Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Custom Designed Shoes.... You're Going to Owe me BIG!!!

My computer is behaving badly, and my familial obligations are cutting into my blogging time (which is fine, because I know you all understand!), but I have enough time to share this WONDERFUL site, where you can design your own shoes, and actually have them MADE!!!

My designs, using the Shoes of Prey website

Pick a general style, and start playing with leathers, fabrics, trim, ornaments etc. The prices are not out of this world (more department store than thrift store, but nothing I built was over $150), and the options are nearly limitless.

Many of you make your own clothes (and I know that at least a few of you are truly artists at what you do!), but some of us who don't have the facility, or the facilities, to do that could certainly indulge our creative and individualistic impulses in a pair of shoes. Or two. Or more...

FWIW, I don't get anything from Shoes of Prey except great pleasure!


Looking Back:
2014: 18 = 216, in a really big, perfect wardrobe slot machine...

2013: Chic sighting x2 - at the bakery counter


  1. The things you find.... 😀
    This will be much fun, but it maybe a good thing that I am so darn busy at work still. I. Have the old Vivienne formula down pat. Pick an Eileen Fischer neutral, add a scarf and just a few pieces of jewelry, and off I go Monday thru Saturday.

  2. Oh great! Another fun web site to distract me when I'm supposed to be writing! :D

  3. Oh, no! That is too addictive for my taste. Powder blue suede smoking slippers with red trim? Oh, yes!

  4. I've spent ages on this site, playing and tweaking!

  5. Seriously, cool...are they comfortable, Janice?

    1. I have no idea - they have a money-back guarantee that they'll fit, so I'm wicked tempted...

      Somebody - if you've already ordered from these tempting creatures, please let us know how it worked out!

    2. They are working with Nordstrom nowl, according to the press, and have, or soon will, 5 in-store places across the US where you can try on samples and be advised by staff. Including one in Chicago, Janice.......

  6. I created a pair of soft pewter grey low heel peep toes with a crystal trimmed black flower on the toe. I could be tempted when I go home.

  7. There went an hour of my morning...

  8. I started sewing when I was about 12 and always lamented I could make anything but shoes. Now, this comes along! I am very pleased and apprehensive.

    Deb from Vancouver

  9. As if I need another shoe, but I am so excited!!!! Thanks :)

  10. Vivienne. I've been reading your blog for several months now and FIRST I want to congratulate you on a job VERY WEEL done. I have WAY too much clothes that I can't depart with (most of them are Max Mara, my weakness) and your blog helps me in creating capsules, especially when I travel.
    As for Shoes of Prey...I just received 2 pairs that I designed about 3 weeks ago. These will be pairs #4 & 5. They are very well made, my cobbler was quite impressed and he's a french shoe maker himself. I just find the soles a little thin, so I have it reinforce a little. But the designs are literally endless. I designed a pair of flat oxfords last year with navy, white and bone snakeskin to go with tons of clothes that I could mix and match. I had so many complements, and yes they are comfortable. They are very receptive as those oxfords were hurting the ankle bone a little. My cobbler fixed them and SOP were ready to pay for his fees. Anyway ladies, well worth it but I warn you, a lot of time in front of your computer dreaming of the perfect design...
    Christiane from Montreal

  11. Ahh, I just bought a lovely pair of brand new ankle boots at Goodwill for $5, never worn--that's what brand new means! I own 5 pair of shoes, now. I just cannot justify adding any more shoes to my wardrobe. The 21 day Alaska Cruise/Train Vacation capsule is now all set--black ankle boots & sneakers, black skinny jeans, brown dress pants, moss green cargo pants, black leggings, 6 tops (LS & SL black, LS red, LS leopard print, 2 silk screened tee's), 4 shirt/cover-ups (black, red, lime green, striped), 2 sweaters (black, grey), hooded rain jacket, black tank top & shorts, "formal" floaty tunic (worn over black tank top and skinny jeans), beige jacket, red scarf, grey print scarf, handmade statement jewelry, knit hat, gloves, and umbrella. It all fits into one medium sized black duffel bag. I think I could actually live year-round in this capsule because it is layered, and I already DO! I got my inspiration from The Vivienne Files.

  12. I've often said I wanted to be reincarnated as a shoe designer. Just spent way too much time on this site, but I'm heading to our Pentagon city Nordstroms to try some on.

  13. Janice, how could you do this to me????!!!!

    Hugs to you -- Susan S.

  14. HI, I have spent al lot of time looking at this site and am about to order my first pair of shoes, so excited!! They are an Australian company, I am in Melbourne, which has only had good reviews as far as I can see. I ordered colour samples and they came in a gorgeous little box with a sweet letter. One of the big advantages for me is the range of sizes, from 31 - 49.

  15. Hi thanks for the link I have very long feet and this will be marvellous for me. I know you are not affiliated but will mention you when I order as I definitely will

  16. I just ordered a pair via Nordstrom at Oakbrook. They have tryout shoes to check fit and comfort, so I feel pretty safe ordering them. I'm getting smoking slippers in a gray printed leather with black trim/piping and a pink interior. Fun! I'll let you know how I lIke them after they arrive - 4-6 weeks.

  17. Hello everyone, I did try Shoes of Prey and here is how it worked for me.
    In the Washington DC Metro area there is a Norstrom store with a Shoes of Prey section. It was great to see swatches of all the shoe materials, plus they have (in medium width) all of their shoes to try on. You can design your shoe right there, with help from a SoP sales person, and order it too if you like.
    One of the advantages of visiting them onsite is that the sales people can add additional instructions for fit. Although I didn't need a deeper toe box, I did hear about that. So if someone has bunions they might have far more choice of shoes with this brand.
    I wanted to think about the purchase, so I didn't order right then. I received a discount offer via email from SoP to use for my eventual order.
    My deal is that I have narrow feet with extra narrow heels. I ordered a black pump with a pretty pink lining.
    While you are waiting for your shoes to be made you get regular updates from SoP (and it didn't take long.)
    The shoes arrive in a black box, with black satin ribbon and good padding in the box. Various pads/inserts are included, and even replacement little heel caps (those things that are on the very end of the heel and wear out, I hope that's the right terminology.)
    My shoes had two problems. The first was that the pink lining showed when wearing the shoes: not good for pumps you are likely to wear with sheer black hose sometimes. The second was that they really didn't fit. Too tight in the toes and a little to wide and an arch a little to flat for me.
    I went back to Nordstrom and consulted with the sales people, and ended up sending them back for a different (narrow) size. The SoP sent them back at no cost to me.
    The replacements don't really fit either. I can wear them with padding, but I wouldn't buy another pair of heels from them.
    They do seem to be good quality. They don't have the super strong reinforced arch that you get with a comfort brand like Munro, but I think they are well made for the price. The price is about half that of high end shoes like Stuart Weitzman, so I think for a lot of people you could get nice shoes that are exactly right for you.
    I'll probably use them one more time, for a pair of flats, to see what happens. But I think they just don't fit well enough for my heel, arch, etc. I am a small minority in shoe sizing, so most people should be fine.

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