Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Stone: Unakite Jewelry

This was an intriguing request - one of you has fallen for jewelry with the stone unakite, and wanted to build their summer work capsule wardrobe (relaxed environment) around their jewelry!

This was some of the jewelry I found:

Unakite wrap bracelet – Siriporn, cuff bracelet – Duanpen Tajunin
unakite and crystal pendant - OpenSky, earrings – Srimuang

One of the first things that I noted was that the accent color in the stone ranges from dark red and terra cotta to a much lighter and more delicate peach or apricot. While we could certainly go either direction, I opted for the lighter shade, to serve as a background for the design of the jewelry.

Unakite wrap bracelet – Siriporn, cuff bracelet – Duanpen Tajuninunakite and crystal pendant - OpenSky, earrings – Srimuang,
ring – Liquidation Channel

We wanted really simple clothes, so I found three "Cores of Four" in the three non-accent colors.

silk skirt  Givenchy

Here's where things got more difficult, but also more interesting! I chose tops in a range of tones, so that there's always something that will go with any piece of jewelry. One of the challenges of buying unakite jewelry, I understand, is that the variations in color are so dramatic that you don't really know what you're going to have until it arrives at your doorstep! If that's the case, you might as well treat it as an adventure...

Linen sweater – Uniqlo, embroidered shoulder tee – No 21
linen tee – Uniqlo, short-sleeved sweatshirt – Current/Elliott

Finishing off this capsule was easy, since we were using jewelry as our "defining art"! Three pair of sandals, a tote bag, and some sunglasses - all essential summer items.

Tote bag – COET, sunglasses – Fendi, olive sandals – Stuart Weitzman, 
cross-strap slides – Johnston and Murphy, black sandals – Charles by Charles David

How would it feel to wake up on Monday morning and have this assortment greeting you?

This is pretty much a "whatever's clean" wardrobe, or a great travel capsule wardrobe. While some random selections could be out of balance, you really couldn't put together a completely bad outfit here..


Looking Back:

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  1. These colors are beautiful, and you always find such lovely items of clothing, Janice!! I'd be very, very pleased with this range of color and style hanging in my wardrobe.

  2. What yummy colors! Eventually, I'd add some robin's egg blue to wear with the dark green and the beige.

  3. Wow, I love how you lightened it up. My first sense would be to go with the dark colours as you described. But this has much more power and eland. Love that cream silk skirt and the Stuart sandals. I keep learning from you.

    Deb from Vancouver

  4. Great wardrobe! I like the idea of basing the colors on the stone. This one would work for me.

  5. Not the very best colors for me, but I wouldn't turn it down if the whole wardrobe magically appeared on my doorstep. What a great relaxed wardrobe.

  6. Doesn't the unakite look fabulous with these colours- great for lovers of green and salmon.

  7. Unakite is a stunning stone. I have just started to visit a crystal shop here in Melbourne (on the banks of Yarra River). I remember this stone because of its amazing mix of colors. The wardrobe is lovely. My sister bought me a gorgeous Blue Lace Agate stone from the same shop which I had made into a pendant. Thank you. Carol S

  8. Oh. What stunning colors. I am so tempted. The olive 'core of four' is especially enticing.

    Have you considered the stone, larimar? It is only found in the Dominican Republic and is surprisingly affordable. The name comes from the 'discoverer's' daughter's name, Larissa, plus mar or sea in Spanish. I get lost in its swirling blues.

    Thanks, Vivienne, for your daily inspiration. You add joy and light to my morning and my wardrobe.

  9. I love how you are color inspired from such varied sources !

  10. Another great capsule! Very nice color combinations!

  11. Your photographer friend likes this color scheme.