Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Packing with Scarves: Missoni #2

After Friday's post about a Missoni scarf, I received an email with this picture - another really lovely combination of colors...

scarf - Missoni
There are a lot of possibilities here, of course.  One could concentrate on the beige, ivory, and periwinkle, but I chose to work with the brighter shades apparent in the scarf.

scarf - Missoni

In my vivid and bottomless imagination, I pictured this protagonist as someone who had to travel for work, but who's work is something rather creative; she's one who likes to wear things a little bit bold...

Sweater – Manoush, cube earrings – Gemma Lister, scarf – Missoni, leather-trimmed 
jacket – Mackage, corduroy pants – Croft and Barrow, backpack – Mary and Marie,  
boots – Rag and Bone

While many of the garments are relatively simple and classic, the accessories are anything but!  And the dress... I personally love this dress.  Sigh...

Red tee – Croft and Barrow, ruffled leather necklace – Giulia Boccafogli, cardigan – 
Mint Velvet, sweater dress – Labor of Love, heart arrow earrings – Jennifer Loiselle
grey denim shirt – Mango, ballet flats – Giuseppe Zanotti Design, gold and black 
bracelet – Vlum 

A few nice options, all of which make a clear statement of our heroine's strong personal style.

           Beara Beara


  1. Fun! Love the idea of a light grey denim shirt -- that would be a staple in my wardrobe, I think.

  2. This is me to a T: black, white, grey, red and a touch of blue (and pink)!

  3. I want images of these so-well-dressed "heroines" so I can play paper dolls!

  4. Because I wear navy jeans for everyday, but love black and grey, I have black, navy and grey neutrals...
    any ideas how to make the black and navy work together to get more mileage from my pods of neutrals?

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  6. Love this color combo!! I might need this scarf! I love that you give the clothes a persona. :)

  7. Janice, what fun choices! I mean, a ruffled necklace and polka dot shoes? This is a great example of not taking our style too seriously and having fun with it! Shine personality shine!

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