Friday, August 08, 2014

Pretty Much The Perfect Pack

Although I had relatively little lead-up time for my trip two weeks ago, I feel like I had the perfect assortment with me.  This was a relatively easy trip for which to pack, because I knew my activities ahead of time, I knew the weather conditions, and I had access to laundry facilities - sort of the packing trifecta!

While I almost always travel in pants, this time I just slid leggings under my favorite linen dress in order to stay warm in flight.  This crossbody bag is a fairly new purchase, and I really like it - it's light, lays flat, and holds quite a bit.  I admit that I might have been tempted to get the next size larger, so that my tablet would fit in it...

Please note that these are not all EXACTLY the same as my clothes, but theyr'e a pretty good approximation, and the ARE what I would buy if I were forced to replace my current possessions.

necklace – Nordstrom,  earrings – Majorica, scarf – Missoni
carry-on bag – Tumi,  dress – La Garconne, black leggings – Wallis
white linen cardigan  Bruno Manetti, crossbody bag – Tumi
black ballet flats – Vaneli

This is what I packed.  The clothes are all linen, and the long-sleeved tops were used as layers over the tank tops and tee shirt when I was somewhere cold (i.e. anywhere indoors!). The silver bracelet is all one piece, and stretchy, so there was no jingling or clanking involved.

White top – Hallhuber, earrings – Katherine Seaman, bracelet – Spring Street
white linen cropped pants – Dorothy Perkins, black tank - Majestic Filatures,
 black pants – Sandwich, dress – Majestic Filatures, mélange tunic – East
 grey linen scarf – Alpha Massimo Rebecchi, grey tee – 81 Hours
checked linen shirt – Uniqlo, white ballet flats – Taryn Rose
black sandals – Taryn Rose

And this is how my clothes played out on site.  I was actually gone seven days, but I can't begin to tell you what I did on the seventh day, nor what I wore!  Suffice to say, it was great, and I was happy.

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  1. This is a "higher end" version of what I took to Europe for 6 weeks--and I felt I always looked good. Now I'm thinking of eliminating the rest of my clothing and wearing just the travel wardrobe.

    1. Give it a try, put the extra clothing in a box and see how you feel after a season.

  2. For anyone who didn't see my comment yesterday, you can nominate The Vivienne Files as one of the top 100 blogs for women at I truly believe it is and I know there are many who feel the same way.

    1. I would die of happiness....
      Here's the link:

  3. This really is a perfect pack. Something this simple is great for trips less than a week. I find if I'm going longer I start craving color, and have to pack red t shirts and a lot of scarves. Do you get that too?

    Also, I'm sorry all this travel is hospital related. :(

    1. I really don't crave color anymore, but I think I use up that instinct working on The Vivienne Files every day! I spend about 8 hours a day looking for perfect items to share with you, and by the time I'm finished, I want to wear a black dress, black leggings, and maybe earrings if I'm feeling flashy! But I think that for most people, a bright accent of red, yesterday's cobalt, or another color would make a lot of sense.

      And the hospital thing turned out okay - nothing serious, and already well mended. Thank you - everybody - for your kind wishes.

  4. I'm glad that your relative is mended. I can see that black linen would be a comfort after looking at clothing for 8 hours a day. The pack is elegant. The Forbes idea is great one. I am always referring friends to the Vivienne Files.

  5. Such a beautiful and functional travel capsule. :)

  6. Off topic, I've been enjoying the Starting from Scratch series tremendously and I managed to make my first Polyvore collage (what nice weather you have here in the 21st century) of my progress so far:

  7. The checked shirt reminds me of the '80s. Wasn't there a similar plaid called "Buffalo plaid" back then? I had a red and black shirt dress and an aqua and black flannel shirt, the top of which folded back and could be buttoned. Remember those tops?
    I'm in a nostalgic mood this week. I turned 50 last week!
    Thanks for doing this blog. i am going to Forbes to vote for you.

  8. Glad to hear the hospital part is all mended..

    How do you care for your linen? Thanks!

    1. Machine wash delicate, hang immediately, try to get to ironing before the clothes are completely dry. If I can't get it ironed to a paper-like perfection of smoothness I don't really worry, because it's going to wrinkle within seconds of being worn. But the older pieces I have get softer and softer and show less wrinkling as they age, so that helps!

  9. Love your travel wardrobe ideas....running over to nominate you now.

  10. Again and again, these packs show how important organization is. I've been going away for the weekend for the last three weekends and
    throwing some basics in a bag, sort of hoping they turn into something when I have to get dressed. If I am seeing friends, I pack with some precision but reading this shows me I need to be better organized for even very casual trips as I feel so much better if I'm well put together.
    Funny how we can put so much thought into what we buy and then (in my case anyway) be quite sloppy about how we put our pieces "into action".