Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Wildlife near the Gosse Range - Albert Namatjira

There's really no question that I'm going to be looking at warm weather clothing!

Although the overall look of this painting is very light and bright, I always feel more comfortable anchoring a wardrobe with a few pieces of dark neutral, so I took advantage of the birds to work a dark brown into the scheme. The rosy beige of the sky is my 2nd neutral, and after that, the sky's the limit - pastels taken from the grass, the trees, and the distant mountains are all possibilities.  What lovely colors...

Brown shirt jacket – Persona, jeans – Mango, tee shirt – Majestic, mid-calf skirt – Eastex

Shorts – Closed, short-sleeved top – Diane von Furstenberg, cropped wide trousers – Douuod
linen cardigan – Majestic

Dress – Dosa, apricot tee – Majestic, lavender tee – Nougat, aqua tee – Majestic

 I would start collecting pastel, bone, earthy accessories...

Multi-colored bracelet – Eddie Borgo, bone teardrop earrings – Devon Leigh,  pearl necklace
 – Majorica, crystal earrings – YooLa, lace earrings – Tita Bijoux, scarf – Mosaique
sleeping Mother Earth earrings – Buana, purple bracelet – Chuleekorn,  espadrilles
 – Vince Camutosandals – Maison Martin Margiela


  1. Lovely! From the painting, I expected a more muted palette but your interpretation works very well.

  2. It is charming. I am true Spring type and this garderobe is excellent for me. I love pastels. I'm waiting for more inspired paintings and new posts in garderobe in Project 333 in Spring color palette.

  3. A less common combo of shades that create a very refreshing look. Well done!

  4. Janice - I love, love, love your blog and it has simplified my life without sacrificing style. Can you please update starting from scratch with some new spring/summer items for hot humid climates? You are the BEST!

  5. Once again, not only is your capsule perfect, but your timing is also. From all of us in New England, from beneath 3 feet of snow and temps in the teens, we thank you for reminding us that feet will eventually emerge from boots and arms will once again feel a warm breeze. And that green dress is divine.

  6. Hi, I really like the addition of the dark neutral to add drama to the very lovely pastels, plus those Espadrilles are great.

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. Oh thank you, thank you for including Albert Namatjira. I would say that he was one of Australia's finest landscape artists. He was such a remarkable man. For anyone interested, here is his biography from the National Archives of Australia -

    I was looking at my wardrobe last night thinking about my autumn 333 and being unsure what to do. Queensland is still warm and mild in autumn and you've just given me the perfect suite.

    Thank you Janice!

  8. Hi Janice
    As an Australian, it was quite a surprise to see this painting as your inspiration. I am not sure if he is one of Australia's finest landscape artists but his work is immediately recognizable. What is funny is that the capsule wardrobe you have put together also looks very Australian to me! Thank you for sharing your ideas.