Saturday, September 13, 2014

A 4 by 4 Capsule Wardrobe in Lavender, Jade, Denim and Grey

One more visit to the denim and grey Core of Four - this time, with accent colors of lavender and jade.  All of the shades are cool - some are soft and gentle, and others are almost vivid.  Lots of options here!

Zigzag stripe scarf – Missoni, moonstone earrings – Anzie lavender scarf – Faliero Sarti 
moonstone bracelet - Shanker, pearl and moonstone necklace – Nalinee, striped scarf – Faliero Sarti,
  grey loafers – Tod’s, striped bag – Kao Pao Shu, ankle boots – SoftWalkgrey jeans – Current/Elliott,
grey sweater – J.W. Anderson, grey corduroy pants – Patagonia, grey Henley - Uniqloblue tee shirt – 
 Uniqlo, cuffed blue jeans – Frameblue sweater – Steven Alan, dark wash jeans – A.P.C.heather 
green top – North Facegrey smock top – Isabel Marant Etoile, white collar and cuff shirt – Etro
cardigan – L.L.Beanlavender v-neck shirt – Gap, green cardigan – Uniqlo, green silk shirt – Uniqlo
lavender Henley shirt – L.L.Bean

Blue tee shirt – Uniqlo, cuffed blue jeans – Frameblue sweater – Steven Alan
dark wash jeans – A.P.C.

One of the nicest things with the shades of lavender - they can easily be blended so long as you have the same basic tone.

Heather green top – North Face, grey smock top – Isabel Marant Etoile, white collar and 
cuff shirt – Etro, cardigan – L.L.Bean

Once you find someone who's selling a color that you love, it makes some sense to stock up!

Lavender v-neck shirt – Gap, green cardigan – Uniqlo, green silk shirt – Uniqlo
lavender Henley shirt – L.L.Bean

I looked for moonstone jewelry for this collection.  Moonstone has such a lovely iridescent, almost colorless quality that picks up the colors that you wear.  I think it's beautiful (and it's one of the three birthstones for those of us born in June!)

Zigzag stripe scarf – Missoni, moonstone earrings – Anzie lavender scarf – Faliero Sarti,
  moonstone bracelet - Shanker, pearl and moonstone necklace – Nalinee, striped scarf – Faliero Sarti,
 grey loafers – Tod’s, striped bag – Kao Pao Shu, ankle boots – SoftWalk
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  1. That jade is such a stunning color. This is another one that totally speaks to me and my lifestyle. Thank you Janice,

  2. This is the one capsule that is totally ME! Colors and lifestyle. Thanks Janice!

  3. After having embraced the grey/denim/navy neutrals, I am amazed each day with the accent possibilities. One of my favourite cardigans is a jade Elie Tahari and I thought I might have to give it up. It will go nicely with my softer palette.Lavender and grey scarf will integrate. I am learning and enjoying the process so much.

  4. Jade is one of those hues that in a good dye looks subtle and deep, and in a cheap dye looks garish. (Could that be why so many lower-priced clothes come in easier to make pastel tones?) Sometimes upholstery fabrics have beautiful jades and other greens but in apparel-weight, so hard to find.

  5. I love this lavender, jade, denim and grey colour combination!

    Came across your blog a couple weeks ago and think it's fantastic. I'll continue to visit.

  6. Dear Janice,
    Fabulous as usual. Just not my colours. But a treat for the eye, nevertheless. I have an unrelated question.
    Is it possible to outline a footwear wardrobe? And could that include hosiery? I am always tempted to get more shoes and boots in both core and accent colours and I am wondering what you think of opaque hosiery in core/accent colours. When are we covered and when is too much too much? I know if your core colour is black, navy, brown or charcoal, it is pretty easy but what if we are talking eggplant, burgundy, teal, rust, etc. Also, a question about ankle pants into winter - can you wear them with a sock, nylon or knee-high with shoes? Coloured, neutral or patterned? Or should it be only with ankle boots? So many questions... I have come to rely so much on you and the other readers' feedback here that I would love a discussion.

    1. With regard to hosiery I also meant with skirts and dresses, of course and with heels and flats, AND with boots when there is a bit of leg showing above the boots and below the skirt.

    2. Belle at Capitol Hill Style suggest the Two-Out-Of-Three approach, which I think makes sense:

  7. I was really excited when I saw this one pop up on my reader - some of my mostest favouritest colours here, so pretty! I love the moonstones too. Very nice.

    1. OMG - "mostest favoritest"???? Get OUT of my vocabulary!
      big hug,

  8. I don't suppose you could do a plus sized 4x4 wardrobe? denim, grey, berry and aubergine? I love this series.

  9. I have been living and working in Cambodia for the last 14 months and am now ready to return to the States. Thanks to your excellent advice, which I tried to follow, I have managed to look good even with my limited number of skirts and tops plus several necklaces and scarves.

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  11. If this was my wardrobe, I would be a happy girl. Kimm & I must be twins as they are also my colours and lifestyle! Second the motion for plus sized options.