Friday, December 05, 2014

Assorted Accessories for All Seasons

These posts about seasonal colors are so much fun, and I learn something every time I work on one! Today, I started with an Hermes scarf, and then built an assortment of things around the scarf. Some of the accessories are for winter wear, and other are for the entire year.

I only wear 1 watch, but I'm not sure why - there are a lot of beautiful, moderately priced watches available that might add a touch of color or metallic luster to an outfit. While I know that in this day and age many people don't wear a watch at all, maybe a 2nd watch is an option to consider...

Today's jewelry is from Boticca - another favorite site of mine. Boticca connects you to a lot of smaller designers with very distinctive visions and amazingly beautiful products - yet another place from which you'll find things that don't show up in your closest department store! I like to support smaller designers who don't have the big advertising budgets, and who specialize in one area of work; I've always wondered about people who thought that they were qualified to design everything from hair ornaments to shoes; are they really that gifted?

  • Winter Color Palette Accessories
This hat would destroy my hair, but it might be worth it...

Cloche – Dsquared2, link bracelet – Maya Magal, watch – Breil, silver earrings – Clarice Price Thomas
riding boots – Via Spiga, square silk scarf - Hermes Promenade au Faubourg, cashmere gloves – Portolano

  • Spring Color Palette Accessories
Okay, you could never wear these earrings in the dead of winter when it was windy, but they were just too unique and pretty for me to pass up; sometimes I just give in to temptation!

Fedora – Linea, crocheted wire bracelet – YooLa, watch – Bulova, bow and cameo earrings – 
Bisou Bijoux Ariela, riding boots – Bussola,  square scarf - Hermes La Danse du Cheval Marwari
suede gloves – Dents

  • Summer Color Palette Accessories
I just plain adore this scarf, and the hat reminds me of my photographer friend...

Hat – Yesey, silver marquise bracelet – Chen Fuchs Jewelry, watch – Pulsar, earrings – 
Katie Lees Jewellery, grey riding boots – LifeStride, square silk scarf - Hermes Le Voyage de Pytheas,
 gloves – Portolano

  • Autumn Color Palette Accessories
Everything here really started with the scarf - it includes so many "autumn-perfect" colors! And the little druzy earrings (only $42!!!) make me wish that I didn't look like death warmed-over in golden greens...

Angora hat – Le Mont St. Michel, macramé resin and glass bracelet – Ifat Nesher, watch – Skagen
druzy cube earrings – Noemiah, riding boots – Burberry, square silk scarf - Hermes Sport
mittens – Bickley and Mitchell

Dorothy Perkins(US)


  1. I live in Upstate New York where it is cold and windy, a hat is a must! I bought a cloche in NYC a few years wrecks my hair, but I am oh so warm!,

  2. I love this idea! Now, it would be great fun to add a little packing wardrobe capsule around these accessories. Lovely presentation today. Please do consider the addition of packing capsule.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Enough to give a new season lilt to every neutral wardrobe.

  4. This series is great. I particularly love the Burberry boots in the Autumn scenario. In some ways, making these for us may help you in managing your own urge to buy? These series has helped me because it has reminded me very clearly that, while I may have some bits of black in my wardrobe, I won't invest in expensive black pieces. The Miyake jacket is waiting for a winter who will use it well. I will happily wait to meet my best indulgence, the waiting and watching is a lot of fun.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. That's a very high contrast winter. is there such a thing as a more toned down winter? Because I think that's what I am...and I'm sure many other former winters might fit this description also.

    1. I wonder also. A clear winter in my youth, I would probably choose the cool summer accessories now, charcoal over black. Also softer outlines, less geometric ones. But both offerings are beautiful.

  6. Wonderful.I start to trust I am summer,not spring,love these accesories.Thank you!

  7. I'm really enjoying this series! I'm feeling free to interpret the seasons in two ways - items in personal season colours, and colours *for* a season. As a scarf-wearer, I'm thinking this may be my favourite post yet: start with the scarf and build accessories from there. Such a thoughtful approach to adding highlights to the day's clothes. In Australia, Target recently released a Missoni range which has been wonderful for inexpensively adding their great ways with colour to my wardrobe.

  8. Planning a pleasing and useful wardrobe has been a daunting task for me all my adult life. The discussion on this blog about choosing and limiting one's color choices has been invaluable, and has made shopping for clothes much easier. I am interested to hear how many winters feel the need to soften their look as they age, as I have come to the same conclusion.

  9. Again, I would definitely pick pieces from all four seasons and wear them happily (I'm a Winter). I think we can get away quite happily with touches of different colours and tones from all over the colour spectrum if we manage it carefully i.e. I could wear warm brown boots (that would normally suit an Autumn) if the rest of my outfit leans towards cooler, darker colours.

    If you love the druzy earrings then I'd say buy and wear them! They're so small, they'll just be a touch of sparkle at your ears to light up your face.

  10. Hi Janice, I loved these examples because they confirmed for me why I am a summer colours person. So often when I see your collections I want to wear other colours because they look so good together, but this shows me why I need to stick with my true colours. Can you tell me whether the summer scarf is mainly teal and grey colours or are there numerous summer shades in the scarf that I can not make out? Thank you so much for your work. Lyn

  11. I am loving these seasonal posts! I think it might also be interesting to style a single scarf for multiple seasons. Sort of like: your mom is a winter and she wore this scarf for many years -- now she's given it to you, a spring. How will you wear it differently? Or: this scarf was a favorite in autumn, but you've realized you want to wear it in winter too, so how can you style it differently and pull out different colors from the print across the seasons? This probably wouldn't work with every scarf out there but I bet there are a lot that would work.

  12. Your photographer friend LOVES the hat!