Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Good Reminder...

For those of us doing some major wardrobe overhauls, a reminder that it doesn't have to be finished by Monday...

Happy New Year to you all,
my dearest friends,

p.s. the accessories for the "All Black" wardrobe are on their way - soon - I promise!



  1. Happy New Year Dear Janice! Can't wait for another year of your brilliant insights and wardrobe design inspirations. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your beloved one!

  3. A great reminder! After reading her book, I am a fan. Have a wonderful New Year's, Janice!

  4. Happy New Year, Janice. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have learned so much from you.

  5. Hope your 2015 is filled with joy, Janice. Thanks so much for your unstinting aid and counsel in 2014 to my closet and suitcase--and to all those other closets and suitcases from Chicago to Australia!

  6. Another fan here, wishing you a healthy and happy 2015.
    I started my closet / clothes renovation a year ago.......still a work in progress!

  7. Happy New Year! Janice, I am very impressed with your 4x4's. I was wondering if you'd ever have interest in doing a travel capsule for a person going to a 7 day trip ending with a military ball out of state aside from the ball gown. The only stipulation is one of the elements must be a black dress and shoes with black gloves (elbow length or less depending on what is necessary to cover from the sleeve) is for one day and thus I think black should be a core color. Biz casual is the dress code for most activities and events. Thanks.

  8. Janice,

    All the best for 2015!

    Oops, this quote led me to download not one but two of Betty H's books and I've been escaping into another world for the past 24 hours...

    Thanks for the summer clothes post as some of us are in the southern hemisphere, at the beach each day.

    I love black summer dresses. It has taken quite a bit of experimentation to find ones I can wear as my rib cage is big and my top half is bigger than my bottom half so I have to buy a loose dress whixh fits on top and get it taken in around the skirt. My daughter on the other hand has to get small panels put in the sides of dresses to expand them slightly. So I recommend trying and trying to find the one you can wear, having a good tailor help with adjustments.

    My brands where I've had success are Australian: Blue Illusion, Trenery and Perri Cutten. My daughter's go to brand is Esprit and they have some great wearable chic easy summer black dresses which have taken her through a term of teaching, where she needs to dress appropriately.

    Thanks for so much inspiration!