Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Clothing Diary Week 10

Why yes, it IS April, but we aren't seeing any weather that feels warm! I wore gloves, without exception, every time I was out - most of our highest temperatures were just around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. While I love cold weather more than most people, I have to admit to being ready to move into something just a tad warmer...

My week was filled with preparations for moving (down the hall, but it involved two different landlords for each of the apartments, a renovation about to start in the new apartment, and plans for renovations the second we're out of our current digs), visits to my doctor, and accompanying a friend to her appointments too! If there's ever a market for guided tours of Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, I will be the first person to qualify as a guide.

AND!!! the most fun might have been going to Leslie Hindman Auction House, to preview the recent auction of Luxury Accessories and Vintage Fashion. (click here to see the results) When Slim and I arrived, there was nobody else visiting, so we got to rummage about uninhibitedly. She tried on quite a few beautiful things... Ah, the loveliness, and the dreams, and the curiosity about the lives these objects have touched...

earrings - Rika (similar here), necklace - Wayan Asmana, shirt - St. James,
trousers - Eddie Bauer, shoes - Munro

earrings - Majorica, scarf - Julie Egli, bracelet - Majorica,
 dress - COS, ballet flats - Cole Haan (similar here)

gold knot earrings - similar here, tee shirt - Muji, cardigan - Lands' End,
scarf - Hermes, slouch pants - Eileen Fisher, flats - Thierry Rabotin

scarf - Hermes, earrings - Majorica, cardigan - Lands' End, shirt - Lands' End,
shoes - Stuart Weitzman, trousers - 
Eddie Bauer

earrings -similar here, necklace - Silpada, sweater - J.Jill, scarf - street vendor,
skirted leggings - Eileen Fisher, boots - Munro

Looking Back:



  1. I'm with you on longng for a little warmer temps. But it looks like we'll get our wish this weekend!! Your collections are well thought out. I love how they are light in feel, but will keep you warm during this transition period.

  2. If ever there was a situation where your clothing gives you confidence, it's a medical appointment, especially if it's for something more than a routine check up. Even when all your lovely clothes are folded neatly on the chair and you're shivering in a paper smock, those clothes remind you that you will put on your armor and you will prevail.

  3. Your "old friends" continue to prove their worth.

  4. The auction would have been fantastic. It is always amazing to me to realize the treasures some people own. Living in Vancouver with my lifestyle, I rarely see well dressed women but I know that someone is buying all the beautiful things in the stores.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. I really like seeing your weekly log. And how you put it all together. Thanks .

  6. Your grey neutrals are fantastic. Elegant, chic and they make colours pop.

  7. My favourite posts - thank you as always!

  8. Another post in my very favorite series. Thank you for continuing this. You have helped me with my wardrobe styling!

  9. Love this series! Thank you Janice!