Friday, November 07, 2014

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: A Shelf of Books -> a Summer Wardrobe

You really, seriously, can get inspiration anywhere, if you keep your eyes and your aesthetic heart open to what's out there.  This absolutely wonderful picture was sent to me - what a delightful mix of softly faded colors.

photograph - Elf Hill Books

It wasn't at all hard to come up with a color scheme.  Many of you ask about how I build color wheels - I use the graphing gizmo in PowerPoint.  I use PowerPoint for all of my vignettes, because it does everything I need.  Just insert a graph into a slide, and then change the colors and sizes of the various wedges to suit your preferences.You have a new, beautiful mnemonic for your wardrobe colors, AND you have a new skill to put on your resume.  How fun is that?

photograph - Elf Hill Books

This lovely woman works in a library, so she likes things to be neat and orderly.  But she's been known to handle the older books with a particular gentle care, giving them a last, lingering caress that leads us to suspect that maybe some of their tender sweetness has seeped into her heart.

Seashell and prasiolite earrings – KhunBoom, yellow tee shirt – True Religion, blush tee shirt – 
81hours, light green tee – Majestic Filatures, dark green tee – Majestic, belt – Ralph Lauren
shorts – Sonoma, beige skirt – Mango, trousers – Mango, loafers – Jack Rogers, espadrilles – 
Andre Assous,  sandals – Mephisto, cardigan – Wallis,  yellow tank – P.A.R.O.S.H., pink 
striped top – Kenzo, cotton scarf – Local Apparel, gold bracelet – La Corza by 
Sabo Designs

FYI - if you're looking for this sort of neutral online, look for the color "stone".  It's often called that...


Beara Beara


  1. I love the combination with yellow! Very cheerful!

  2. Such pretty colors. Like sugared almonds.

    So lovely, once again.

  3. This sings to me and makes me happy. Thank you so much

  4. Can I be this woman, please?

  5. Heartbreakingly lovely!

  6. Love these colours. Sadly, over here in the UK, at the moment, I'd have to cover everything up with a heavy-duty rainproof coat!
    Shorts? Brrrrr! Maybe next summer.

  7. This truly is lovely. I do love that photo. Sadly, these colors don't work for me, but I use them in my home because I like them so much. They remind me of my collection of McCoy pottery.

  8. I love these colors! So pretty. I wear soft colors year round, as they're the most flattering to me. Add baby blue, and more shades of pink, and that would be my wardrobe!

  9. A simple and beautiful selection! And solves the issue of having to wear a neutral near your face.

    Thank you for remembering us southern hemispherians.

  10. These colors are so wonderful. Thank you so much for doing something for warmer weather.