Thursday, June 04, 2015

Choosing Accessory Colors, or Accessories in Clusters

Woo hoo!!!  The absolutely wonderful ladies at Kathkath send me a scarf!  (fwiw, I am NOT one of those bloggers who are constantly being sent things to review - I can now count on 2 fingers the number of gifts I've received from designers...)

They sent me this beautiful wonder:

Marble Square Luxury Scarf - Kathkath

It is, in fact, more beautiful in person than it is in the photographs! The size is the same as Hermes scarves - 90cm square (just about a square yard). And the fabric is soft and light without being flimsy; for those of you who find Hermes to be too "crispy" and heavy, definitely look at these. I'm so happy...

And so, of course, I'm immediately figuring out what to wear it with. Black clothes - piece of cake. But what other accessories? There are so many possibilities inherent in the colors of this scarf...

I start with red. I OFTEN start with red:

black, pink, red, teal and aqua marble patterned silk scarf with red, black and white color scheme

Just a few little things that one may already own (I have many things somewhat similar) will complement my new scarf beautifully...

red "accessory family" of bracelet, earrings, sunglasses and purse
Red beaded bracelet – Satya Jewelry, gold and garnet earrings – Khun Boom
sunglasses – Alexander McQueen, cross-body bag – MANU Atelier

For purposes of illustration, here are a very few black garments, and the always essential black flat shoes:

four black garments: dress, skirt, cardigan and trousers, with black ballet flats
Dress, skirt, cardigan and trousers – Uniqlo, ballet flats – Dr. Scholl’s

Ahhh, this comes together nicely, and looks very comfortable for me:

two simple black outfits with red accessories

two simple black outfits with red accessories

But the more I look at my scarf, the more I realize that lots of possibilities exist, given the variety of colors present in this scarf. Bear in mind that some of the accent colors are more visible when you see the scarf in person, and also that some of the accent colors can be made to seem more prominent depending on how you tie your scarf. (the beautiful Tai is a genius at this kind of thing!)

How about aqua? I know someone with eyes just about this color; she'd be DAFT not to choose this color as an accent!

black, pink, red, teal and aqua marble patterned silk scarf with black white and aqua color scheme

a four-piece "accessory family" in aqua, with bracelet, earrings, sunglasses and purse
Bracelets – Alexis Bittar), earrings – Alexis Bittar,
Aqua sunglasses – Jason Wu, bag – Alexander Wang

two simple black outfits with aqua accessories

two simple black outfits with aqua accessories

I always swear that I'm moving from red to pink as my accent color, as my hair turns more grey. This scarf lends itself well to that transition!

black, pink, red, teal and aqua marble patterned silk scarf with black, white and pink color scheme

a four-piece "accessory family" in pink, with bracelet, earrings, sunglasses and purse
Floral stone bracelet – Shourouk, quartz crystal earrings – Noemiah,
Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples, bag – My Choice

I could wear this, happily:

two simple black outfits with pink accessories

two simple black outfits with pink accessories

And let us not miss the beautiful deep teal that's here! What a great option for a redhead, or someone with green eyes, or ALL of those out there who love green...

black, pink, red, teal and aqua marble patterned silk scarf with black, white and teal color scheme

a four-piece "accessory family" in teal, with bracelet, earrings, sunglasses and clutch bag
Teal agate bracelet – Nest, silk earrings – Dorus Mhor,
Sunglasses – Mykita, clutch – Dareen Hakim

two simple black outfits with teal accessories

I guess the real lesson here is to look deeper, and consider options that aren't immediately apparent. If you're committed to a few accent colors, you can invest in some lovely accessories (many of which aren't really that expensive, and which will last a long time) and there will always be some way to wear them.



  1. What stunning options. I suppose one could also have a base colour of soft brown or white but I can't see them having the same dramatic flair as the black provides. Hmmmm

  2. Congrats on your new scarf, she's a beauty!

    I am glad you went for the aqua and the teal, as those were the colors my eye sought out.

    Have fun with it! =)

    1. I love how you say your eyes "sought out" certain colors! I think it's important that we're very aware of what our eyes are seeking, because that must mean something about our deepest preferences. Something to ponder...
      big Thursday hug,

  3. Back to my own closet I go! I already have a lovely black purse with a touch of pink. I could "pull" the pink out of a scarf and wear it with black pants and merino v-neck sweater. I am determined to wear what I already own for the rest of this year. Your blog provides me with so many possibilities. Your scarf will be so versatile. I visited the Kathkath site. Such lovely colours. Next year!

  4. Congratulations on a beautiful scarf. I love the versatility of it - I could easily wear any of the combinations. I would probably wear the pink and aqua in warmer weather and the red and teal in colder weather.

  5. You find the best things at Boticca, all 3 bags are beautiful, unique and logo free.

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. Those are Dr. Scholl's?! I may have to have another look at their brand, I would have never guessed they produced those shoes.

    And as a person with green eyes, you've inspired a lust for a piece that initially I thought wouldn't work for me. But there is that sprig of teal, and pink to make it work for me... but I can't act on it! I'm on a no-buy spree right now, I have several trips coming up and I'm saving my pennies for those experiences! Next week I'll be having a 6 hour layover in Chicago (but with those pesky travel/check in times I'm anticipating having a much shorter time to really explore) and am plotting a trip to the Art Institute.

  7. What a beautiful scarf! And so many possibilities . . . Of course, my favorite is the pink. I always love the accessories you choose.

  8. Fab scarf and fab colors; love the teal and the pink :-)

  9. What a lovely scarf! I'm constantly amazed that companies don't bombard you with freebies to blog about. By now you should have one of everything Land's End and Uniqlo have to offer!

    I'm drawn toward the aqua and teal combos myself, though the pink is very cute.

    -- Amy

  10. Thank you so much for discovering & supporting our small brand on your blog and for introducing us to your wonderful readers. We really do love what you do with our scarves.

    Kathryn & Kathy from

  11. One scarf, five stable pieces of clothing accessorized four amazing ways. Doesn't get any better than that. Well with Janice, I'm sure it will. Great post. Carol S

  12. I love that scarf and would have purchased the long verison but they have sold out. I don't wear large silk squares. I did purchased the long verison of the silver chains scarf and it is fabulous.

    Also love the style of the red crossbody.

    1. Hi, So glad you love the chains; that scarf will never go out of fashion.
      We will be printing more of the long marble scarf later this year along with a new collection of designs. Sign up to our newsletter and social media to keep in touch. K&K

  13. Lovely scarf! As usual, your accessories are flawless!