Friday, August 15, 2014

A Four by Four Capsule Wardrobe in Denim, Grey, Pink and Rose

The same grey clothes are going to get a bit more mileage - this time, combined with denim, and softest shades of pink and a kind of lavender-ish rose.  When I built this color scheme, my thinking was that when the accent colors are so closet together and have so much the similar feeling and mood, that it sort of gives you the freedom to use any color within that entire family.

First up, the finished capsule wardrobe:
travel capsule wardrobe wardrobe planning minimal wardrobe
Silver stud earrings – Caterina Buterawatch – Skagen, bracelet – Withaya Cheunjit,  scarf – Silk by Bryony, silver loafers – A2 by Aerosoles, riding boots – LifeStride, pink quartz earrings – Arpana, denim tote – MotelJeans – IRO, lace front tee – Dorothy Perkins capris – Apt. 9 , dotted shirt – Dickins and JonesGrey crewneck – Diane Von Furstenberg, grey jeans – True Religion, cardigan – Diane Von Furstenberg, trousers – Piazza Sempionefloral tee – MSGM, marled sweater – Vanessa Bruno Athe, plaid shirt – Esprit, striped tee – Vincepink cashmere sweater – Vince, floral shirt – Robert Friedmanoxford shirt – Uniqlo, turtleneck – Jolie by Edward Spiers
This is the color scheme, with that absolutely annoying grey that will NOT show up well once it's transferred into a PDF.  Sheesh....


When using denim as one of your neutrals, it's can be helpful if some of the denim has some texture or pattern, so that you don't end up looking like you're wearing the Hillbilly Tuxedo (i.e. too much denim on denim).  I know that right now a lot of denim together is being shown as being quite acceptable, but it's not a look that's going to stand the test of time!
Jeans – IRO, lace front tee – Dorothy Perkins,  capris – Apt. 9 , dotted shirt – Dickins and Jones
These grey clothes are certainly versatile... 
Grey crewneck – Diane Von Furstenberg, jeans – True Religion, cardigan – Diane Von Furstenberg, trousers – Piazza Sempione
Four tops that are wearable with any combination of denim and grey:
floral tee – MSGM, Marled sweater – Vanessa Bruno Athe, plaid shirt – Esprit, striped tee – Vince
And some beautiful soft accents:
Pink cashmere sweater – Vince, floral shirt – Robert Friedman, oxford shirt – Uniqlo, turtleneck – Jolie by Edward Spiers
I've included boots in this wardrobe, because there are some short jeans.  And a really lovely bracelet - the small photograph doesn't do justice...
Silver stud earrings – Caterina Butera, watch – Skagen, bracelet – Withaya Cheunjit,  scarfSilk by Bryony, silver loafers – A2 by Aerosoles, riding boots – LifeStride, pink quartz earrings – Arpana, denim tote – Motel 



  1. Fascinating how elegant gray now becomes sweet and soft. You are a magician, Janice!

  2. I am excited to see all of the fall fashion reports talking about gray this year! I love the soft feel of gray and how you did your combinations here. Love it...have a wonderful weekend, Janice!

  3. Loved loved seeing the denim integrated as a neutral. Much more casual set of clothing. The trousers are dressy enough for dinners out.

  4. Denim is one of my neutrals and I just love this one. Beautiful.

  5. Nice combo especially for "low contrast" people. Now that I think of it, that's an issue you could take on--combos for people with high vs low contrast coloring. Not that I want to give you more work.

  6. I love love love this series. I would love it even more it you did a few outfits from the collection. No matter how many time's i've seen you do that, I still like it...and it still helps me...

  7. I really think that I need to give grey another try now that my hair is turning more to that colou. I have always loved it paired with denim. This series is so interesting. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. This series is so timely as I'm losing weight and will soon be able to fit into some of the smaller sizes that have been languishing in my closet. I'll use this info to pull together some mini-capsules to tide me over during the weight-loss phase.

  9. Add black as an additional (and more formal) neutral and a soft blue as an additional color as well as white for contrast ... you have my wardrobe for retirement. Grays and denim will darker and less distressed. This series so much fun but also though-provoking. Thank you again, Janice. Susan in WA

  10. Love your site! I'm a medium-toned warm autumn (red hair, brown eyes, freckled skin), and I feel like there is a heavy lean towards cool-toned wardrobes. Would you be willing to work in navy, amber, ivory, and burgundy into this series? I'm drawn to paintings that have this feel:,550x550,075,f.jpg
    and to scarves like this one:
    and this one:

    Thanks so much for all that you're doing.

    1. Oh my, that painting is beautiful! The colors... Who is the artist and the painting name?

  11. I'm loving your core pieces in much as I love black I have a few greys in my wardrobe and can see now that my hair is getting more silver that this shade will pop up more frequently.
    Thanks again for all your inspiring posts!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have finally found my colors. This palette really speaks to me.

  13. I love this color combo. I'd really encourage you to create these colors in a wardrobe for a lady doctor. I only dream about a visit to Paris and London but I can't I deliver babies all year long. I don't have time to stand in front of my clothes and try to figure out what to wear. So I have followed you for years. However I'd love to encourage you to show this lady doctor what to wear .