Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe Project 333, Planning, Packing, Paris, and the Unexpected

I leave later today for Paris... and Yes, I'm excited!  It never gets old, and I never get tired of doing the same things, going the same places. This trip will be very different from most of my recent ones, because I'm going with someone who's never been there.  This will definitely add some new perspectives to how I see the city.

My carefully schemed packing is going to be changed slightly, because the weather in Paris is quite a bit warmer than it is here in Chicago.  This makes me think AGAIN that it's only reasonable to be prepared for weather changes when you travel.

Last week, in Chicago, the weather went from air conditioning overnight to weather cold enough to wear gloves.  Literally, in less than 12 hours, we saw 30 degree temperature drops, which have persisted for over a week.  A tremendous number of visitors found themselves in shorts and sandals when the HIGH temperature was in the 50's Fahrenheit.  It's great for the economy of the city, since everybody had to go shopping, but it was a rude and unhappy shock for our guests.

Thus, my standing rule that no matter WHERE I go, no matter what time of year, I have a pair of pants or jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, socks and real shoes with heels and toes.

Since the weather cooperated, I began Project 333 for the autumn - here's four outfits that I've worn since "the drop".  I'm making a concerted effort to wear my Hermes scarves, since they haven't seen the light of day much since last April!

black cardigan - Eileen Fisher, (this year's version), black tee - Lands' Endslouch pants - Eileen Fisher, (tweed ones seem to be gone - the link is to solid black), pearl stud earrings - Majorica, pearl and chain necklace - Majorica, loafers - Stuart Weitzman (discontinued, but these are what I'd replace them with), earrings - Alexis Bittar (Discontinued), scarf - Hermes, denim dress - J. Jill (similar), flats - Thierry Rabotin

blue crewneck sweater - J. Jill (similar),black jeans - Eileen Fisher, earrings - Katherine Seaman, scarf - Hermes, boots - Munrogrey sweater - Eileen Fisher (LL Bean's cotton version),waxed jeans - Eileen Fisher, knot earrings - Fortunoff, scarf - Hermes, boiled wool jacket - L.L.Bean, shoes - Cole Haan

Most days that I'm on vacation, there will be at least a small post for you here at The Vivienne Files.  I prepared the posts over the past 6 weeks, so if you encounter broken links or sold-out items, I apologize in advance!  But always remember, it's not about shopping, but about getting ideas and enjoying what we already own.




  1. Bon voyage, dear Janice. I'll be traveling vicariously with you! Your wardrobe looks wonderfully adaptable.

    As ever--

  2. Safe travels....and love these looks. ��

  3. If you truly love a place, it never gets old. Have a wonderful time!

  4. So jealous, Janice...have a fabulous time! I know how you love it...and bring back memories to share with the rest of us.

  5. Bon voyage! You will enjoy Paris through new eyes. I am ready to pack up my excess and try 333 as well.

  6. How wonderful!
    I hope you will have a fabulous trip and come back and tell us all of the highlights.
    I am sure you will be dressed for the occasion and have all the basics covered.
    Perhaps you will do a wee bit if shopping....a scarf might be fun!

  7. As thrilling as it must be to contemplate your arrival in Paris, it must also be delightful to have those pre-prepared posts done. Your high quality production never ceases to amaze. Bon Voyage, indeed!

  8. Have a wonderful time - I'm sure you will. Every time you post about Paris it really makes me want to go back! I'm just across the channel but then there are so many other excellent places to visit, including lots of places I haven't been yet...

  9. A bit late to send you my best wishes. Enjoy!

  10. Hav e a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see what you end up bringing back. On a side note, not having your extensive scarf collection, I have been inspired by your blog to change that. My promise to myself is to bring back from my travels one exquisite scarf each time. I don't know why I never thought of it before. I think it may be the best souvenir I could ever bring, Takes up no space, can't break, will actually be used when I get back, as supposed to add clutter. And, I don't have to try it on which is a relief. As a tall, large woman, I have very little luck finding size 10 shoes in many parts of the world, or clothes in a size 16 tall in same countries. Even where I could, such as in Europe, a vacation isn't the best time to try on clothes. I may not be the only one who finds it depressing to go into a beautiful store only to find the personnel telling me they don't carry my size and that their XL sweater is the equivalent of a size 12/14. Anyways, lucky you for not having that problem, so happy shopping.

  11. Enjoy Paris. I have never been but want to go soon. From what I have heard, the city must be beautiful. And I can sure need some style inspiration from those ever chic French women.

    Love those Hermes scarfs in your outfit post and that dress looks so comfortable.

  12. Have a wonderful time! Look forward to seeing your wonderful posts as always. Good luck! May

  13. Happy travels! For weather fluctuations I pack a washable, fine wool cami (or in fall a longsleeved one) by Hanro and a pair of silk capri longjohns (LL Bean). Saved me many times. Also, a cashmere beanie or beret, b/c if your head is cold it's a particular misery.