Friday, March 06, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Rose by Ansel Adams

Not everybody wants a monochromatic wardrobe, but for those among us who find this idea comfortable, and even exciting, the opportunity to experiment with texture is irresistible...

Rose by Ansel Adams

 This woman has been in business long enough to be in charge. Long enough to love her grey hair. Long enough to know the power of simplicity...

Grey jacket – MM6 by Maison Margiela, hoop earrings – Nest, boots – Laurence Dacade,  
watch – Skagen, jeans – Burberry Brit, turtleneck – Dolce and Gabbana, silk scarf – Hermès 
Suite et Poursuite, tote bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

If you have a moment, note that many of the accessories have a circle theme; that's the kind of thing I love to do!

Our executive packs fearlessly for a long trip. She has people who handle her bags...

Tweed tunic dress – Quiz, dot scarf – Hinge, marcasite earrings – Narinee, grey ribbed scarf – 
Cedric Charlier, pearl grey silk tunic – Steffen Schraut, night sky blouse – Tilde Bay Kristofferson
 x Muuse, silk pleated tee shirt – EmporioArmani, pleated skirt – Akris, layered pencil skirt – 
Donna Karan New York, flannel trousers – Chanel, cardigan – A la Fois, suede sleeveless dress –
Balenciaga, crewneck sweater – The Row, floral skirt – Topshop, scoop-neck metallic sweater – 
Velvet, grey suede pumps – Jimmy Choo, metallic loafers – Walking Cradles, woven low-heeled 
pumps – Jeffrey Campbell, silver circles necklace – Kocchiu Brothers, circles bracelet – Zayd Makarim
long silver circle necklace – Saks Fifth Avenue, silver circle studs – Maya Magal, clutch bag – 

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  1. I love this. I did not think that an all grey wardrobe could be interesting, but it is. Very elegant.

  2. I agree with the comment above. I dipped my toe carefully into the world of grey after my hair went that way more and more. To my surprise different shades of grey blend very harmoniously, much more than navy or brown.

  3. Beautifully subtle and graceful.

  4. Oh my.

    First off, I adore Ansel Adams. Such absolute beauty is so much simplicity.

    But this wardrobe is extraordinary. Something to keep bookmarked as my own hair trends towards more & more silver.

    Might I suggest using this entire wardrobe as a "core" and working in some of those lovely heathery pastels? Maybe plum and blue?

    1. Absolutely! When I was working on this, I kept thinking about how the "pigeon" colors of iridescent plum and teal would be lovely here. This is the base wardrobe extraordinare!

    2. Yes! I have a bracelet I got last fall from J.Jill, a sort of dark grey with tones of purples and blues, and a silk pashmina my parents brought back from a trip to Turkey with peacock colors of teal, purple, magenta, and grey w/ touches of cognac. These have become my personal "start with art". All colors in these ranges work wonderfully together with grey and navy as neutrals. Last week I got a gorgeous burgundy classic wide-wale corduroy blazer from a Pendleton outlet that just sings with everything. I paid all of $15 for it, and I just about giggle every time I put it on -- it dresses up, it dresses down and that rich, saturated color and wonderful pet-able texture -- well, pardon my babbling, but it was a wardrobe thrill. Keeping the colors coherent and communicating makes such a difference -- that's what I was trying to say before my blazer distracted me. Off to get dressed and start the day!

  5. Beautiful, elegant and classy !

  6. I loved seeing this wardrobe!

  7. It's stunning how diverse and beautiful an all gray wardrobe can be!!

  8. Stunning. Saw a fashion show a few years ago with a monochromatic gray outfit. It was stunning, as was the model who had gray silver hair. I love the suede dress, but why do they have to make them soooooo short! This would be a tunic on me. Sigh

  9. Love the way the variety of textures create such rich diversity--even in a monochromatic wardrobe. Absolutely beautiful and elegant choices, Janice.

  10. I really appreciate the babbling of Lori above. I know I am having fun when I start babbling. This is a fabulous wardrobe. My family go grey very late and I am waiting with some anticipation now.

    Deb from Vancouver

  11. This is perfection, Janice...give lots of ideas to go with my base of black; I'm adding beautiful pieces in gray as I see them. Such lovely items, and the silver jewelry is gorgeous! Thank you!

  12. Hi Janice , I found your 2011 blog "Hermès Ferronnerie in burgundy" recently and really loved the dynamic use of colour in it- Would you be able to build on it to create a wardrobe for a post grad student, and enthusiastic op-shopper- who is going to Germany for a 6 month student exchange- Think of a reserved young woman, with a strong sense of who she is, loves colour and looks fabulous in jewel tones, who doesn't like matchy-matchy but does need a more compact wardrobe for this trip.

  13. Janice, this is fabulous! I've begun incorporating more greys into my wardrobe and love how you've used textures and some metallics here.

  14. Now you are talking my language! Perfection.

  15. Oh I adore greys so these options speak loudly to me!
    Silver accessories and salt and pepper grey hair are perfect pairings...wonderful!

  16. Your photographer friend LOVES this post!