Friday, May 08, 2015

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Capri, again, with a different color palette

You ask, I deliver! This very beautiful scarf, from the company Radical Chic, with a color scheme that emphasizes the rosy tones, and the grey base:

Capri scarf, from Radical Chic, with a grey, purple, pink and white color scheme
scarf - Radical Chic

Today's core of neutral is quite a bit dressier than the light brown from yesterday; maybe you have more work on your agenda, or the tone of the vacation is dressier. I would think that the Orient Express could justify a skirt...

Core of Four garments in grey: tee shirt, cardigan, skirt and ankle pants

I kept yesterday's white linen separates - most because I'm smitten with the dress! But while white trousers can never be true workhorses of your trip, they do bring a summery beauty to a travel wardrobe.

Core of Four garments in white linen: dress, shirt, top and cropped pants
White linen dress – Hobbs London, white linen shirt – Hobbs London
White sleeveless top – A.L.C., white linen cropped pants – Marni

Of course, here's where the fun is! But I think we can all agree that finding subtle colors, that don't scream PINK or PURPLE, is difficult. Sometimes it's frustrating how very cheap and uninteresting clothing can be...

Mileage Four of four tops in pink and purple: tee shirt, sleeveless shirt, cardigan and tank top
Draped pink tee – Uniqlo, sleeveless shirt – Equipment,
Cardigan – White Stuff, linen tank top - Uniqlo

Another handbag to make you distracted with desire... And the simple stud earrings really caught my eye - they come in eight different semi-precious stones, and are simple without being too bitsy and precious. Given the floral nature of our scarf, a pair of beautiful earrings with a floral theme seemed a natural choice!

Expansion Four accessories for a grey, pink and purple wardrobe: jewelry, shoes and a bag
Violet earrings – Ippolita, floral half-hoop earrings – Kenari,
silver mesh ballet flats – Kristin Cavallari, bag – Salvatore Ferragamo
white espadrilles – Halogen, thongs – Manolo Blahnik

Just setting out these items to pack would make me smile:

A 12-piece travel or capsule wardrobe in grey, white, pink and purple.
sleeveless shirt – Equipment,draped pink tee – Uniqlo, scarf - Radical Chic,
floral half-hoop earrings – Kenari, white linen shirt – Hobbs London, violet
earrings – Ippolita, white sleeveless top – A.L.C., gray tee shirt - Uniqlo, gray skirt -
Uniqlo, gray cardigan - Uniqlo, White linen dress – Hobbs London, pink linen tank top -
Uniqlo, white linen cropped pants – Marni, violet cardigan – White Stuff, gray ankle
 - Uniqlo, 
silver mesh ballet flats – Kristin Cavallarithongs – Manolo Blahnik 
white espadrilles –Halogenbag – Salvatore Ferragamo

And to have all of these choices would make an elegant luxury trip just a little bit more elegant, wouldn't it?

Three outfits from a grey, white, pink and purple travel or capsule wardrobe.

Three outfits from a grey, white, pink and purple travel or capsule wardrobe.

Those of you who were clamoring for a red handbag, integrated into a wardrobe, don't worry! It will be here tomorrow or Monday...


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  1. Janice,
    Many thanks. This would be great also for October tour to Athens, by plain. The only change I would make is the neutral skirt. I would take A line skirt for more comfy feeling. Silver flats are beautiful, blouses and summer cardigans too. This is excellent 12 piece + accessories. I can see myself in white linen dress, silver flats, half hoop earrings and flourish scarf...sitting on Plaka in the warm night with candles on the table and beautiful view on hill Akropolis with fame Partenon... Thanks again for your effort, Maja

    1. The price of 125 USD for this silk beauty is not too high. I think that a lot of you can do it for yourself.. I am over the ocean.. Maja

  2. Janice,
    While these are not my personal colors, this grouping is lovely ! Your 4x4's are so helpful for my travel packing needs ! You have taught me how to have plenty of outfits without a stuffed, heavy suitcase, many thanks ! And yes, that white dress is summer, personified !

  3. Your comment about subtle colors vs. bright/bold brings up something I struggle with a bit. I look best in bold, strong colors, but so often those come in cheaper-looking garments. Or is it that the bold color itself cheapens the look? There's the question. These softer colors make people inquire about my health, so do I go healthy-but-cheap, or elegant-but-consumptive? :)

  4. Oh lovely, lovely. You could so easily combine this group with yesterday's. The rose tops would go so well with the light brown. Like someone noted yesterday, we could all have these clothes (from yesterday and today), but never look copy-catish. Then we could all meet up with Maja and go for a lovely spring tour. Now THAT's a fantasy vacation!!!

  5. I love this grouping. I don't wear grey, so I'm imagining that core of four in navy and it is just as lovely with these colors. What fun!

  6. Another beautiful collection. Please help me, though--I need a refresher course in tying the scarf, especially to wear it for hot summer weather. I'd welcome ideas from all of you, not only Janice. Thanks, Mary

    1. Mary, Here is a fabulous site (that I think Janice has a link to somewhere in her blog roll)
      There are lots of videos on TONS of ways to tie all types of scarves. I was out yesterday and thinking how warm it was already (in Atlanta) and wondering how best to wear my scarves in the hot weather.

    2. Thank you! The blast of hot hot weather we're experiencing in Ohio has me eschewing anything tied around my neck, but that white dress looks tempting. I know it's only temporary, or at least I'll get acclimated. I hope.

  7. I agree with everyone. Another beautiful and practical wardrobe. All you need!
    Deb from Vancouver

  8. Ohhhh! I love this one. And these would make good options for a casual office as well!

  9. I love this one too! Those floral half-hoop earrings are adorable!

  10. I love this scarf and combos. These are my colors. Beautiful.

  11. A cautionary tale about ordering from Boticca: I ordered a Radical Chic scarf last year. The colors weren’t what I expected, although the scarf itself was exquisite. There was no information in the shipment about how to make a return, which is unusual in my Internet shopping experience. I searched for “return” on the Boticca website. Nothing came up. So I wrote to their support staff on December 5. Their auto-reply promised a two-day response. On December 16, having had no answer, I wrote again. Their answer said to “book a collection with DHL from your account.” I tried, through my Boticca account, and couldn’t. I complained about the mystical return policy. It turns out the instructions are under “About us” on the Boticca site. I checked again, just before writing this, and “returns” still doesn’t yield any information. And, although Boticca promises a refund in 14 days, as I understand it, I had to return the item to the artist (not to Boticca) and wait for the artist to give me a refund. I decided to keep the scarf, because I didn’t want to risk returning the item to Russia and then having to struggle with a slow refund. Given Boticca’s level of service, I didn’t think I’d get much help from them. In short: beautiful products, poor service.