Thursday, October 23, 2014

Packing, and Start With Art reference pages are completed

What a great painting this was for a wardrobe - Water Dreaming by Tjapaltjarri.  You can find all of the Start with Art, and most of the packing posts...  I'm still tracking down a few fugitives!

What other reference pages did you want?



  1. Thanks so much for this--and for all your other labors of love!

  2. May I add a request, when you have time? I loved the various Starting from Scratch posts, and also the one showing how Vivienne's wardrobe would transition to a softer color scheme. Could you please do more of those, in different colors and lifestyles? It's so helpful when looking at a closet and wondering where to go from here, especially if on a budget or in a rural area without the chance to see ideas daily living in a big city. Thanks!!
    Sue from WI

    1. The genius of Janice is that you can substitute items and still get a lovely cohesive wardrobe. One of my favorite pastimes is to take a capsule, and swap out items to adjust it to my lifestyle. Just think of the capsule in the post as a template. For example, if the capsule shows a cream silk blouse and gray wool trousers, substitute a cream oxford shirt and gray corduroy pants. Keep the type (button up, tee, etc.) and the color the same. The end result has the same pulled-together look and feel, but in your own personal style. Have fun!

  3. I should have included this above, but my struggle is with trying to build a wardrobe while losing a LOT of weight. It's wonderful to buy clothes in smaller sizes, but it's hard to work my way into a new vision of myself.
    Sue in WI

  4. I really appreciate when you include the colors in the title of the post. I don't think you need a tab for this -- the post label bubble thing-y works well, but I just wanted to give a thumbs-up for when you do that.

  5. This is soooo wonderful ! No need to keep bookmarking certain of your articles, thank you, thank you ! Request Not So Crazy Eights category, please. Can't say enough good things about your site, it's a day with a hole in it if I don't see your blog !

  6. As many others have said, thank you so much for compiling these reference pages. It makes the search for past posts so much easier!

  7. Thanks so much for the references. I like the start with art series best, especially how you reflect the mood/style of the painting, as well as the colour

  8. Thank you so much for the reference pages! I appreciate your efforts. : )