Friday, May 01, 2015

A Hot Pink Handbag: Integrating a New Accent Color

Before we all indulge ourselves in beauty, let's talk about something important - Nepal.

I'm sure many of you have already donated to the relief funds for Nepal's recovery from the recent devastating earthquake, but if you're in the mood to do a bit of shopping AND benefit Nepal, Novica (one of our favorite sites for jewelry and other gorgeous crafts) is donating 10% of all of their sales from India to Nepal relief.

Someone in India has work, you have something beautiful, and more money goes to help the people of Nepal - a pretty excellent equation, I'd say!

Now let's revisit the idea of introducing a new color into a simple navy wardrobe. Today, the requested color was PINK! This bag could tempt many people to bring a new color into their wardrobe mix:

Bag – Michael Kors

And this is the simple navy capsule or travel wardrobe - remember that there are 10 possible combinations of these 5 garments!

Pink shoes were a LOT easier to scare up than green were. As before, looking for a weave, or suede, or a fabric, means that you aren't pressured to match the colors too perfectly. You want your overall outfit to look deliberate, but not the product of obsession.

Espadrilles – Nine West, suede loafers – French Sole
ballet flats – Coach, rope thong sandals – Lauren Ralph Lauren

Wire framed – Mykita, transluscentJason Wu
aviators – Wildfoxstippled square – Steve Madden

Cotton striped scarf – Missoni, wave print scarf – Shinerock London
embroidered scarfWhite Stuff, square scarf – Hermes La Maison des Carres

I love the bright, summery look of these outfits!

I'm going to wrap up this adventure tomorrow with an orange handbag, unless you have other requests, or specific items that you want to see addressed. Leave a comment, or send me a note at to let me know.


Looking Back:


  1. This looks great- really well put together. Would it also be possible to explore the scenario where you have bought the pink bag and want to use complementary colours rather than acquiring additional pink colored items to balance the overall look? What principles would help us get a pulled together look rather than a visual jungle?

  2. I would love to see this again with a sunny yellow. I have been avoiding yellow for a long time. I'm a "summer, " so I know it's not my most flattering color, but I do love yellow. It makes me happy. I'm thinking of how I could build a mostly gray and navy casual wardrobe with cheery little pops of marigold. This might be a way to do that.

    1. I completely agree. I can't wear yellow at all either, but maybe something like a printed shirt that has navy, white & yellow along with the yellow bag would work for you.

    2. Yes, I am inspired by daisies lately. A navy base with dainty white flowers and a sprinkling of yellow seems just about right.

  3. "Someone in India has work, you have something beautiful, and more money goes to help the people of Nepal - a pretty excellent equation, I'd say!" Plus, Mother's Day is right around the corner. Heading there now.....

  4. Love the pink (not a "green" person except for the great outdoors)

  5. I love how you managed to make bubblegum pink look sophisticated.

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. The pink looks wonderful! Such a great color for spring.

  7. The pink is lovely, it looks fabulous against the navy. I think I always want to play it safe, so that I don't make expensive mistakes so this has been interesting to see clothes pulled together to make an elegant look. Beth xx

    1. Beth, the great thing with this is instead of having an expensive bag, you can get nice-looking lower-end pieces to experiment with. I'm thinking places like Charming Charlies or Target. I can't see spending $200 on a pink bag, but I'd certainly spend $10 or 20 to have a fun seasonal piece.

  8. thank you for showcasing novica- I've never looked at the site before, what beautiful jewelry! I found a necklace that I think will be a forever treasured keepsake, and purchased it! I love that they showcase the artisans that make the items.

  9. Be still my heart! love that bag.

  10. Earlier this spring I purchased a pink cardigan. This was a quick, emergency purchase based on an immediate weather need. I hated having to buy it because I thought I would never wear it again. As an avid follower, I try and buy quality that fits within my neutrals. I have a capsule wardrobe in white, navy, green and turquoise. Turns out, almost everything I own goes with this pink sweater! I have been wearing it almost every day. Prints and scarves I already wear have touches of pink in them - I never really paid attention. It has become a fabulous addition - so far a great roi. Great lesson for me.