Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Turquoise Handbag: Integrating a New Accent Color

Today, I'm going to try to answer two questions with one blog post. (something about birds and stones comes to mind, but I don't kill birds...) Many of you are reluctant to buy shoes that aren't in neutral colors - maybe it's a question of having to buy very expensive shoes because of foot conditions, or a reluctance to draw attention to lower body and/or legs, or perhaps you have Audrey Hepburn feet (aka disproportionately large)... But for whatever reason, it's perfectly justifiable, as if you have to explain or defend your preferences!

And of course, we wanted to marry navy and turquoise, because it's one of the great color combinations!

So let's grab this lovely bag first:

Bag – CAIA

And go back to our navy travel or capsule wardrobe from last week with one addition - excellent quality, very simple navy flats, which can be worn with the skirt and the trousers.

Navy tee, skirt, striped tee, trousers and cardigan- Uniqlo, wedge flats – Tod’s

The most obvious way to draw attention to your face, or your hands? Jewelry!!! And turquoise jewelry is so lovely... I swear, if I had blue eyes, I'd wear something blue every day - maybe not turquoise, if it wasn't the right shade of blue, but something... I am the only person in my family with brown eyes... le sigh...

Torsade bracelet – Narayani, pendant – Neeru Goel,
Teardrop earrings – KhunBoom, stud earrings – Olga Hinojosa

And a few more accessories, including a headband. I wear a headband every day to keep my "growing out" curls from driving me daft; why are they such a neglected accessory? I've heard that they're not chic, to which I reply "well, you haven't seen ME wear one..." Anything is chic if you make it so; don't let anyone dictate to you!

Wave print scarf – KathKath, sunglasses – Michael Kors,
Headband – Under Armour, paisley scarf – Etro

Lots of possibilities here! I've deliberately under-accessorized many of these outfits, just to show the degree of impact even a small piece of jewelry can have on your overall ensemble. Plus, these just seem like summer to me, don't they?

Warm weather arrived with a crashing suddenness, here in Chicago! So these clothes finally seem seasonal to me; what a nice change.



  1. Have thoroughly enjoyed the recent series of "bag" posts, but this is the best! love the navy/turquoise combo. So cool, so sophisticated. so right! thanks.

  2. Love that you're working with navy (my base color), but I can't imagine limiting myself to navy shoes. I love all my brightly colored ballet flats, boots, etc.

  3. I will admit to being a little disappointed in not having a whole selection of shoes to drool over in today's post. LOL Love the headband. I wear them to workout, but can't stand the pressure otherwise. I may choose to get over that as summer progresses. It's a nice way to keep short hair (that won't pull back into a ponytail) off my face.

  4. How timely for me, Janice ! I purchased a turquoise bag on impulse last Spring, but haven't used it. I have plenty of turquoise jewelry, but never thought to balance the bag with my earrings, bracelets and scarves --duh ! Once again, your illustrations have shown how to best avoid drawing attention to my lower half, including my Audrey Hepburn sized feet ( hope the big foot finders don't confuse me with the real thing ) ! Love, love, love turquoise and your wonderful illustrations that I find so helpful !

  5. For the color-on-the-feet question, if you're so inclined and it's the right season, polished toenails would be a great way to carry the accent color to the feet without investing in shoes. And something else I've learned from TVF: colorful socks!

  6. Hi Janice,

    About 2 years ago, I decided that I needed turquoise sandals to go with a turquoise top. I never got so many compliments. The next year, I bought the purple sandals to go with the purple top.

    Here is the link. http://www.amazon.com/Gentle-Souls-Womens-Lily-Moon/dp/B00A8EGY12?SubscriptionId=0CZRRY4W3QEHZQVBVV82&tag=papocd-20&linkCode=sp1&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00A8EGY12

    I'm still reading though all the blog posts and comments. I'm still in awe of all the lovely images. Your readers have almost as much to teach me as you do. I look forward to your blog every day.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Big HUG.

    Louise P

  7. You had me with the turquoise bag... lovely. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. It reinforces once again how easy it is to have a solid core wardrobe and spice it up in fun ways.

    Deb from Vancouver

  8. Beautiful combination with the navy outfits, especially the dreamy Etro scarf! I love scarves, they are my "go to" accessories. Love Beth

  9. Turquoise and navy is one of my favorite combinations. Thanks for the lovely ideas showing how to make it work. I love that your posts are really guidelines....the same idea could apply to any combination of colors that one might fancy. Mary

  10. I have dark brown eyes, and I LOVE (and wear often) lapis jewelry! Also malachite. My husband is thrilled I don't like diamonds, but I would happily live in stones!

  11. Please add my name to the list of readers who are enjoying this series. And now I would enjoy seeing periwinkle as an accent color. Hoya, above, mentioned lapis jewelry. Am wondering how periwinkle and lapis would work together with navy. (Maybe lapis is too close to navy to be paired with that color?) In any case, thanks for these wonderful posts.


  12. I have really enjoyed this series, especially since navy is a key neutral for me. I wore turquoise and navy yesterday and now I'm mentally going through my accessories to see what combinations I can make. This has been a great series and I love the different handbags. I don't often use handbags in my lifestyle so I really enjoy seeing the other accessories that you have. Headbands are great, useful and practical year round. I've learned from your blog that I can make my own style. Life's too short to be chasing after fashion trends. Thank you!

  13. Oh, my dear Janice, turquoise is one of my favorite accent colors (you have definitely been on a roll lately in terms of hitting all my color pleasure points). These combinations are just wonderful. BTW, brown eyes come to life surrounded by blue. It's the law of opposites. If you wear eye shadow, try something in a cool/bluish tone, such as violet, or perhaps a navy blue eyeliner. The contrast will make your brown eyes even lovelier. Try it!

    Cheers, M-T

  14. "Audrey Hepburn feet" ... swoon! Much more flattering than my usual descriptor: canoes. Still, I've made my peace with big feet & am happy to wear pops of color even down there. This piece is a lovely reminder to shop the jewelry box more & choose coordinating details when putting it all together. Thank you! -- Reetay Ononlay

  15. How many days til December 30th? HINT!!!