Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Denim Shirts in Paris - 12 Versions

As I mentioned Saturday, I saw lots of denim and chambray shirts in Paris - they were worn in an amazing variety of ways...

Most simple is wearing these shirts with black.  This can be a nice relaxed "out for the afternoon" outfits with pants and flats, or much dressier, with a pretty skirt and clutch bag.  Sleeves can be rolled, collar stood up in back - anything that personalizes your shirt and makes you happy!

FWIW, I noticed when I was doing these links that House of Fraser is currently offering free shipping to the US through at least the 13th of October.  For those of us who've been skittish about ordering from another country, this might change everything!

Denim shirt with black trousers, or denim skirt with dressy black skirt
Chambray shirt – Tulchan, briefcase – Artessorio, suede ballet flats – Gabor, cropped pants – Theory
pleated skirt – sandwich, braided bag – Kova, patent flat – Saint Laurent
A collarless chambray shirt can be a nice counterpoint to a dressy skirt.  Where something lacy or floral might go WAAAAY over the top, these outfits look like you mean to be dressy, but you're not getting carried away. (and look - NO POCKETS!!!)
Can you wear a denim shirt with a dressy skirt? Yes!
Denim shirt – Levi’s Made and Crafted, black earrings – Liz Law, metallic lace skirt – Almost Famous
black glitter flats – Sophia Webster, red earrings – Hring eftir hring, red floral skirt – Dorothy Perkins
red flats – Repetto
A faded denim shirt is an excellent way to break up an otherwise conservative workday outfit - perfect for Casual Fridays in a "not REALLY casual" office. (this shirt is also available in a darker denim)
Wear a denim shirt with a black cardigan and trousers, or a camel cardigan and trousers.
Denim shirt – Eileen Fisher, navy trousers – CC, navy cardigan – Uniqlo, navy loafers – Tod’s,
tan trousers – Burberry London, camel cardigan – Uniqlo, bone flats – Dorothy Perkins
 It can be really difficult to figure out what to wear with tweed, but denim always works well! (both bracelets are on sale - the pearl one is calling my name!)
Can you wear a denim shirt with a tweed skirt and pumps? Yes!
Denim shirt – Esprit, pearl & cord bracelet – Panapha, black, white grey tweed skirt – Lanvin
calf hair kitten heel pumps – Clarks, red tweed skirt – Eastex, garnet and tiger eye bracelet – Anusara
black patent kitten heel pumps – Isaac Mizrahi New York
I saw someone wearing a denim shirt UNDER a plain black dress (make sure you've got room to do this - no sausage stuffing allowed!), and then 2 days later, when it was warm, I saw a denim shirt partly buttoned and belted over a floral dress.  That's imagination! 
Can you wear a denim shirt under a dress, or over a dress, as a jacket? Yes!
Denim shirt – Uniqlo, scarf – Marc by Marc Jacobs, ankle boots – Fidji
black sleeveless dress6397, floral dress - Phase Eight, belt – Dorothy Perkins, ballet flats – Cantarelli
 And of course, you can always wear a chambray shirt with jeans.  It seems to look a lot nicer if the jeans aren't blue... (and look - no breast pockets AGAIN!) These are examples of the rolled up jeans with substantial shoes that I mentioned Saturday - it was worn by women of all ages.
Wear a denim shirt with jeans, and layered under a sweater.
Chambray shirt – Linea, black jeans – Current/Elliott, striped sweater – Uniqlo,  socksTopshop,
 black oxfords – Paul Green, peach jeans – Mother, bone sweater – Rag and Bone, bone oxfords – Chloe


  1. Hey, new header on your blog! Love a denim shirt, so thank you for this post.

  2. As always Janice, your fashion perspective amazes me. I would probably pair the chambray shirt with jeans or maybe black jeans and leave it at that. I might toss on a sweater as well. Pathetic aren't I? Since most of my day to day dressing is casual now I really appreciate all your ideas. Thanks for all the work you do for those of us unable to think beyond the basic!!!

  3. Oh, love the Vivienne header! Is that from the Vivienne shopping arcade in Paris? We happened up that last summer--so beautiful.

    1. It is indeed from the Galeries Vivienne - if you look really closely, you can see the toes of my dusty shoes peeping in between the V and the I. It is the loveliest little spot, isn't it?

  4. Great header! And I love the shirt suggestions, especially the last one... those peach jeans are great!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm a big fan of chambray. Glad to hear it is on the streets of Paris.

  6. I love the fresh ideas here. Some are definitely not for me, but I did wear my fitted chambray shirt with a tweed skirt today and I thought it looked really good. I have a chambray tunic that will fit into several of these suggested looks. Thanks again.

  7. We'll all have to club together and send you to Paris more often. I was wearing a new denim shirt yesterday and wondering if it was too young/studenty for me but I thought if I combined it with a turquoise necklace then it would be OK. Now I can see its fine for me, so thank you.
    Also I loved the pale pink with black idea from your earlier post.
    Great to have ideas for using the basics we already have in our wardrobes.
    Here in the southern hemisphere denim shirts are good with white shorts for a beach weekend away.
    I noticed in a CBD yesterday that the waistline has really gone out and shirts are worn untucked, by skinny people. Parisians are renowned for belting everything - has the waistline gone out in Paris or are they wearing for example a denim shirt tucked into a pleated skirt? (Impossible for we mortals...)


    1. I saw a lot of people in Paris, FROM PARIS, who weren't exactly svelte. But then didn't seem to care - they dressed as if they were!

  8. I love chambray shirts and have one in black chambray. I was wondering how the shirts are worn with skirts? I can imagine with jeans and pants that the shirts could be tucked in, worn out and buttoned up, or worn over another t-shirt, but I can't quite envision how they work over a skirt without looking puffy or frumpy. Any thoughts?

    1. The shirts were worn tucked in. It was interesting to see...

  9. Did you visit wolff et decourtis in galleries vivienne? Beautiful scarves and shawls

  10. Great ideas, as always, Janice! By the way, as you mention the subject of pockets/no pockets on shirts. I'm busty and pockets add even more visual volume - not ideal, especially if it's just one pocket which just kind of unbalances my torso. So I just cut off any breast pockets on shirts (and also on sweaters or dresses). Of course I buy cheapish stuff and I'm quite fearless with my clothes. If I accidentally leave a hole, well I'll sew it up or toss the garment. But if you're a bit more skilfull than myself or are willing to pay a tailor, this is an easy alteration. Just carefully cut the seam from the back of the garment. You end up with some little "holes" in the fabric where the stitches used to be, but they usually dissappear after a wash or two.
    Just an idea.
    Warm regards,

    1. Oops, I wanted to say "back of the fabric", not "back of the garment". That was a little confusing.

  11. How would you wear them with the skirts (especially the 3-quarter length one) ? Tucked in or over the skirt?