Saturday, May 02, 2015

An Orange Handbag: Integrating a New Accent Color

I know I've mentioned it before, but I really can't recommend a Longchamp Pliage bag highly enough; tossed into another tote bag, or into luggage, it can come in handy more often that you would imagine. Just for groceries, it's been used hundreds of times. And on vacation, it makes a great stash for dirty laundry during your trip, and then a handy way to get gifts back without crushing them in your regular (very small) luggage...

So today, let's envision the potential of a bright orange bag:

Bag – Longchamp 

The same old, same old, simple navy group of garments. Who could imagine that we could do so much with such simple pieces of clothing?

Navy tee, skirtstriped teetrousers and cardiganUniqlo 

Orange shoes weren't at all difficult to find - although the various shades of orange might make you mad if you try to match too closely! Just make sure that they feel similar, and you'll be fine; if anybody wants to get all lit up because your shoes and your bag aren't "dye-lot" matched, let them. It will keep them from causing some other sort of trouble for someone much more fragile than you!

Thong sandals – Jack Rogers, crossover sandals – DV by Dolce Vita,
Performated flats – OluKai, espadrille flats – Via Spiga

Today, I thought I'd look at some jewelry, to see how we could pull some bright accents into our outfit in a new way:

Stud earrings – BP, cord bracelet – Sailormade,
Wood bead necklace – Sumalee Nawakul, dangle earrings – Dabby Reid

Sunglasses are a necessity, so it only makes sense to use them as a way to integrate a new color!

Aviators - Ray-Ban, ombre frames – Dior,
Cat eye – Stella McCartney, wire rimmed – Ray-Ban

I love this look - perfectly classic, but far from expected!

Monday I'm going to take a crack at yellow and navy, with a print or two...  And there was a request for turquoise, and for cobalt...


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  1. I keep meaning to get a Longchamp bag, they seem so useful!

  2. Hmmm, now you've given me more food for thought, Janice ! Despite what I said about using only jewelry and bags to bring attention to my upper half, from your illustrations I can again see another possibility for the color balance using sandals instead of the solid color block of a full shoe. I think this would be especially doable if I wore an orange top, once again bringing the focus to my upper half. I would then use more neutral jewelry and bag. It's just that I'm lusting after some color at my foot level. Thank you again for the inspirations to see the various possibilities ! Hugs right back atcha !

  3. I never thought of investing in an orange tote bag. That would make orange so much easier. Hmmm.....

  4. Merci, Janice. You have shown me how I will be able to use my orange accessories to create some drama with my navy neutrals. The transition period in a wardrobe can be costly if we don't find ways to "repurpose" what we already own.

  5. Would it work with black, or too Halloweeny?

  6. I purchased some burnt orange shoes several years ago. It was interesting to observe how much more I wore them after I purchased a similar toned pendant.

  7. :-) Yes! First of all I love the Longchamp Pliage bag with long handles, because ether can be worn on a daily base and given the color they add extra pizzaz. A colorful bag, scarf or shoes will brighten up any outfit.
    HAPPY Sunday :-)

  8. Love the orange! Would be so great for travel!

  9. They are great bags , very versatile, but not recommended for travel, particularly in difficult countries. In Asia thieves slash the bag easily with a knife and grab quickly what spils out. More durable bags are recommended.

  10. My basic colors are Navy, brown and beige - all would look wonderful with orange accents! I already bought the necklace, am buying the bag!! Great job!