Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Flowers: Daffodils

 Once the "flower-based" color scheme idea is set, there are lots of variations possible.  Rather than the purple shades that I used with the delphiniums the other day, I am going to look at daffodils today, and include a couple of shades of yellow.  One has to be careful when mixing yellow and black - there's always a danger of looking like a bumblebee, or a Pittsburgh Pirates fan! (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

I rearranged the proportions in the color scheme a little bit...

 I always like to start with the core of black clothes - if you look carefully, you can see my favorite "Core of Four" showing up here. While a solid black outfit seems boring in the midst of all of this color, it might be needed for evenings or a serious business affair.  But another dress in a fun print is always handy for both work (with the cardigan) and festivities...

blouse Velvet, black skirt – Theory, dress – Pinko

Casual wear, and another outfit for business meetings.

silk top – P.A.R.O.S.H., lace shorts – Dolce and Gabbanalinen cardigan – East
Silk tank - Victoria Beckham Denim,  skirt CC

A couple more relaxed outfits for sightseeing, or casual evenings.

Top – Vionnet, black capris – taking shape, linen shirt – East
white capris – Dorothy Perkins

And as always I include a couple more garments, and some accessories.  Emphasizing the floral inspiration from which we're taking this wardrobe is a good way to keep the ensemble from looking too buzzy or London Wasp - y. (shout out to the rugby fans in the crowd!)

Bracelet – Narayani, earrings – La Hormigacardigan – Nick & Zoe
bag – Sabrina Zengscarf – Versace, black slingbacksMiu Miu, green sandals
 – Le Capresi, ballet flats – Lanvin, tee shirt – Moschino
linen shirt – Easttop – Vionnetscarf – Versace, bag – Sabrina Zeng, linen cardigan – East,
 silk tank = Victoria Beckham Denim, black capris – taking shape, silk top – P.A.R.O.S.H., cardigan
 – Nick & Zoe, blouse – Velvet, black skirt – Theory, dress – Pinko, bracelet – Narayani, 
tee shirt – Moschino,  earrings – La Hormiga,  ballet flats – Lanvin, skirt – CC, lace shorts –
 Dolce and Gabbana,  white capris – Dorothy Perkins,black slingbacks – Miu Miu 
green sandals – Le Capresi

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  1. I like your new flower inspired series. Nothing like waking up to a beautiful flower.

  2. I don't wear much yellow, but this is very pretty!

  3. OMG, this series is like a combination of a fashion show and a garden party. What fun! Can we suggest flowers? How about lilacs?

  4. Love, Love this yellow...how would you mix a little green into an all yellow, black and white ensemble?

    1. First thought - a scarf that had a floral pattern that included the four color. Or a piece of colored, beaded jewelry - you could have one made specifically in colors you prefer. (etsy.com is full of artisans that will make jewelry to your specifications)

  5. That $564 Vionnet top is beautiful, but crazy expensive!

  6. Check out the NYT article about how it's stupid and yet not stupid to look at Hillary Clinton (and Christine Lagarde and Sheryl Sandberg, etc.) as a fashion role model. The article points out that what's really stupid is to look to Rihanna or Nicole Kidman as fashion role models if one is over age 25, not underweight and in a profession other than entertainment.
    The article also points to a blog, Ladypockets, that makes fun of all this. Truly hilarious. I think your readers would enjoy.....

  7. I've been wondering whether you might consider starting with a pigeon. I often wish I could have a pigeon outfit, the colors are so lovely. Here's a nice one: http://oakcityhustle.com/pigeon-envy/