Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Dusty Pink Jacket: Integrating an Accent Color

Ahh, sometimes you receive a gift that's lovely, but...

A dusty, soft pink jacket is a wonderful gift - there are few of us who can't wear this color successfully, but what if you've never before owned ANYTHING else in this color?

Happily, a coat's a great thing to integrate into the rest of your wardrobe, because you can wear whatever you want under the jacket, add one well-chosen accessory, and everything will look pulled-together and thought out.

Here's an example of the coat:

Coat – Stutterheim

From here, your options are wide open! A beautiful scarf?

Coat – Stutterheim, op art scarf – Emilio Pucci, circular patterned scarf – Alexander McQueen,
Floral scarf – Charlotte Hudders, roses scarf - kathkath

A beautiful bag is a great idea!

Coat – Stutterheim, gold-trimmed leather tote – Michael Kors, leather and 
plexi bag – Poupee Couture, shoulder bag – Miu Miu, soft sided tote – My Choice

Lots of other possibilities...

Coat – Stutterheim, hatMissoni, glitter sunglasses – Miu Miu
belt – Mauro Grifoni,  sunglasses – Sheriff and Cherry, nail polish – Butter
 (color Loverly), umbrella – River’s Edge

And don't forget jewelry. Earrings, a ring, or a bracelet will still be quite visible with your beautiful jacket.

Coat – Stutterheim, double arrow bracelet – Dreams of Norway
moonstone and black pearl earrings – Michelle Oh, rose gold rose 
quartz ring – H.Azeem London, rose quartz and blue triangle bracelet – 
Maria Lau, rose quartz stud earrings – H.Azeem London, floral brooch – Alok Jain

It's well worth remembering that, while most of us make sure that our outerwear blends flawlessly into our wardrobe, we could choose something a bit more adventurous, and integrate it into our wardrobe with just a couple of intelligent accessories.


Looking Back:



  1. I love that dusty rose shade! It's not that insipid baby pink, nor brash bubblegum -- just an elegant, greyed, grown-up tone. You've found some wonderful pieces here, Janice!

  2. Love the hat and umbrella, all this person needs is a great pair of fun rubber boots and she is set for the rainy days.

    Deb from Vancouver

  3. Such a pretty pink. Love your choices for accessories. The KathKath vintage rose scarf is stunning (and is my third choice from yesterday's post).

  4. Thank you Janice!! I just got a faux leather jacket in that color that I adore! I'm checking out these accessories!

  5. Love that shade of pink and the scarves are simply gorgeous.

  6. Love love love that shade and always have at least a pair of shoes in pink!

  7. Gosh! Love that umbrella! That would cheer me up on a rainy day.
    It's funny, I've never been a pink person but just lately I've found that a certain blush pink really suits my skin, in fact, it changes the colour of my face quite dramatically (for the better I might add).
    Since buying several pieces in that shade, I've changed some colours in my wardrobe to grey, plum and added more dark navy, (I already have a lot of black).
    That roses scarf would pull one of my ensembles together rather nicely. It is gorgeous.

  8. Thought I "had" to have a Sutterheim raincoat till tried one on. They are surprisingly heavy and nonbreathable. They are very well-made in a clean, simple style, but I've found that unless you plan to be well and truly drenched, a breathable one is better for walking. I do love that colour, and especially the umbrella.

  9. Thank you Janice, just the inspiration I needed for my "new to me" gifted dusty pink coat. Ask and ye shall receive.