Monday, February 02, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

A Four-Pack for a quick business trip. These few garments give you a couple of options for work days, as well as including a dressy dress for the inevitable cocktail party that seems to be included in these outings...
Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers by Vince Van Gogh 

Square silk scarf - Hermes, watch - Peugeot, earrings - Gas Bijoux, coat - Jarbo, Chelsea
boots - Bertie, sweater - Isabel Marant, trousers - Chanel Vintage, tote - Vanessa Bruno

Yellow v-neck – Uniqlo, brown dangle earrings – Malababa, green scarf – Arte, smoky quartz 
braceletAlexis Bittar, orange pumps – Kenneth Cole New York, plaid skirt – Celine Vintage
copper wristlet – Loeffer Randall, blouse – Celine Vintage, smoky quartz earrings – Kasturjewels
dress – SoHo De Luxe,  flat gladiator sandals – Stuart Weitzman

    Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


  1. Now this is a woman with a well put together wardrobe. I would happily wear it all, whilst trying to come up with a good excuse to avoid the dreaded cocktail party. Happy Monday!

  2. Love the color combos!--LindaP.

  3. I want to be that Woman in Transit.

  4. The dress and sandals are perfect but I would prefer a beachside dinner with one interesting person than a business cocktail party!

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. Those colors would look horrid on me but I love the concept!

  6. Oh all these accessories and that awesome coat!

  7. Gorgeous! I was going to ask for you to plan out Gustav Klimt's The Kiss, but the colors are so similar, I no longer would need it! Thank you--perfect for those of us with warm coloring! Kirsten