Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Hermes Maroon Shawl

Someone sent me a photograph of this delectable item - a shawl, no longer available, from Hermes - and asked if it would be possible to build a little something beautiful around it. Ooooh, yes, this is DEFINITELY possible...

Shawl -  Hermes - no longer available

First up, a color scheme, as always. Using camel as the neutral, there's a whole range of maroon, dark red, bright red, and hints of yellow here - lots of possibilities!

My imagination called this transition season dressing - either spring or fall. Maybe for business, or for pleasure. One dress, for a splashy night out, and otherwise dressy but not fussy separates for business or elegant sightseeing.

(Note that the accessories are either angular, or have a woven element in them, to harmonize with the geometric woven design of the shawl. This is how I amuse myself!)

blouse – Emma Brendon, earrings – Maiyet, cape coat – Ted Baker, watch – Shinola,
 loafers – G.H. Bass and Co., trousers – Acne Studios, tote – Vince Camuto

Red dress – Diane von Furstenberg, gold clutch – Suedemaroon sweater – Enzo Costamaroon
 cardigan – Zanierigold woven hoop earrings – Ayako Kanari, maroon trousers – Lanvin, gold woven 
bracelet – Yoola, gold knot necklace - Giuliana Valz-Gen, metallic tee – J. Crew,  gold sandals – 
Stuart Weitzman, gold loafers – Tod’s striped shirt – Weekend Max Mara

Of a Kind


  1. My pinterest board is filled just about every day with your beautiful combinations Janice, thank you. I have been cautious of maroon and red together but I can now see how you can use those colours with confidence!

  2. Wow, this is beautiful indeed. I don't think I ever paid attention as to whether my accessories mirrored the design of a scarf, but I will now! :))

  3. I have a beautiful scarf from Italy that was given to me by the mother of one of my exchange students. You've inspired me to pull it out and see about building a mini wardrobe around it.

  4. I really love wine and camel together. This is lovely.

  5. If I possessed that stunning shawl, I'd build my whole life around it!

  6. This is FANTASTIC!!! I'm in love with the shawl, and you've managed to capture my aesthetic preferences perfectly with this wardrobe. The camel shows more taupe on my computer, but the overall idea is lovelyyyyyy. I'm going to look for outwear like the asymetric zip jacket above (end of season sales?!), and I already own a pair of fantastic red-brown loafers, camel and burgundy pants, and a little *red* dress. I'm so glad that burgundy/merlot and now marsala are in stores... Thank you! :D

  7. I hope someday to walk by this glorious person wearing the shawl with one of these outfits with joy and nonchalance.

    Deb from Vancouver

  8. My niece owns that Shinola watch - it is a fabulous combination of beauty and function. Great job, Janice, as always. Thank you so much for all you do for us. Now I just need some of your forbearance as far as not shopping for every color vignette you feature!

  9. Ooh, lovely! This has been my colour scheme this winter! Except instead a red dresss, a red jacket!

  10. Many thanks, friend. My imagination and confidence in my choices grows every day.

  11. Oooooh, I just love all of these combinations. How I wish I had your eye for this.