Thursday, May 21, 2015

RED Cowboy Boots - Integrating a Wild Splurge into your Wardrobe

We've all done it. Something just CALLS OUT YOUR NAME... and the next thing you know, you get home, and you have a pair of red cowboy boots in your hands. Maybe not cowboy boots, but something that's outside of your normal wardrobe confines...

There's nothing wrong with this, if the item in question has true "whappage" - if it really strikes you, appeals to you, speaks to you on some deep level. Let's just figure out how to incorporate this newly exposed facet of your persona into your existing wardrobe.

These are the culprits in question:

Boots – Lucchese

And your normal wardrobe (I know, because you told me...) is grey and camel. Let's grab a couple of simple outfits with which we can work - jeans and sweaters are temperamentally well-suited to cowboy boots. Just a reminder - if you're going to purchase jeans to wear with your boots, take the boots with you. The way the leg of your jeans falls over, or into, the top of your boots is important!

These boots could also be worn with a dressier trouser, bearing in mind that you're always going to have that joie de vivre in your outfit that these boots deliver. Maybe appropriate for work, depending on your office; appropriate for fun evenings - DEFINITELY!

Grey jeans – 7 for all Mankind, grey sweater – Saint Laurent Paris,
camel ankle jeans – Oui, camel sweater – Michael Kors

For me, the first, and the easiest, way to pull together various colors and sensibilities in an outfit is a great scarf. It's important to remember that scarves don't have to be meticulously folded and tied! Just lay the fabric around the back of your neck, loop it over in the front once (or not), and go. Complicated knots can be fun - I do them sometimes - but they're only really appropriate when you're wearing something very tailored and structured. Any outfit that includes cowboy boots is going to have a more relaxed insouciant air that means the scarf should be soft and uncontrived...

Heraldry print scarf – Roberto Cavalli, fringed scarf – Valentino,
Butterfly scarf – Valentino

Red handbags are easy to find, and they're a lot of fun! It's an easy way to incorporate red into your wardrobe without having to have it "on your person" constantly.

Red tote – COET, backpack – EDDIE, sachel bag – Betty and Betts

Even something as small as a piece of jewelry can add another spark of red to your outfit, and keep your cowboy boots from feeling lonely...

Parachute cord bracelet – We Are All Smith, red agate earrings –
Caipora Jewellery, Resin ring – gyamjo JEWELS, woven necklace – Vlum

I could see wearing these:

What's your wild splurge? I'd be happy to see what I can suggest...


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  1. I really like how the scarves, with their smidgen of red, help the boots feel welcomed, but don't cause the red to swamp the overall look. A useful principle.

  2. I think a little red bracelet to go with the red boots I swiped from my daughter will be perfect! Thanks!


  3. Yeap! I bought a golden yellow cotton 'denim' jacket. I fell for it when I first saw it. I knew people wouldn't buy that color so I waited and waited and was rewarded when I found it heavily reduced to $20. My size and everything. I really haven't worn it. So I just need to be on the lookout for some accessories etc. that will make it the special jacket that I know it can be or figure out what neutrals go well with it. Thanks for the inspiration. Carol S
    p.s Boots are so cute... and the bags and the jewelry

  4. I have always thought that people who wear cowboys boots are very cool and now red ones!! Your blog is the very best and I look forward to it every day, always eye candy and food for thought. The only drawback is the potential to want everything. BUT, somehow, your messaging is getting through to me and the actual outcome is that I am buying less and waiting for the right items.
    I can appreciate the desire for red cowboys boots and admire the person who does but I don't have to have them too.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. I couldn't wear most of the colors in this post, but it has shown me that I could be a lot bolder in my choice of accent colors without losing subtlety. I think I usually match too closely to achieve the sophistication you invariably do. Your posts make me happy!

  6. It works well together. Just make sure your jeans leg length is long enough so they stack when you wear them with the boots and they loose that stacked look when you sit down. Nothing looks worse than pant legs that are too short when you sit down.
    My favourite western boots have the foot done in red and with white polka dots. They are expensive and don't wear well so I refuse to buy them. I have black ones instead and may kick it up a notch with coloured boots. There are so many cool things you can do using a western flair.

  7. Woot! Tried on red cowboy boots last weekend, now back to buy - can't go wrong with red cowboy boots!

  8. I have a pair of Ariat Heritage Western R Toe Boots Red Deertan #15761 ( If you go to the link, you will see that the price is about $160, at least at that store in Austin. I bought mine in Tucson several years ago and I paid less than $100 for them. I couldn't get the Lucchese link to work, but I suspect the price for those is several multiples of $100. I like my Ariats because they are not very high on my legs and they are cut low in front and back. That makes them easy to put on and take off and they fit my my "full" calves well. I can even wear my jeans inside them, which is what I do if I don't wear them with a skirt. Like any good Texas woman who has lived 64 of her 69 years in the west, I like to show off the lovely designs on them. Noodle around with a Google Images search for cowboy boots for women and you will see most boots shown with the pants tucked in or on bare legs. That is if you are wearing them for "dress up." If you're riding or mucking out the stalls, you wouldn't be wearing those Luccheses or my Ariats.

  9. Great ideas to incorporate any bright type of shoe or boot! I love a red shoe of any kind! Thanks for the ideas!

  10. I have those boots - thanks for the new ideas :)

  11. I have purple cowboy boots. How can I wear them with a dress or in warm weather?

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