Saturday, May 09, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Project 333: Combining 2 Color Schemes from the Capri Scarf

SOMEONE had a brilliant insight, in yesterday's comments - why not combine these two wardrobes from the last 2 days?

This is a perfect Project 333 - it actually comes in well below 33 items...

And a long summer travel wardrobe? Perfect. The two neutrals give you plenty of "non-white" core pieces for travel days, and the neutrals play quite nicely together, too.

Here's our expanded color scheme:

scarf - Radical Chic

And you recognize all of the clothes and accessories from earlier posts:

Tee shirtskirtcardigan and ankle pants - Uniqlo

White linen dress – Hobbs London, white linen shirt – Hobbs London
White sleeveless top – A.L.C., white linen cropped pants – Marni

Cardigan – East, linen shirt – East,
Tank – Dusan, linen pants – Dusan

Draped pink tee – Uniqlo, sleeveless shirt – Equipment,
Cardigan – White Stuff, linen tank top - Uniqlo

Blue tee shirt – J. Crew, green tee shirt – Zadig and Voltaire,
Blue sweater – Wrap, green sweatshirt – Max Mara Weekend

Violet earrings – Ippolita, floral half-hoop earrings – Kenari,
silver mesh ballet flats – Kristin Cavallari, bag – Salvatore Ferragamo
white espadrilles – Halogen, thongs – Manolo Blahnik

Blue quartz earrings – Sarah Kosta, broken glass earrings – Alexis Bittar,
tan fisherman sandals – Timberland
tote – Valextra, beige suede flats – The Flexx

But here's where the fun really starts - LOOK at this wardrobe!!! You might need to toss in a pair of shorts (grey sweats, or white linen?), but otherwise, I can't think of much for which you wouldn't be prepared. This isn't necessarily a wardrobe for going fishing, or camping, but for an urban vacation you would have an abundance of options.

The neutrals really look good together - I think it's because they're the same intensity; soft, light-ish but not pastel, and somewhat dusty or muted.

And you have enormously expanded combination possibilities when you take the green and blue accents and pair them with grey, or take the pink and purple to wear with light brown. Who says you can't wear warm and cool colors together - we scoff at such limitations!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Oooooooooooh! Can you box it up and send it to me?


  2. Swoooon! Carol S

    1. Whatever's Clean Wardrobe as well! I am retired and stay-at-home. I have a spreadsheet with about 13 Autumnish (Southern Hemisphere here) colored tops and three skirts (which I wear 2 days in a row). I have the tops and bottoms in rotation in the spreadsheet and on me. Sometimes the colors work and sometimes they don't. I can see a possibility of rotating garments in the above wardrobe as well and always looking great. Also change my jackets and vests to match the 'skirt of the day' so I have a column of color (courtesy of Imogen). Next 3 months (Winter) I will change my mix of colors. Lovely post. Thank you. Carol S

  3. I often mix warm and cool -your grey with beige is lovely, and all the accents work with both (also grey with yellow, navy with 'nude' tones, etc, work beautifully) - I'd like to see more mixed palettes!

  4. I have kept some of my favourite warm-coloured pieces. I would have not thought of combining the soft beige and grey but it looks lovely in your post. I even have a scarf in mind to integrate the colours. Beautiful!

  5. This concept is so me ! 3 neutrals, although I would change the gray to more of a taupe, along with 4 colors and only 20 pieces of clothing ! Super for a cruise with day excursions. Maybe add a bathing suit and cover-up, as well as some shorts and it's a full summer wardrobe !
    I can't seem to ever get enough of these wonderful illustrations, thank you, Janice !

    1. Janice, I'm curious --do you organize your own closet by color clusters or by groups of the same items, as all pants together, all shirts together, etc.. I am always torn between these two ideas. Clustering by color shows me what individual pieces I have to make 4x4 groupings, but it makes for odd lengths together on a closet pole.

    2. I would love to hear the answer to this, too!

    3. Nope, I organize by type of garment, but I have a really good reason for that: I have Elfa shelving underneath my "short" garments, where I store my shoes! Belovedest and I live in a studio apartment, and while we have extensive closet space, we still have to be super-crafty about how to manage it.
      thanks for asking,

  6. Love this. I adore your neat and tidy 5 color sets, but my own reality always has many more slices of color in my pie. Oh wait - just like this one!!

    Thanks for the visual confirmation that I am on track for me :)

  7. This is brilliant and beautiful! Eye candy. I would love to see the people around me dressing like this.

    Deb from Vancouver

  8. Beautiful colours for Summer. I have a casual pant in the soft light brown. I love wearing white top and mules with it, makes it really pop. I sometimes add turquoise but those blue shades you show are so much nicer. I feel an online shopping trip approaching!
    It's funny, I never thought of grey and brown together until I found this site. Thank you.

  9. This is a really lovely wardrobe.

  10. Not my colors but this is such a great wardrobe! Love the 3 neutrals! Great ideas here!

  11. Even more beautiful than I thought it would be! Love!! :)

  12. 20 pieces of clothing and such lovely possibilities, I''m off to view my closet, well actually a chest of drawers in a whole new light :) Karen