Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Olive Capsule Wardrobe with Accessories in Brown, Lacy Gold and Turquoise with Coral

Today, I've found some olive items - not the easiest of projects! But as elusive as olive is, it's well worth the effort because nothing looks quite as subtle, warm yet relaxed as olive. I put together six outfits - three for warmer weather, and three for cooler temperatures. From there, a few accessories are all that's needed...

Sleeveless dress – Uniqlo, short-sleeved sweater – Marc by Marc Jacobs, olive cardigan – AnineBing
pants – Uniqlo, tee – Alexa Chung, skirt – Golden Goose Deluxe,  ballet flats – London Sole, ankle 
boots – Acne Studios

smoky quartz earrings – toosis, rough cut smoky quart ring – Kasturjewels, multi-stone necklace – Alexis Bittar, fringed scarf – Yuh Okano, two 
strand necklace – Open Sky, mixed print scarf – Mila Schon, square faceted earrings – Stephen Dweck, medallion print scarf – Nordstrom, braided 
leather bracelet – Givenchy, oval earrings – Alexis Bittar

Gold hoop earrings – Eina Ahluwalia, pearl stud earrings – Majorica, ivory lace scarf – Angelina Folies
three petal necklace – Mija, pearl drop earrings – Mizuki, square flower earrings – Nordstrom
black and white “hair ribbon” scarf – Brooks Brothers, gold brooch – Brooks Brothers
seven pearl necklace – Yochi, black and white lace scarf – Brooks Brothers

Coral flowers necklace – Lamprini, coral bobby pins – L. Erickson, square drop earrings – Eina Ahluwalia,
 star turquoise brooch – Kenneth Jay Lane, coral and turquoise earrings – toosis
double row necklace – Panacea, coral colored scroll earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane
silk sweet pea scarf – Yuh Okano, square silk scarf – Hermes, linen wrap – Halogen



  1. Excellent! Olive is my favourite neutral, although I probably have more grey and brown as they are easier to find. Luckily it blends well with other neutrals, as well as various bright shades, as you have shown. I'm going to seek out some quality olive basics to expand my options!

  2. Olive is also my favorite just pops my hazel eyes into green. Now I want a shirt dress in olive!

  3. Another vote for *YAY OLIVE!!*. I like it with red or burnt orange, myself.

  4. Wow! No idea how you do this, day after day, but these olive garments are incredible. Thanks so much for these, and for all, daily inspirations.

  5. Love olive! IMHO, it's the most exotic of the neutrals. Along with white linen. Hmmm, perhaps too many adventure movies?

  6. Although not a favourite colour of mine, that olive skirt is truly beautiful.

  7. These are lovely collections for someone with colouring that glows against the olive. The simple shirtdress is wonderful. You are an amazing curator.

  8. Wahoo for Olive. I get compliments every time I wear it, and now I will have new ideas to mix it up a bit. Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. Thank you for all the great ideas of accessories to use with the olive in my closet . This collection makes my heart sing!

  10. Thank you Janice, for including this wonderful neutral with all the lovely variations. I too, love it with oranges and reds (warm) and gold jewelry. After giving up black, gray, and navy, this color, along with brown, finally makes me feel "at home" with my clothes. (It's about time, as I am in my 70s and have only been wearing it for a few years.) Kirsten

  11. Two homeruns for me today, love the olive!

  12. I am just so excited to see how you take a few basic garments in a given color hue, and then change the looks with varied accessory clusters Brilliant ! Super for travel minimizing ! Thank you !!

  13. I love that skirt too! You've done a wonderful job here of finding lovely clothes in this pretty, soft colour. If only it were easier to find in the shops. It can really make a green-eyed girl's eyes glow. And you also show how it can make other colours like the orange and turquoise sing!

  14. Thank you so much for this set.
    Your posts almost always feature dark/ cool colors and I was on the verge of asking you if warm colors were only suited for rural country life.
    As a woman with auburn-ish hair and warm skin, I'd like to say thanks again.

  15. All us autumn redheads out here appreciate this post! One of my favorites. I love olive green and could only find one piece in stores this year. Now I have more options. Thanks!

  16. Replies
    1. It's called Ors Bleus d'Afrique. It's not longer current at Hermes, but their scarves are always abundant on ebay and other secondary markets.