Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Version THREE of Peripheral Vision 2 by Elis Cooke

More and more ideas for this particular painting continue to be suggested - today, I'm addressing the possibility of using this lovely work as the basis of a summer travel wardrobe.

For the travel outfit, I kept the basic idea of a cardigan "suit" and a contrasting tee shirt, but I lightened up the cardigan considerably, as well as finding a lighter short-sleeved tee.

pink top – Uniqlo, necklace – YooLa, earrings – Andea, grey trousers – Planet, watch – Relic
cardigan – Michael Michael Kors, woven flats – Paolo, canvas tote – Urban Travel

For the rest of the six pack, I stuck with the general theory of a "core of four" in grey, but I chose a seersucker skirt, rather than solid grey. Why aren't there more things available in seersucker???

All of the jewelry in this little vignette has an starry aspect - the necklace (this one is Libra) is available for each astrological sign. The pattern is the actual constellation of stars for this sign - pretty clever!

grey tee – Rag and Bone, blue floral top – L.L.Bean, grey skirt – Closed, earrings – ChloBo
bracelet – Article22, striped cotton dress – Sessun, astrology necklace – Yasmin Everley
cardigan – Uniqlo, scarf – Franco Ferrari, floral tee – AmericanVintage, sandals – Via Spiga

This is everything you'll have with you on your trip - not a lot, but a lot of possibilities.

             Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


  1. i can't wait to take a trip and challenge myself and use your inspiration to pack my case!

  2. I agree about cotton seersucker. Even sewists have trouble finding the fabric. It is a great summer fabric, resists wrinkles and is very cool to wear. Men used to have seersucker suits.

    Deb from Vancouver

    1. I'm on a constant seersucker quest. When I was a child, virtually all my summer clothes and nightgowns were made of seersucker--but, for some reason, though summers in the South still cry out for it, it's practically disappeared. My husband finds seersucker suits at Joseph Banks sometimes--but I haven't seen a seersucker dress in this millennium.

  3. Very soft and pretty combos here, Janice. Thank you!