Monday, March 16, 2015

A Clothing Diary Week 6

Even though I worked every day on The Vivienne Files, I also spent quite a bit of time last week doing things with my relatives and my neighbors. I find my wardrobe to be so helpful to me when I've got so many other demands on my time; it's easy to just reach into my closet and find something appropriate and comfortable without a lot of angst!

beaded sweater - J. Jill, pearl earrings - Majorica, pearl necklace - Majorica, pleated skirt -
Eileen Fisher, boots - Munro

velvet shirt - J. Jill, earrings - similar here, jeans - Eileen Fisher, shoes - Munro

earrings - Majorica, scarf - Hermes, shirt - Lands' End, cardigan - Lands' End, jeans - Eileen Fisher,
boots - Munro

striped shirt - St. James, earrings - Majorica, ballet flats - Chanel, slouch pants - Eileen Fisher

earrings - Rika, brooch - Tiffany, sweater - Eileen Fisher, jeans - Eileen Fisher, shoes - Munro

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  1. Thank you for another installment of your weekly wardrobe. I have been following this series closely and it is making a difference for me! I find myself looking for alternative ways to wear my basic wardrobe. Please keep going with this series!!

  2. Velvet for cleaning?! O.o
    If I did that, I would look like I had rolled around on the floor and used myself as a mop, in less than 5 minutes. Yes, my house is very dusty (remodelling + cats).

  3. I, love this series and appreciate the links. I, too, was struck by your doing your good deeds in a black velvet shirt! Well, that's why you and not I are the queen of clothes. :)

  4. I'm traveling to London for first time from June 6-17. I don't know how to pack for its summer and should I bring a trench? What would your travel wardrobe be for such a trip? And are you still available for a Saturday brunch or tea if we are ever in Chicago?

    1. I'd check the weather every day before you leave - the only think I know about the weather in London is that it's like Dublin (where I used to live) in that it can vary widely, and wildly. A trench is probably always worth having along, though.

      And yes, I'm always free for brunch or tea. That's a wide-open offer to ANYBODY coming to Chicago, just get in touch with me at

      warmest regards,

  5. Janice, these posts about what you actually wear are possibly my favorite! Keep them up!

  6. Dressing for the have some wonderful garments and bravo for helping your neighbours!

  7. What a kind friend you are to help your neighbors. Love these posts, very helpful.

  8. The romantic in me adores the references to you 'belovest'. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Jeanne, VancouverMarch 16, 2015 at 4:27 PM

    Love these posts. When I'm next in Chicago I might just take you up on tea!

  10. Would you consider doing a capsule based on Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent? I am a "warm spring" and have always adored this painting (along with most of Sargent's work)
    I also adore your work. Thanks for all you do. Carolyn