Monday, January 05, 2015

A Black Wardrobe, with Silver, Aluminum and Grit

This is certainly not a style for just everyone, but I know a couple of women who wear this very urban, industrial style, and who carry it off with great panache! (Imagine a woman with silver grey hair, cut in a very short, angular style. Chiseled cheekbones, a slash of red lipstick...) One of the things that we have to remember about a unique personal style is that it is, by definition, not for everybody. Realistically, it shouldn't be for ANYBODY other than you. It's hard to chart your own path, style-wise, but feeling quintessentially like yourself can be an amazing sensation...

Triangular necklace – Mei-Li Rose, silver bar earrings – Elyona, herringbone scarf – Marlene Huissoud
fabric necklace – Saako Design,  silver ring – Maya Magal, triangle screen earrings – Agnes de Verneuil
square stud earrings – Mustard and Peaches, La Tour Eiffel silk scarf – Esther Bonte,  
silver organza scarf – Yuh Okano, triangle hoop earrings – Mei-Li Rose

I was fascinated, but not really surprised, when I was able to find all of the accessories I needed for this post from just one website: Boticca. Some of their designers have a clearly defined aesthetic, and thus they create the products that reflect that choice. When I was looking for these accessories, and found that my objective was something that resonated with their vision, my search was over. Boticca carries some beautiful items...

Henley – Uniqlov-neck sweater – Uniqlocashmere cardigan – Uniqlosilk blouse – Frame Denim
long-sleeved tee – 
Tommy Hilfiger, short-sleeved tee – Acne Studios, silk top – Diane von Furstenberg,
lace-sleeved top – Kaliko, lace sleeveless top – Diane von Furstenberg, pencil skirt –
Diane von Furstenberg turtleneck – Hallhuberjeans – Uniqlosleeveless dress – Red Valentino,
knit shirtdress – Y-3
,ankle pants – Uniqlo pleated skirt – Fausto Puglisiballet flats - SoftWalk,
ankle boots - Munro,pumps – Taryn Rose, loafers - Munro


  1. I just love your descriptions. You bring the right picture to the woman to mind immediately. And you are right, of course, I am more at home with the turquoise and coral accessories, but Christine Lagarde would look stunning in this selection. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I like these accessories in spite of have round cheeks and long hair turning white!

  3. Adore silver and black...of course, where I am from that also means you are a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, but I love it any way. Have a great week, Janice!

  4. So fascinating to contrast this look with the feminine and lacey accessories post. What an eye you have!

  5. Yes yes yes to personal style!

    I recently cleaned out my jewelry box - just pulled out all the things (mostly costume stuff) that I never ever wear, but was keeping because "my husband gave this to me" -- even though he's also given me stuff I adore and wear all the time! I let him know I was putting those things in the "give away" pile and he said fine - he couldn't even remember giving them to me! So where did they come from? Who knows, but my jewelry box looks so much more beautiful now - and more like "me"!

    Meanwhile, I've been slowly S L O W L Y shifting my wardrobe to a more "Vivienne" approach, and I'm starting to see results. It's starting to become very easy to toss outfits together that fit, look lovely, and feel like "me." Thank you for all your inspiration, and Happy New Year!

  6. Hi,

    Your excellent description of this person reminded me right away of a new blogger, the Accidental Icon. She has a very unique look.

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. Also would look great on a redhead ;)

  8. I love this description of that woman and have known a few who do this look well....
    Might borrow a few of these ideas myself and see how I feel.

  9. Gorgeous. Classic. Simple. Elegant. Timeless. Love it.

  10. Some time ago you did a post about choosing a few words that would describe one's style, then applying those words to potential purchases to see if the item fit the descriptors. This was a new idea to me, and one I am still working on. This post highlights the value of that exercise. Before I can wear my 'look", I have to figure out what it is. Thank you for helping in that search! Mary

  11. Great description of the woman. I can picture her clearly. I wore this style in my 30's when I worked in the fashion industry for an avant garde boutique and wore my hair brutally short, spiked up and dyed platinum. If you only see me now:) I still love these looks, but my style has changed.

  12. I think a lot of women have figured out that black and silver (and red also) look great on silver-haired. I see many, many women like this--some at artsy places (like the Art Institute) and others just popping around.

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  14. Thank you for today's blog. I was waiting to see what you would do with this black capsule and silver!!
    As a 60+ who is a winter with dark highlighted with silver hair, I wear a lot of black with pure colours and only ever silver jewellery and chunky at that!! I love the organza scarf.
    I find the whole series fascinating and it has been really helpful as my lifestyle has changed and we live on a narrowboat with one drawer for clothing and a small cupboard for undies, so I have really had to downsize my wardrobe and it is much more casual practical based. Thank you xx

  15. This post describes my mother in law perfectly! She could carry off these looks easily.