Friday, September 12, 2014

A 4 by 4 Capsule Wardrobe in Pink, Rose, Denim and Grey

This color palette felt to me like it was giving you permission to indulge in a variety of shades of pink, and so that's sort of what I did.  I also took this opportunity to pretend that the person choosing this capsule wardrobe had a deep and abiding passion for stripes.  That sort of fondness/obsession is great in a wardrobe, if it's deeply and truly felt. You should definitely wear your heart on your literal sleeve if you know what you like, and you're happy sharing it with the world.  It certainly makes shopping more focused, and you project a clear point of view to everyone around you!

4 by 4 wardrobe in Pink rose, Denim and Grey
Grey jeans – Current/Elliott,grey sweater – Acne Studios, grey corduroy pants – Patagonia
grey Henley - Uniqloblue tee shirt – Uniqlo, cuffed blue jeans – Frameblue sweater – Steven Alan
dark wash jeans – A.P.C.grey striped shirt – Isabel Marantgrey smock top – Isabel Marant Etoile,
 plaid shirt – Esprit, blue striped shirt – Isabel Marantrose pink cardigan – Uniqlo, pink cotton shirt
 – Ted Baker, striped tee shirt – Uniqlo,  striped shirt – Velvetgrey and blue striped scarf – Missoni,
 bar earrings – Burcu Okutlinen and crochet scarf – Handmade by Hayley, silver cuff bracelet –
Achara, striped scarf – Faliero Sartigrey loafers – Tod’s, tote bag – Coet, grey suede boots – 

color scheme in pink, rose, denim and grey

Core of Four in grey: jeans, sweater, corduroy pants and Henley tee shirt
Grey jeans – Current/Elliott,grey sweater – Acne Studios
grey corduroy pants – Patagonia, grey Henley - Uniqlo

Core of Four in denim blue: tee shirt, boyfriend jeans, sweater and dark-wash jeans
Blue tee shirt – Uniqlo, cuffed blue jeans – Frame
blue sweater – Steven Alan, dark wash jeans – A.P.C.

Why yes, the grey and blue shirts are the same, except for the color.  When you find shirts that fit well, it's not crazy to stock up.  Difficulty with fit is why many of us avoided button-fronts for so many years.  Finally, manufacturers are figuring out that they might want to make these in a wider variety of cuts...  I personally have great luck with Lands' End Petite shirts, if anyone with shorts arms and a full balcony wants to venture into the shirt market.  

An Expansion Four: grey striped shirt, grey top, pink plaid shirt and blue striped shirt
Grey striped shirt – Isabel Marant, grey smock top – Isabel Marant Etoile
plaid shirt – Esprit, blue striped shirt – Isabel Marant

Always remember that a simple cardigan can be worn alone, as a sweater - sort of a two for one purchase!

A Mileage Four in pink and rose: cardigan, shirt, tee shirt and striped shirt
Rose pink cardigan – Uniqlo, pink cotton shirt – Ted Baker, 
striped tee shirt – Uniqlo,  striped shirt – Velvet

Here's where the stripe fondness became really fun - notice the subtle ridges in the bracelet, and the stripe-like nature of the silver earrings! 

An Integration 4+ of scarves, shoes, jewelry and a bag
Grey and blue striped scarf – Missoni, bar earrings – Burcu Okut, linen and 
crochet scarf – Handmade by Hayley, silver cuff bracelet – Achara, striped 
scarf – Faliero Sarti, grey loafers – Tod’s, tote bag – Coet
grey suede boots – Aerosoles
The nicest thing about having a good-quality core of solid garments is that you can indulge in a preference for things like stripes for a while, and then if you decide that you want to branch off into plaid or floral or metallic, you don't have to spend buckets of money in order to put together a few outfits showing your new crush.  When you are well-rooted in your base colors, you can express yourself in a variety of ways, so that you feel current, and always happy!

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  1. "Short arms and a full balcony" - you crack me up!

    1. I loved that phrase, too. I'm the opposite: long arms and a full balcony with wide shoulders thrown in. I'm always having to "mind the gap" as the Brits would say.

  2. You are not making it easy to pick just four, or six, or eight colors I love, when there are beautiful surprises each morning when I open your blog...! So pretty!!

    Sue in WI

  3. You have a very funny and very accurate way of describing the button blouse situation. Thanks for the advice since I have been avoiding the "gape" for years. I'll look at Land's End.

  4. The last paragraph is the single most important thing I've learned from TVF. Thank you. :)

    1. Agreed. I went back and re-read it and am nodding to myself.

  5. I really love this one. I lead this kind of casual lifestyle and love these colors. I also have a thing for stripes, lol.

  6. I love, love this one! This is perfect for me, Such a beautiful everyday wardrobe. I have always liked stripes. Your term "full balcony" made me LOL.

  7. I love this one. As soon as I saw it I thought of my sister, who exudes casual elegance. She wears these colors all the time.

  8. Stripes are fun, but I am a "dot" fan. They make me happy!

    1. I'm a dot fan as well. Loved dots as a kid & even though I'm well estsblished in my mid/late 40's, I'm even that much more smitten with dots.

  9. This is very, very close to my casual wardrobe. It's amazing. I also like "dots", and I use them in place of the plaid. (Plaid is iconic in the Puget Sound region where I live, but I am not a huge fan of plaid on me.) Susan in WA

  10. Absolutely, positively love this!! These are my colors and my style. Now I have to start researching to find these-I am in the awkward size gap between misses and plus sizes.

  11. Just pack it all up and send to me. I'll gladly pay the shipping!!

  12. You mentioned "full balcony" and it reminded me that I wanted to share a bra fitting resource:
    I was horrified by the size I calculated, but I got over it the minute I tried on my first ever well-fitting bra. It was comfortable and made everything look very, very nice.

    1. Interesting sites. Went shopping this afternoon and I think this method may work for me - if I can find a store with a wider variety of sizes. Recently moved from C to D, but this says F (or DDDD)! I think I have been enlarging the band, when I should be looking for bigger cups. Could not find that, but DD was definitely not right. I sort of remember this method from my mother, back in the AA and A days.

  13. I have a deep and abiding passion for stripes! (And argyle, but that's for another blog post)