Monday, April 06, 2015

A Clothing Diary Week 8

Because of the holidays and some family visit, I got to spend a lot of time with B and his peeps this week. It was handy to be able to just grab clothes and feel confident about putting together attractive outfits...

This skirt is fast becoming a workhorse in my wardrobe. It hangs beautifully, and has pockets!!!

Black pleated skirt and v-neck sweater with a black and white patterned blouse, pearl jewelry, and black ballet flats
necklace - Majorica (somewhat similar here), earrings - Majorica, sweater - Everlane, shirt -
Lands' End, skirt - Eileen Fisher, ballet flats - Thierry Rabotin

I had the immense good luck to find red Tod's loafers at a site called The Real Real. (silly name, but a great site) The price was a single-digit FRACTION of retail...

black jacket, red tee shirt, black waxed cotton jeans, with an Hermes scarf and red loafers
boiled wool jacket - L.L.Bean, gold knot earrings - similar here, red tee shirt - L.L.Bean, scarf - Hermes,
black waxed cotton jeans - Eileen Fisher, red driving mocs - Tod's

I will take a better photograph of the scarf when there's sufficient good lighting - it's really excellent, with strong blue and red accents on a charcoal grey and white ground. I'm finding a lot of ways to wear it!

Simple black dress with marcasite earrings, black ballet flats, and a scarf
scarf - Nordstrom, earrings - Judith Jack (similar here),
dress - COS, ballet flats - 
Thierry Rabotin

grey and black striped marinere tee shirt with black waxed jeans
earrings - Majorica, striped top - Everlane, scarf - Metropolitan Museum of Art,
black waxed cotton jeans - 
Eileen Fisher, shoes - Munro

outfit of black tee shirt and slouch pants, with a beige Aran cardigan and patterned scarf
tee shirt- Uniqlo, earrings - Majorica (somewhat similar here), cardigan - Dublin Woolen Mills,
scarf - Nordstrom, slouch pants - Eileen Fisher, shoes - 

I can see the last days this year for my waxed jeans, close at hand. And this may be the last time I wear my wonderful Aran cardigan for a few months... Does anybody else feel just a touch nostalgic when packing away clothes at the end of a season?


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  1. Great work, Janice. Your boards always inspire me to go look at my closet a different way! Have a wonderful week.

    1. I agree! I am often surprised by how many outfit ideas I get from yours, because the colors I can wear are very different, and I think my body type is different, too -- but I end up feeling psyched about clothes I own.

  2. so great to see these! I've been eyeing that EF skirt myself...what are the chances we get to see these clothes on you? it's always nice to see them on a person with great style!

  3. I never tire of your elegant ensembles--for every occasion.

  4. "Does anybody else feel just a touch nostalgic when packing away clothes at the end of a season?" Not this year, 2015, New England's Year of Eternal Snow and Cold. Temps are still around freezing at night, and you only have to turn your head a bit to see a lingering, grungy snow pile. :)

    1. This was going to be my comment too. I'm on the Canadian Prairies, and I can't WAIT to say good bye to winter!! (Unfortunately, snow is forecast for tomorrow).

  5. I am thinking that when I go home and pack my winter clothing, I shall be donating quite a few items. Your weekly boards show just how well-dressed a woman can be using the same good quality pieces.

  6. No nostalgia. No real seasons here in southern AZ. Not enough clothes to pack away. Just one wardrobe that includes a couple of pairs of ponte knit pants and a couple of cardigans and light coats that go over other stuff. They are things that the northern half of the US would wear in summer. As a teenager, I was as obsessed as any kid with magazines and the clothes they showed. I also remember weekends on the Texas Gulf coast, especially in summer, when I'd think, "Who in the world would wear a sweater at the beach?" It's a totally different culture from Chicago or NYC or even Seattle where I lived for 20 years.

  7. I really do hope you are working on a book! These style guides are so inspiring!
    Love that you dress well for your belovest....and that you don't "outshine" his family members. (Good advice)
    Hope all is well in the health department...last minute visits to the doctor and all.

  8. I feel the nostalgia AND the relief after a long winter. I just packed up my winter things on Saturday and chose my spring "collection." Right now my closet is feeling too full with about 50 items hanging in it, but we are having such a late spring weather-wise that it just seems sensible to keep a few warmer items close at hand. Also, I have long-sleeve/short-sleeve versions of the same color tee that I always want in early spring and later-autumn. In a month or so, those can be put away except for one "just-in-case" LS tee.

  9. Hi, I am with Hostess in hoping all is ok in the health area, Love that Eileen Fisher skirt. I bet it has a nice swish when you you walk.

    Deb from Vancouver

  10. Love these, esp what you wore to the art institute. wish EF did more clothes in navy or gray, black is not my color. Her clothes (I have a couple dark gray EF) are so comfy and stylish. Your skirt is case in point.

  11. I am still loving this series best of all your posts!