Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A 4 by 4 Capsule Wardrobe in Burgundy, Pearl Grey, Black and Petrol Blue

I love burgundy - it has subtlety and richness, while still maintaining the complexion-flattering qualities that it shares with red, pink, peach, and all of those rosy-ish shades.  For those of us gradually migrating away from black, and toward grey in our capsule wardrobes, I could see that burgundy would be a very wise accent color to consider for those days when we're feeling a bit pale.

This is a pretty casual wardrobe - no skirts...

Black v-neck sweater – Closed, black jeans – R13, tee shirt – Kin, black cotton trousers – Mango

In my mind, this color is distinctly different from the color of denim - it has more grey to it. It's a very difficult color to find - if you're a fan of petrol, definitely also look for slate blue, smoky blue, and dusky blue.
Capri pants – Patagonia, turtleneck – Uniqlo wool trousers – Roberto Cavalli, merino tunic – Dear Cashmere

This Barbour sweater is great, but PLEASE promise me that if you buy it, you will IMMEDIATELY cut off that goofy metal tag at the left hip.  Who in the world needs a tag on the outside of their sweater, in metal, on THE FRONT if the sweater?!?!?
Marled crewneck sweater – Barbour, plaid flannel shirt – Uniqlo
cropped sweatshirt – Jigsaw, cardigan – East

Such a great shade of red... And I particularly like the zipper pockets on the cardigan!

Berry sweater – John Lewis, berry silk blouse – Hobbs
grey shoulder-button sweater – Dorothy Perkins, grey cardigan – CC

Garnets are a great deep red alternatives to rubies if you want some pretty stone jewelry to pick up your accent color.  Just be sure that you're looking at garnets on the red end of the spectrum, as they can be very purplish and dark, too. 
Triangle scarf with leather laces - Artillerylane, garnet earrings – Allurez
square silk scarf – Hermes, garnet bracelet – Neeru Goel, silver filigree 
earrings – Alfredo Ingashort boots – Munro, loafers – Clarks 
tote bag – Meckela

What do you think?


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  1. Another lovely combination that keeps me coming back to this page for inspiration. I agree about removing the metal (metal!?!) tag on the sweater. In fact, not only do I always remove tags of the designer on the outside of the garments, I also refuse to buy things that have the designer's logo stitched or printed on.

    I am not walking around promoting their collection. If designers want us to advertise their products, then they should pay us instead of having us pay for the items ;)

  2. What do I think? I think I am in love! I have been having a hard time deciding on a color combo...and since the goal is to not have a complete wardrobe in every color known to mankind, but to have a wonderfully distilled wardrobe, edited down to only what is needed in a select few colors, I could completely embrace this palette and never feel deprived.
    Not to worry about the metal tag...I am going to look for a similar style pattern and knit my own sweater. Maybe I will sew one of those awful "Handknit with Love" tags on the hip...NOT!
    Thank you, Janice!

  3. This is a beautiful combination, and I think it's quite sophisticated despite having a more casual slant. I'm very fond of petrol, and you're right, it's not easy to find. It would be great if someone took a short break from navy and black, and gifted the shopping world with more petrol. Ah well, patience...

  4. Love, love, love your blog. As a "winter" colouring I have decided on a black, grey, white, red, blue (aquamarine, cobalt type blues) colour scheme, but oh boy is this one tempting. You are always inspiring me with your brilliant ideas. Thanks for all your work, Carol.

  5. Is that what designers call burgundy? I tend to use burgundy/wine/merlot interchangeably, and picture something with more brown in it. So. Many. Color. Names!

    1. On my screen these appear "bright" for what I'd call burgundy. I also think of something a deeper color and a bit more brown when I think of burgundy. I'm guessing it's just how the colors come across on the computer screen.

    2. Me too. This is what I would consider crimson, maybe. Definitely not burgundy.

  6. I'm experimenting at the moment with a business wardrobe of black, grey, sea foam green and warm pink. The warm pink really makes my skintone glow, but the seafoam green make my green eyes sparkle. The black and grey are the basics used in skirt/dresses/trousers and jackets around the lovely soft but substantial colours. Most of my pieces are thrifted, with a few self sewn.

  7. Thank you, this is just lovely and fits my casual workplace and home life!

    Sue in WI

  8. Favorite color combination thus far!

  9. Beautiful colors...and the selections are perfect for my retirement lifestyle in a small town.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Outerwear to go with this? Winter jacket, coat?

  10. I own the Patagonia capris - they are fantastic. Comfortable, wash brilliantly, no need to iron, I highly recommend them (but I love Patagonia, especially their summer dresses. I own at least 10... but they just work). Nice to see what else I can wear them with :)