top that works in every way, BUT the neckline is new and interesting, which is why I am attracted to it, but may not work at all with my current hairstyle or jewelry collection…

    I'm pleased House of Fraser is appreciating you! You're certainly the reason I started shopping there.
    Sue G

  10. Just de-lurking to let everyone know that the top is on sale, about $45 (before shipping ).

  11. Just de-lurking to let everyone know that the top is on sale, about $45 (before shipping ).

  12. I also will buy the vast majority as how well it fits into my existing wardrobe. Whenever I bought something outside that thinking process it usually did. Not get as much wear as it should. Nice top!

  13. I know I always make sure it will go with at least 3 other pieces in my wardrobe, funny how you get into a routine.

  14. Wonder how tight/clingy the top is and whether one must be a "stick" person to look good in it. Janice??? Please comment. Thanks...love your Files!

  15. What a lovely gift! How nice! I am trying to get better at thinking about how an item will work before buying it. Trying!!

  16. Loved it, went online, ordered it and it arrived faster from London to California than most items that are shipped from the USA! Bravo to House Of Fraser. OH....and the sweater is fabulous, fits true to size, and is ageless.