Friday, March 27, 2015

The road to New York was paved with good intentions...

Yes, I took my gym clothes with me to New York. I was not in the gym once...
But, in my defense, I spent four days of our vacation sacked out in our hotel room, sicker than a dog. Our theory is that the very first meal we ate after arriving is the culprit, but if you've done any research into food poisoning, you know that it could have been anything for days before...

I am one of the very few people to go to New York on vacation and lose weight!

However, in the few days that we were able to be out and about, I did some excellent sight-seeing, and some power shopping! (remember POWER? Purchase Only When Everything's Right). I'll tell you more about what I bought, and where, tomorrow.

But I will close today with a beautiful image of an amazing place: Albertine, the bookstore at the French Embassy, across the street from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They carry titles in French and in English, including the most comprehensive selection of French-language books and English translations in the US. Visiting the store is like a quick trip to Paris...

This is the upstairs of the shop:

Many lovely details tomorrow!

Looking Back:

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  1. A virulent stomach virus has been around for weeks! Usually signs are a lot of hugging the porcelain throne. Don't blame the meal, blame the air! Did you get to Cos?
    I need help on a two week vacay to Florence, Venice, and Milan in late May/June. What should I bring in only 1 bag to go overhead?
    Help? Help!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear you were unwell! It's happened to me on a much looked forward to holiday, and there's nothing worse. I hope there were some really lovely treats in the few days you were well to make up for it.

  3. Oh no, poor you! Maybe a consolation is, you really got value out of a good hotel room ;)

    After having hauled gym gear to various cities and never unpacking it, I now cut myself a hall pass for days or even a few weeks, on the proviso that I walk briskly everywhere. Back home, the gym will always be there, Jardin du Luxembourg in twilight will not.

    1. Oh Duchesse, I like the way you think! Although I wasn't really doing anything briskly, this trip... but for the future, I fully intend to take advantage of your philosophy!

  4. So sorry to hear you were ill. At least you got to visit a beautiful bookstore! We're headed to NYC next month for a couple of days. I'm already thinking about my micro-capsule. We will be going down on the train, mid-day, so it's possible we'll do a bit of sightseeing during our *walk* from the station to the hotel. So, our bags will be backpacks. I need to take the fewest possible items while still not feeling grubby by the third day. Any tips? (I must admit, the packing challenge is half the fun of getting there!)

  5. Janice, thank you for your continual inspiration. I'm going to need it as I am transitioning jobs from a casual environment to a dressier business casual environment. I have already narrowed my colors down (black, grey, royal blue, white, emerald green), but jeans and tees will not cut it for this new job. I would love to see some inspirations as we head in to spring/summer. Thanks!

  6. Oh, Janice! So sorry your anniversary trip to New York was spent being ill! Hope you are fully recovered from the nastiness--and already planning another visit to New York (sans gym clothes).

  7. Janice, I am so sorry you got sick and hope you are all better. That is such a bummer to be in NYC and sick. But, on the brighter side, I cannot wait to see what your POWER shopping delivered. Stay well!

  8. So sorry you were sick - there is nothing worse than being sick in a hotel room far from home, even if it is in NYC. Am glad you were able to get out a bit, and nothing hurt your ability to take lovely photos. Can't wait to see the shopping results soon.

  9. Oh dear I am sorry to hear that you were ill.
    I too am keen to see what POWER shopping looks like...hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Your photographer friend loves the photos! And you have two different palettes around the color blue.

  11. So sorry that you were sick on this trip!

  12. I want a wardrobe based on that photo of Central Park...all icy greys and blues with white and black...I'm in!

  13. How terrible to be so sick away from home! I'm glad you still had time for a little fun. Can't wait to see what you found!

  14. It is too bad that you were ill on your trip. I hope that you are feeling better. The photo of Central Park is beautiful.