Friday, October 31, 2014

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Packing with Scarves: Missoni

One of my most loyal readers recently purchased this scarf and wanted to know what I would do with it - the answer is, of course, a LOT.  One of the many joys of a scarf from Missoni is that they contain a wealth of colors that you wouldn't otherwise put together.  I don't know why I saw bright pink here - when you get your nose right up against the scarf, it's not really there.  There's teal, as well as a softer sage green, quite a bit of light blue, some slate greyish blue, navy...  Lots of things to consider...

Missoni scarves are available in a lot of places, and often on sale.  Different vendors get different designs, so if you have your heart set on one particular color scheme, don't forget to check Forzieri, Stylebop, My Theresa, Farfetch (who hooks you up with boutiques all around the world), Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th, yoox (they go really fast there), The Outnet (ditto), Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus Last Call.

scarf - Missoni

This was my color scheme - as you can see, there are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of possibilities.

scarf - Missoni

The earrings were specifically chosen because they echo the ziggy feeling of the scarf... and the coat could certainly by substituted by one in a more muted rose pink; I don't know WHERE I was seeing bright pink, but I'm pretty sure you could get away with it.  These scarves enable all sorts of color combinations to look good!

Notice how your really simple navy garments from a navy "core of four" get really jazzed up with a few accessories.  I can't promise you enough how much use you get from these pieces of clothing, once you get them into your closet.

CoatChristopher Kane, earrings – Putu Geded Darmawanscarf - Missoni
navy sweater – Jaeger,  navy crepe trousers – Kaliko, black boots – Born
tote bag – Alexandra de Curtis

Here, I built on the other strong neutral in our scheme, (and decided to really leverage that gorgeous taupe bag!).  The ivory top is sufficiently "unmemorable" that it can be worn repeatedly without feeling too conspicuous.  And note the angular feeling to the earrings, again! Plus, they echo the taupe beautifully. 

The teal tee shirt and scarf will be easy to wear with either pair of trousers, with or without the cardigan, and with either pair of shoes. The shine of the silk tee will give you a bit of dressiness, if that turns out to be something that's necessary. 

taupe cardigan – Avant Toi, scarf – Hermes, taupe trousers – Kohl’s, teal tee – Pop Cph
earringsAlexis Bittar, ivory tee – Jaeger, taupe loafers – Tod’s 

As is pretty normal with these four packs, you have quite a few ways to wear the limited number of garments you have with you.  A little bit of choice is always comforting!

I do receive a commission from some of these retailers, and I won't lie to you - I'm always happy to get that little bit of income.  But I hope you do understand that money is NEVER the criteria by which I choose things.  Nobody every gives me free clothing or credits or anything like that!

Beara Beara


  1. For what it's worth, I see a bright pink, also. That Hermes scarf is a beauty. Love the taupe mixed with the soft green. Again, lots of good ideas. Why I ever thought that I needed 250 garments in my closet to dres well, I cannot recall. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good morning Cornelia! :-)
    The hot pink is a trick your mind plays from the juxtapostion of the mauve and berry colours in the scarf, Janice. This is a lovely capsule. I find myself moving towards that navy blue- taupe/beige combination as I try to build a new work wardrobe. I love the connection between the scarf and the earrings. Everything is sooo well thought out with you.

  3. Could someone help me?? I have lots of ankle boots. I want to wear them. I cannot see how to wear the ankle boots with that narrower ankle taupe trouser. Has anyone seen a photo that would show a similar shape pant with an ankle boot (flat or heeled or wedge - I have all types ;-) I'm ok with ankle boots and a casual rolled up pant or boyfriend jean. I'm ok with an ankle boot under a wider trouser (like the navy pant here) and am trying to get myself to wear them with knee length skirts or dresses (that's a style reach for me). Any links of photos to show how that narrow pant looks?

    1. I've seen the pant hem being rolled to show a sliver of skin...

    2. Hmm... I have several pairs of ankle boots and 'shooties' or shoe-booties. I wear them everything! I wear them quite happily with narrow cut work trousers and with skinny jeans in the weekend. I don't have any pics, sorry, but I'm sure the internet has many options to demonstrate how it can look.

    3. I haven't been able to find anything on the internet other than rolled pants above an ankle boot or skirts with ankle boots. My google-fu has failed, which is why I asked for help. Are you doing that with your narrow trouser, or wearing the trouser outside the boot, or tucking in?

    4. I do either, depending on how wide the leg of the pants are. If they tuck in side, I do so - pants like slouch pants from Eileen Fisher work pretty well because the fabric is knit and hangs really close to the ankle. Almost anything else goes over the outside of the pants. There's no really good rule - you just have to experiment to see what feel comfortable for you.

  4. I have a multi-colored paisley scarf that I swear has purple in it. Except when I look really, really, closely, it doesn't. Lovely outfits.

  5. I do own a couple of Missoni scarves. You have inspired me to dig them out.

  6. Oooh, I love it all. I would wear every single thing (not in my real life right now, sahm to 3 kids who would destroy those beautiful garments in no time) but someday I want this exact wardrobe. I'll keep dreaming!

  7. Slightly off topic... I love your pie charts and colors. They make color visualization of where you are headed so easy. I so want to do that when planning/using my own wardrobe. How do you do them? I tried once and failed dismally. Thanks PS love your blog - and amazed at the time and thought put into it!

  8. Hi Jnaice- thanks to you, I think I found a lovely Missoni scarf for my "333" - and sure would be thrilled if you did a post around it.

    Many thanks, as always.