Monday, May 05, 2014

The Vivienne Files - Looking Back


Dreaming about Paris, I talked about the joys of Paris shopping: Diwali.


As we looked at all of the (sort of) timeless advice from old style books, we considered 12 ways to wear a blouse: Hot Tips by Frances Patiky Stein.


I'm always thinking about travel!  This Navy and Hot Pink Capsule travel Wardrobe based on 2 scarves still looks pretty attractive- clothes surely shouldn't lose their appeal after 1 year, right?

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  1. From time to time, I look back at the Archives, if I have a new concern or idea, to see if you've written about it. I find the capsules are quite timeless, ie hard to date- except for minor details... And I think that's a good thing, as long as the clothing is made well enough to last more than five minutes...

  2. Oh yes, I go back too. Sometimes I will just start at the beginning and look back thru. Or I will go back and look at all the tags in one color or theme (crazy 8's I love!). Thank you so much Janice!

  3. I really enjoy your ideas about wardrobe composition. Diwali is such a fun place to shop without spending too much money. As I approach my second month in Europe with my wardrobe essentials, I am growing tired of them but I always have something suitable to wear.You are right about clothing. It shouldn't lose its appeal after a year. Thanks for all your ideas that I have shared with so many of my friends.

  4. I started this in late July, 2014 and after having written the blog of the day, I decided to go back and read them all in consecutive order. It has been a treat. I do think it will stand up to the test of time even if the links won't.