Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Nature: Pigeons

I have to confess, I think pigeons are beautiful.  Annoying little sky rats, yes, but beautiful; their shades of grey, with iridescent green and purple...

So when I was asked to build a wardrobe based on a photograph of a pigeon, I was happy to do so.  But there's no way I'm addressing those red eyes!

This was the original photo I received.
These are the colors I've chosen.
Tee shirt – Uniqlo, shorts – Dorothy Perkins, flip flops – OluKai, dress –
 Armani Collezioni, cardigan – Nick and Zoe, bracelet – Oliver Bonas,
 sandals – Nina
Sleeveless top – L.K. Bennett, wide leg linen pants – White Stuff, iolite 
earrings – Mabel Hasell,  sandals – Caparros,  earrings – Claudia Baldazzi,  
clutch bag – Knights and Roses, dress – Vince, sandals – Nina
Sweater – New Look, shorts – Dorothy Perkins, canvas shoes – Toms, bag –
 Meckela, earrings – YooLa, tee shirt – Dorothy Perkins, shorts – Dorothy Perkins,
 flip flops – OluKai
I think this makes a lovely wardrobe...

grey tee shirt – Uniqlo, shorts – Dorothy Perkins, flip flops – OluKaidress –  
Armani Collezioni, cardigan – Nick and Zoe, bracelet – Oliver Bonas, silver sandals 
– Nina, Sleeveless top – L.K. Bennett, wide leg linen pants – White Stuff, iolite earrings –  
Mabel Hasell,  blue sandals – Caparros,  earrings – Claudia Baldazziclutch bag –
 Knights and Roses, blue dress – Vince,  sweater – New Look, shorts – Dorothy Perkins
canvas shoes – Toms, bag – Meckela, hoop earrings – YooLa, floral tee shirt –  
Dorothy Perkins, shorts – Dorothy Perkins


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  1. I love how your fashion is inspired by art and nature, Janice! You are much beauty found in those places. Have a wonderful Chicago day!

  2. A beautiful, subtle palette. Just lovely, Janice!

  3. Creativity and inspiration at its best - you've rocked this one !

  4. I love gray and silver. My coloring really supports warmer shades, but I gravitate toward the subtlety of gray every time. What a soft and classic selection.

  5. I see that eye as more of a cognac colour....earrings or a pair of gloves for fall?

  6. Love how the textures and patterns remind me of city shapes and textures. Just lovely.

  7. Janice, this is my all-time favorite color palette. I've always been attracted to iridescence, in all things...My sister lately gave me pearls that gradate from purple to violet to bronze and I find that they go with almost all colors.

    Thanks once again--



  8. What a lovely combination:grey with the iridescent green. Who would have thought that a pigeon could inspire?

  9. I'm with all of the above ladies (including Kristien62 re: warmer shades, but gravitating towards gray). This is so lovely and soothing, Janice. Thank you! And I can't wait to see your upcoming work with all of the color combinations! --Susan S. (Don't know how to identify myself here other than "Anonymous", though. My computer skills aren't so hot.)

    1. When you comment where it says "Reply As" click the drop down box and select Name/URL and just type your name in the Name box and leave the URL box empty

  10. This is so beautiful! I am also a fan of iridescent. I love anything bright and shiny!

  11. I LOVE your blog!! What beautiful outfits you pick out. I wish I had such talent!!

  12. I LOVE this color palette. . .so much so that I almost want to change my wardrobe colors to these!

  13. This is a beautiful color palette. Love the subtlety.

  14. This really speaks to me. House Beautiful does this for room palettes, but it's neat to see you use the same idea for a wardrobe. I also think pigeons are gorgeously-plumed, if completely icky. :)

  15. Do a mallard, do a mallard! I've often admired the colours of a male mallard - all grey and brown with that flash of greeny-blue and bits of white and black.

    Also, seagulls are lovely - black, white, grey and red, easy-peasy!

  16. The red eye? A pair of red shoes, or I can see a pair of small red stud earrings made of glass! It would work!

  17. This is my favorite of all the wardrobes you've done. It is so beautiful.

  18. I think the grey palette is gorgeous in the pictures. It is a lesson of the beauty of nature and how nature gets it right every time. I think the "eye" colour could easily be incorporated with an accessory or accent cuff bracelet or sandals in brandy, or mahogany tortoise sunglasses, that sort of thing.