Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Black Wardrobe, with Turquoise, Coral, and Gold

A few of you have expressed that you couldn't wear unrelieved black, and that you're quite grateful that this isn't your dress code! You can easily see that it's a challenge to look like "yourself" in a way that's distinct from all of your coworkers if you're all wearing black. That's why I was happy to hear that many people in this uniform are at least allowed to wear whatever accessories strike their fancy.

Today, inspired by my neighbor who wears a turquoise and coral necklace EVERY DAY, I chose accessories that all have turquoise, coral (fake coral, of course) and gold, and which include texture or detail. When you see these items together, you can see the DNA that links them, I hope. And on the imaginary woman who wears them, you would begin, after a few days, to recognize her personal stamp of creativity on her otherwise very simple uniform.

Never discount the effect of a small ornament in your hair. Nothing excessive, and preferably something functional. I recently had photographs taken, and was surprised to see how nice my pearl headband looked peeking out through my curls. It was a surprisingly pretty little touch...

Coral flowers necklace – Lamprini, coral bobby pins – L. Erickson, square drop earrings – Eina Ahluwalia,
 star turquoise brooch – Kenneth Jay Lane, coral and turquoise earrings – toosis
double row necklace – Panacea, coral colored scroll earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane
silk sweet pea scarf – Yuh Okano, square silk scarf – Hermes, linen wrap – Halogen

Henley – Uniqlov-neck sweater – Uniqlocashmere cardigan – Uniqlosilk blouse – Frame Denim
long-sleeved tee – 
Tommy Hilfiger, short-sleeved tee – Acne Studios, silk top – Diane von Furstenberg,
lace-sleeved top – Kaliko, lace sleeveless top – Diane von Furstenberg, pencil skirt –
Diane von Furstenberg turtleneck – Hallhuberjeans – Uniqlosleeveless dress – Red Valentino,
knit shirtdress – Y-3
,ankle pants – Uniqlo pleated skirt – Fausto Puglisiballet flats - SoftWalk,
ankle boots - Munro,pumps – Taryn Rose, loafers - Munro


  1. I love how my very favorite accent colors warm up the black outfit. I will give this a try tomorrow. It is raining here day in and out right now, and I like to wear black to keep from looking splattered. Very pretty.

  2. Every year, I love coral more and more! Great choices. And to put it with turquoise and black...excellent.

  3. Could you please show a cool-toned color palette and using silver instead of gold? Thank you!

  4. Black doesn't flatter me, but I think one could substitute all white for the black pieces (or all pearl grey, or all soft camel) and look stunning.

  5. ooh I am loving these shades...they feel so summer to me and perfect accessories for black.
    I love ethnic jewelry and coral and turquoise are two of my favourites.

  6. Now we are cooking!! I could happily wear all black in a work situation if I could wear these accessories!!!!

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. It is interesting to see how one could take a basic wardrobe, one that everyone in the office is wearing, and make it unique and personal with the addition of the right accessories. Mary P

  8. I love how you transformed this very plain wardrobe in something very special only by the use of the appropriate accessories.


  9. Turquoise and coral are my favorite accent colors. I always worry that they're too "summery" with all black. But you've created a lovely display for my food for thought. I'm general, I'll use deep teal and burgundy with black...turquoise and coral with tan, light grey and white. So....a good execercize for me. Thank you!

  10. Wow, this is a stellar example of the transformative power of accent colors! This capsule in navy or charcoal would be even more stunning. I've been salivating over the "Gabrielle" necklace on Soft Surroundings, and it would make a perfect addition to this coral and turquoise accessory wardrobe.

  11. I love seeing the way the accessories light up the darkness. In my mind I substitute a dark navy or dark brown for the black and the accessories would be equally well suited, although it is much harder to find the actual clothing items in those colours. I know navy needs to be dead on, but do you feel the same about browns? Can slightly different browns not work well together if necessary? Someone else mentioned grey and camel. Wow! Turquoise and Coral are really versatile accents, aren't they. Yes, they would look great with white, cream, stone and olive. Giving them a great reason for being picked as accents. Even in clothing, and even in soft versions, they seem to work with everything, anytime. Thanks for the ideas. Definitely worth pondering.

    1. And I just thought of how well they work with denim and light chambray, as well. Some colours just have more versatile strength than others. For example, I love a colour like lilac/lavender but do not really like the colour that it works best with: grey. I can do it with navy or white and if I loved black, that could work too, but I can see what your neighbour sees: Everything works with turquoise and coral. Go figure!

    2. On my little color wheel - turquoise and coral a kind of complementary. They certainly look great together. Carol S

  12. Oh I am LOVING the turquoise and coarl pieces. Absolutely yummy!