Monday, February 16, 2015

Maximize Your ROI: St. John Collection scarf

Sometimes retailers can be so maddening! This is NOT an inexpensive scarf, but there's really no way to get a truly excellent photograph of it. For this much money, I would think that they could scare up two more photographs to show the entire scarf, as well as a 2nd close-up of the print. But nobody asked me...

That said, this is a beautiful scarf, and one of you has chosen to indulge in it, and wondered how I would put it together with clothes and other accessories...

Red - so easy, and so striking! In addition to working with the colors of the scarf, I enjoyed finding "flower-ish" accessories to tie it all together. Nobody may notice but you...

Dress – Red, silver flowers bracelet – Bhavesh, black pumps – Trotters, black tee – Line
silver flower stud earrings – Kenari, red cigarette pants – Etro, clutch bag – Rachana Reddy
black wedge – French Soles, scarf – St. John Collection

Pearl earrings – Aesa, pink silk blouse – Uniqlo, skirt – Viyella, black pumps – Stuart Weitzman
pink cardigan – Lucien Pellat-Finet, white earrings – Hring Eftir Hring, black dress – Uniqlo
sandals – Jimmy Choo, scarf – St. John Collection

Peridot flower earrings – Kenari, green sweater – Tomas Maier, capris – Joseph, bow flats – Vaneli
dress – Joseph, pearl and gold leaf bracelet – Elyona, slingbacks – David Tate, scarf – St. John Collection

Something became clearer to me as I worked on these outfits: if you have accent-color items that aren't getting enough mileage, an accessory that ties the accent color into your core neutrals might be a good purchase. In some of these cases, a stray cardigan or sweater that wasn't getting enough attention in your black wardrobe might take on a whole new life with the purchase of a scarf. Worth considering, before you abandon a garment you like...


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  1. Love the scarf and the coral combinations!

  2. Janice, great post, as always ! I've been trying to find a former post where I thought you said that the more accent colors there are in a wardrobe, the fewer total outfits you can make. Did I dream this ? If not, would you please refresh my memory as to which post it was in ? Thank you !

  3. Dark flower prints are really "in" right now aren't they? I like the combination of dark with floral. With the accessories, even if others don't notice and comment, I still think that a) we should dress first for our own pleasure and b) people do notice subliminally.

    Deb from Vancouver

  4. I have a floral scarf in similar colors that I haven't worn in years. This has inspired me to set a goal for this week of wearing it again.

  5. I love your scarf posts. I'm thinking about buying a second-hand Hermes scarf:

    Could you work with these colors? Thank you for your work!

  6. I love your scarf posts. I'm thinking about buying a second-hand Hermes scarf:

    Could you work with these colors? Thank you for your work!

  7. Thank you for the great ideas! I love how you show this scarf working with a lot of different outfits. It does show that one colorful scarf could tie together a few stray items with a mostly black wardrobe. It could also perk up a black ensemble. I share your frustration about online retailers putting limited photos of products. (My pet peeves are when they post artistic photos of clothes blowing in the wind, or put together an ensemble where you can't see the individual pieces.)

  8. Such a beautiful and versatile scarf! I think you're getting the hang of this, Janice. ;-)

  9. Without question that is a gorgeous scarf - and you've brought out its versatility! These colours are so me. I'm going to be rummaging around my local op (charity) shop to find something similar in the black and brights.